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Feds show their absolute control…By roughing up pregnant women and cancer survivors..

A reflection of how tough Obama is..


Feds. How it begins…


Feds. They are pushing..

Is this the push back?



Throwing threats around…

Because they can and are not there…


The cavalry is coming…

Will it be enough?



Only the police should have guns…

Because they are trained…



Another politician involved in a gun scheme!!

A DemocRAT?


Common Core..

Like all other Government programs, especially Federal programs..



The cavalry has arrived…



Will remain victims…


The debate on ObamaScare is over?

I think not…


EPA will control all…


UPDATE: Up to 5,000 Armed Militia Members Will Be Arriving in Bunkerville, Nevada Today


Congress considers blocking GMO food labeling

10 Scientific Studies Proving GMOs Can Be Harmful To Human Health


The real truth…About ObamaScare…







Pro-Life, Pro-Murderer Obama, Welfare, Moving? Ass Kicked! Benghazi!

Gee..Surprised? Look at Benghazi and all the others he has left for dead! Murdering Bahs-turd Buck Ofama is!!

Buck Ofama takes swipe at pro-life activists, ignores Gosnell during Planned Parenthood speech

This is a more appropriate headline!!

Buck Ofbama to Headline at Murderers’ Gala



Luring illegal voters by offering them what is not rightfully theirs. The Governments that is. They have nothing, receive everything from the Taxpayer and then spend it and give it away with ‘0’ regard for those they are extorting it from…

Feds caught promoting welfare to foreigners

How much failure and future fail do we have here?


I’m waiting…Now Pisshead Morgan…Please LEAVE!!!

When is Piers Morgan ‘moving back to England?’


Oh really? This would get me in trouble…I would be standing on the ‘Administrators’ desk…Holding him by the throat and shaking vigorously or by the ankles kicking his teeth in. Damn…Public Schools fail…period…I advocated for my eldest many times during his school years. Stepped on a few toes, upset a few feelings, until he finally graduated…And now hates school…Screw Public Education and most everyone involved…

School claims right to censor pro-life 6th-grader


Not only do our women smell better and look a lot better, I know, I know how would one know since the Mooslims hide their women under rags, but if they were not uglier then a camels back end…our women can kick your Mooslim butts..

Dubai Rapist Gets His Butt Kicked by U.S. Female Sailor

Let the truth FREE and jail the treasonous bahs-turds Buck Ofama and Shillery the Bitch!!

Comcast. Doctors. DIY. Colorado. Gorebull Warmening. Under Who?? 900 more?

Comcast Pulls All Gun Ads

I would not be a subscriber…

Oh wait..I don’t watch TeeWee…


IT’S STARTING: Florida ‘Doesn’t Have Enough Doctors’…

See! Obamacare is cutting costs!

You won’ have anyone to see to spend your money on!!


Make war. Make weapons..

DIY in Syria..

Think about it…


Battlground Colorado: The Frontier of Gun Rights


Go Texas..

Moving to keep the Feds in place…

I’m thinking walling in Washington and putting a lid on the whole damn mess..


Who needs a gun to kill when you have..

Man convicted in Minneapolis sword, bayonet, hammer slaying

Messy I bet. But apparently it worked!!


Another sharp pointy death..



That darn Gorebull Warmening..

Over 650 snow records set in USA this week – another wonky surface station located

Oh wait….


America: Under God or Under Surveillance


Over 900 yearly??

I wish!! I drive 100 miles a day to get to and from work!!

900 more because of Buck Ofama??

Shit I wish!!


Gun Stuff..Another SEAL..Safe Church..NY Sux..A List of Haters..NRA..Idiots..

Mysteriously killed…?

Coincidence? One wonders…

And this!! He spoke out and now is dead..Damn…

Wow wonder how pissed his fellow warriors are?


‘Safe’ church has ‘right people carrying guns’

Pistol packing at church.. I have no problem with this…

My church always has a ‘right person’ attending Worship..If it ever goes against that … Will no longer be my church …


What would happen if they applied this concept to REAL criminals…

God forsaken New York..

You can have the place..

Don’t mess with it…HA!!

Buck Ofama‘s ‘skeet’ picture that is. Well good luck with that assOs!!!


If conservatives out number liberals….How the hell did we end up with Buck Ofama as President again???


Justice rears its head? For family accused of??? Because of a tainted trial??

Were the Feds involved?

The saga of the Reese family began back in August of 2011 when agents of Homeland Security Investigations, a new and growing federal police force, descended on the home and gun shop of Rick and Teri Reese and their two sons Ryin, 24, and Remington, 19. Assisted by forces from multiple agencies, HSI swept onto the Reese’s 85-acre homestead outside Deming, N.M., with helicopters, armored vehicles, and dozens of police cars as the epic climax to a months-long investigation and sting operation.

The military-style raid was all for show, though, because agents knew the Reeses were not there. The four family members had been arrested without incident in Las Cruces a short time earlier by agents of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. As a ruse, ATF had asked the family to come to their Las Cruces office to discuss some paperwork issues.

Oh HELL YA!! The Feds were involved!!  Bahs-turds!!

The Wrong Side..A list of those supporting Gun bans..


The gun control debate.

Forbes states the NRA is winning. But one key ingredient is missing from the debate, those whom one would think would be supporting the Gun Rights of AMericans..Guess who?

Republican politicians are missing from the debate. The debate is an influence battle between President Barack Obama’s Democrats and Wayne LaPierre’s NRA. Of the top 25 stakeholders in the debate, there is only 1 prominent Republican politician (Chris Christie – who is pro-gun control). Barack Obama leads the pro-gun control voice with a net influence score of 268. LaPierre leads the anti-gun control side with a net influence score of 240.

Yep our duly elected politicritters…

Hmmm…Time to turn the heat up on them…


New York Resistance…Growing..What the hell did the politicians think?

We did not elect them to dictate and RULE! We elected them to govern fairly and THAT seems to have failed!!

Hypocritical idiot? Stallone? Check!!


Gun Stuff….

Plus we have the Mayor with the Bodyguards calling others ‘Stupid. Bloomberg you take assO to a new level…

Jail time for the Feds enforcing ObamaScares!! That outta work!!

Jay Carney, continuing proof Obama surrounds himself with assO and idiots..

11 quotes about Gun Control..WARNING one Fugly person appears when you click it!!

More hate and intolerance from those whom do it best…The Left!!

Gun control how well it works!!!

In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control. 1929 to 1953, about 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.


In 1911,Turkey established gun control. From 1915 to 1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.


Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, a total of 13 million Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves were rounded up and exterminated.

Is not the tool, fools, is the crazy person using it…and from the looks of things the crazies are mostly on the left!!

More hate, threats and intolerance!!


America's Watchtower

 With the tragic shooting at Sandy Hill Elementary School in Connecticut last Friday has come reinvigorated talk of gun control and a new ban on assault weapons. This is not surprising and was expected, hell, Democrat Representative Jerrold Nadler even called upon Barack Obama to “exploit” this senseless shooting. It is interesting that so soon after the tragedy his thoughts turned to “exploiting” this for political reasons rather than towards those who were affected by the shooting.

 And we all know that Barack Obama subscribes to Rahm Emanuel’s mantra of never letting a good crisis go to waste because it allows you to pass legislation which would otherwise not have support, so while it isn’t surprising this is going to be used as a springboard for new gun regulations it is surprising that a politician would admit the need to “exploit” the deaths of children to push his political agenda.

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