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Long Day….Tyranny..Egypt..Guns..

1st Responder Refresher today…A Volunteer Department with Firefighters and LEOs from neighboring departments attending. They had a house fire…Tough with most gone..


The tyrannical administration of Buck Ofama..Sics it Homeland Security dogs on a gun collector…Trumped up charges? made up? Or ?? Guess we will have to wait and see….

You’ll note it is in Arizona…Were it seems most of Buck Ofama‘s real thorns are…


Apparently the Egyptians are not enthralled with Buck Ofama’s choice to lead their country…Go figure..


MsNBC wants all 6 of their viewers to boycott those eveel gun makers…Bet the gun makers a shaking in their boots..


Yes. Guns save lives..To bad the left and it PR machine, formerly known as the new media, fails to realize this…They had better..