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Green Fire???

EPA head wants ‘Green Fires?’

And they are going to ‘teach’ us how?

How about you go back to whatever Hippy Commune you escaped from!!
Lord save us from idiots..



Miscellany ………………..

This Democrat really shows the RAT!!

How a free society protects themselves and their loved ones..

Not by dialing 911 and waiting…


Yep. Gun popularity explodes, in spite of what the leftist media and Nanny Bloomberg would have you believe!


Well I am not sure about the 200 million gun owners..

But I do agree with …



This is true…

The deadly Jewish house..

Indescribable destruction…


Time to end airshows?

Because some LIEberal is offended by them?

Let’s all live in a lavender sky world, with Unicorns farting skittles for all!!!!


Male (no man involved here) with bat…

Woman with Gun..

Male(s) run away..


Robbery crew on spree picks wrong victim..

Concealed carry man pulls gun, shoots one bad guy..

Rest run away..


Effing savages..


EPA land grab..

EPA wants to use rules and regulations for waterways and wetlands to seize private property..

This past weekend I had some guy from Cleanwater ringing my doorbell. (Now I am definitely for ‘clean water’, just not supporting these NAZI like antics!)

After he was done with his spiel, I asked him about what the EPA was doing and where Cleanwater stood?

He evasively told me they were trying to force the EPA to ‘enforce’ regulations and rules. I asked him twice more about what the EPA was up too and but this time he was looking everywhere but at me and dancing from foot to foot.

I signed his damn petition with an ineligible scrawl. He then asked for a donation.

I asked him to leave at this point…

He did…



Miscellany ……………….

Over militarization of Federal Agencies?

When the IRS, EPA and Department of Education is armed, seems to me we have a problem, especially considering the push by Obama and his gang of thugs pushing gun control..

Think about that sheeple..



Call 911 because you’ve been stabbed in the neck by your wife….

Get arrested, for having to much ‘black powder’..

Police State of New Jersey fail…


 Under the Feds thumb…

Local control over your Schools?



2nd Amendment trashed in Maryland..

By a Federal Judge..


Obama claims we are ‘not at war with the Islamic State’!


Thats a relief…

But how would you explain….


Answer me that Hussein Obama!!


Miscellany ……

The new Gestapo…Known as the EPA..

Threatens those whom speak out against the EPA’s false science..


Cop kills 19 year old..


Veterans disarmed..

One wonders why?


Free speech?

Not so much..

The Feds are looking for you..


Corrupt Harry Reid..


Bloomberg has money..

And is trying to buy gun control..


Rules of engagement during a stick up?



But in Obama’s bizarre world that is okay..


The EPA…

Not helping America…

Hurting it..


Government waste..

Makes one angry..


What the leftist media ignores..

As do those whom want your guns..

Facts..More guns, less crime..


Globull Warming..


More government tyranny..

From the DHS this time..

Rat on your neighbors please..











Boycott! Less! Success! EPA Suxage! Taxes! Pelosi! More EPA! Gun Banners! Enough!


I agree. Planned Parenthood has one agenda…Abortions, money, there is nothing else in their plan and now they are subverting the Girl Scouts…Don’t bother trying to sell me cookies.




Americans want LESS gun control?

Took a poll to figure that out? I think the sales of guns and ammo, plus the outcry whenever the gun grabbers open their lying mouths, plus all those getting carry permits would have been good indicators…

Guess pollsters need a reason to exist…



The one success story thanks to Obama!!


The EPA…They destroy industries, ruin lives, increase unemployment and then say this??

EPA Administrator: We ‘Look at Climate Change As Something Where We … Can Grow Jobs’

Climate change is a hoax…And a non elected federal bureaucracy is ruining America…



The worst states to be in for taxes…

And of course I am in one..


Top State Income Tax Rate: 7.85 percent
Sales tax: 6.875 percent
Property tax per capita: $1,412


Pelosi is an idiot..But we knew that!

Isn’t she the one that said ‘we have to pass it, to know what is in it?’

Well you did…Now own it!


More EPA bullshit…

Banning wood burning stoves..

During one of the coldest and snowiest winters in years..



Lies, misinformation, bullshit..

Is all the anti gun lobby has..

Because facts don’t back their outlandish claims out..

So they use the ‘sky is falling’ routine


See above?

More gun banners lies and bullshit..


America…Fly over America.

Has had enough..

“He’s not president as far as I’m concerned. … Should be executed. He’s an enemy combatant.”

She complained that Congress is doing nothing and that “allows this moron to make decisions.”

“He has no authority. None.”


Crooks! Not Yours!

Another government crook..Lying thief!

John Beale, The EPA Climate Change ‘Expert’ With The Long, Outlandishly Fraudulent Career, To Be Sentenced For Theft

John C. Beale, the former senior policy adviser in the Office of Air and Radiation – and the highest-paid EPA employee before his admission in September of lying his way to nearly a million dollars’ worth of unearned government money and benefits – will face sentencing Wednesday for a single count of theft of government property.

Full Story…


Your children..Are not yours..

Parents Threatened for Opting Out of Common Core


Toy Gun? Cold! Revolt! Which Bullet? Crack Down?

Common sense? None needed apparently to work for the TSA, thuggish behavior and stupidity are prized though!!

TSA Seizes Sock Monkey’s Toy Gun


Global warming. One of the biggest, maybe the biggest, hoaxes ever perpetuated on the world!

All for monetary gain.


Been experiencing all kinds of global warming in Minnesota..Sub zero temps, bone chilling wind chills, snow and more snow..

But not quite like this!!

Cold dis-comfort: Antarctica set record of -135.8


Would you? Would I?

Would Americans Actually Dare Revolt Against This Abusive Government?


Which bullet?

Rifle Caliber Choices for a Long-Term SHTF Situation



And once we quit producing and supplying what you need. Then what?

Northeast states press EPA to crack down on Rust Belt, South


Okay then….

Video: Fawn Wanders onto Shooting Range, Licks Rifle