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Doing better last I heard…Will check in with him later…

My sister whom is a writer of some sorts posted this about Dad and his Korean War experiences of which he has related to me more often especially when while we are Deer Hunting.

I remember this one, story is he also received a battle field promotion and a commendation of some sort for manning the machine gun. Was either Heartbreak or Bloody Ridge..

The next day or the day after, I had taken over a machine gun, nobody was on it, I took it over on top of the ridge. We did not go into attack that day. In the afternoon, I looked over to my left and I saw Rex Blow laying there. I called to him. No answer. So I crawled over there to where he was and kept calling to him and no answer. I go next to Rex and said, “Rex, what’s up.” his eyes are wide open, he looks like he’s just lying there.
Then I see it, a bullet hole right there (Dad indicates the middle of his forehead between his eyes). I closed his eyes for him. I’m sure he was doing what he was supposed to be doing and a sniper just got him.
I called to the medic and said, we’re got a dead man here, you’d better come and get him.” I crawled back to my position. Then I saw two men coming to get him.
The last I saw of Rex, he was being carried down the hill.

My Dad always was and is one tough cookie..


What Would Dad Like?

This Dad.
On Father’s Day!!!

1. My youngest home safe and sound from Wilderness Camp
2. My boys and MBWITW all home. (Not often that happens!!)
3. MBWITW, a bottle of wine and none of your damn business!!
4. A nice day together, a bike ride, range time, fishing…..
5. Go see Dad(aka Grandpa)….
6. No projects for a day!!!
7. A bottle of Scotch and nothing to do..
8. A nice fire in the firepit, a bottle of Scotch and nothing to do…
9. A Coonan 1911 in .357 mag!!!
10. An AR platform in 7.62×39…