Your Vote Won’t Matter..

But then has it ever?

Democrats introduce legislation to make it “legal” to steal elections in perpetuity like they did in 2020

“The Democrats appear intent on instituting one-party rule in the United States,” Phill Kline, editor of Real Clear Politicswrote this week.

“They’re trying to use the U.S. Capitol riots as an excuse to criminalize dissent and banish conservative voices from the public sphere, and at the same time they’re hoping to use their temporary, razor-thin majority in Congress to rewrite the rules governing our elections in a way designed to keep the Democratic Party entrenched in power for decades to come,” he added.

Legislation dubbed ‘Patriot Act 2.0’ would create a brand-new domestic terrorism agency (not that DHS and the FBI don’t already have divisions that focus on all terrorism, foreign and domestic) that Democrats and leftists would use as a force of Brown Shirts to intimidate critics and Trump supporters into silence. Essentially, First Amendment activities like posting memes, protesting and voicing opposition to Democrat politics would be redefined as “threats” to domestic security and summarily punished.

Surprise, surprise, surprise…

Huge Red Flags In Multiple GA Republican Voting Precincts




Quick Bits …..

First off. AOC. Worthless..

And Omar is no better then AOC, worse, a lot worse..

Lock Her Up: Ilhan Omar Paid Husband’s Firm $1Million While Also Directing Covid Relief To Him

And again the World’s leading expert on viruses…Been producing them for years…Called Windows..

Bill Gates and the Depopulation Agenda. Robert F. Kennedy Junior Calls for an Investigation

He will set them free!! To destroy America…Good luck with that!!!

Why so many Muslims can’t wait for Biden to get inaugurated

TANJ: There ain’t NO justice

There is. But only justice that benefits them, not you..

Which they have done well, while parents went about their busy lives….

“Learned Victimhood”: A Consequence of The Left’s Indoctrination


Those Peaceful Leftists

How the Democrats and the media are telling you Trump won.

You expect truth???

Paper Falsely ‘Reports’ Gun Advocate Diminished Importance of Lives Lost to Suicide

Gun Control Humor

You think??

Permanent Damage: Democrats Using National Lockdowns To Intentionally Alter Economy

Elites….No rules for them, only you peons…

‘A Slap In My Face’: LA Bar Owner Livid After City Lets Hollywood Studio Set Up Dining Tents

Another Layer of the Fraud Onion

Not sure how many read David Weber and his Honor Harrington series and spin off books. But throughout there is an Organization bent on controlling all and using the layers of an onion is a common reference for them to protect what they are trying to accomplish…(I’ve read all of them!! And may go through them again this winter!!)


Nothing To See Here…..

FRAUD: Native Americans Were Bribed With Gas Cards, Vacations To Vote Biden – Soros Money Involved – National File

Trump Campaign Responds to Barr Over Claim on Election Fraud

Evidence Disappearing

A key Senator asked this important question about mysterious votes being added to Joe Biden’s total

VIDEO: Dominion Worker Allegedly Caught Manipulating Voter Data in Georgia

Audience GASPS When Colonel Explains Biden Vote ‘Spikes’ In Pennsylvania | Glenn Beck

Legitimacy of Biden Win Buried by Objective Data Emerging information from the states render his victory less and less plausible

Michigan Poll Observer: Military Ballots Looked Like ‘Xerox Copies,’ All for Biden

Huge Number of Democrats Believe Presidential Race Was ‘Rigged’ to Oust Trump

Dominion contractor drops bombshell at Michigan hearing



Election Shenanigans …

Nothing to see here, move along …

Red Flags in Wisconsin and Minnesota

Nor here…

What Is Going On? Another Memory Card Found With Trump Votes


Move along now…



Ridiculous and Gun Bits …

Joe Biden in….

The Extortionist

“More people may die” from COVID-19 without a smooth transition on vaccine distribution, warned President-elect Joe Biden. (The Hill)

Only going to move so fast Joe…Bureaucracy. Washington style..

FDA’s Peter Marks, MD, says it will take weeks for the agency to complete its review of Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccine candidates. (Business Insider)

And who cares???

Dozens of staff at the World Health Organization headquarters in Geneva have contracted SARS-CoV-2. (Associated Press)

Nolte: Softening Us up for ‘Great Reset’ Climate Lockdowns

Clown News Networks …

CNN Critic Claims Attacks on ‘MAGA March’ Were Taken ‘Out of Context’ – Gets Hammered on Social Media


CNN and MSNBC Blame Trump Supporters for Violence at Million MAGA March

He lied …

Swamp Rat Boasts of How He Lied to Trump to Defy Syria Withdrawal Orders

Study Claims Gun Law Changes Led To Increased Suicides

Biden Presidency Expected To Boost Gun Sales

172-Million Reasons Why Biden’s Gun Ban Is Unworkable

“Great Reset” mastermind Klaus Schwab suggests a number of draconian measures for controlling the population under the umbrella of the ‘4th Industrial Revolution’, including risk-assessment brain scans to cross borders and implantable chips to read people’s thoughts.

Ridiculous…and Pantifa ..


These are punks…They produce nothing, provide nothing…Except violence….

ANTIFA Inciting Violent Riots, Stealing Flags, Forming “Spears” At Million MAGA March

Real hardasses or it that just asses??

BLM, Antifa Explode in Violence After Tens of Thousands of Trump Supporters March in D.C.

WATCH: BLM Attacks Pro-Trump Black Woman Pushing Stroller after D.C. Rally

More toughs…if attacking the elderly is tough!!

Democrat Protesters Stomp on Trump Supporter’s Head, Attack Elderly After D.C. Rally

Damn….And of course the restrictive gun laws, unconstitutional laws, make it hard to defend oneself..

DC is a shithole..

Well wasn’t that convenient as hell….

Developing: Milwaukee Elections Chief Lost Elections Flash Drive in Morning Hours of November 4th When Democrats Miraculously Found 120,000 Votes for Joe Biden

When you don’t understand Economics or want to screw Americans…Make them servile and dependent on big government…

20 Million Unemployed & Biden Wants A Super Lockdown?


REPORTS: Facebook Strips Trump of Presidential Title; Labels Him ‘Political Candidate’

Because the servants should not be allowed to speak!!

Nancy Pelosi says Facebook is “part of the problem” for allowing people to claim election fraud

But of course!!! Can’t have a platform for those Freedom minded folks!!

Fear of Freedom Is Driving the Coming Assault on Parler by the Media and Big Tech

National Felon League…Promotes..Felons!!

NFL Continues Anti-Cop Super Bowl Halftime Trend as Cop-Puncher Tapped To Perform

And from the Far, Far, Left….

SPLC: You Should Not Worry About Vote Fraud


Gun Bits …

Go ahead Joey…

Biden Vows Swift Action On Gun Control

Time to buy..See above..

The Post-Election Gun-Buying Surge Is Underway

Hope …

GOP Furthers Control Of State Houses, Which Is Good News For Gun Owners

Of course…

How The ATF Manufactures Felons


Yes I am ..

Gun Owners Rightly Concerned About Biden’s Proposals

Cheating bahs-turds.

Undeniable Mathematical Evidence the 2020 Election is Being Stolen

History…Will it repeat??

Is Kristallnacht Deceptive?