Free Speech?

Not if it does not comply with the new DemoncRAT marist party line!!

Democrats pressure TV carriers to drop conservative channels, saying they lead to “real harm”

The DemoncRATs must control what your allowed the see through their propaganda ministry…CNN, MSNBC, etc.


Ministry Of Truth..

Sure. When the truth goes against your lies and agendas…

It must be stifled…

No more Free Speech for you!!

Gulags anyone??

America Entering Dangerous New Territory As A ‘Ministry Of Truth’ Under Joe Biden Moves Another Step Closer To Becoming Reality

The Truth Is Now Considered ‘Insurrection’  As War Is Declared On White, Patriotic, And Religious Americans, They Aren’t Even Hiding They Want Us Dead Anymore

Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Misleading..But it’s what the Anti’s do..

New “Study” On Gun Culture Really An Attack On 2A Activism

Silence!! You may only say what we approve!!

Liberal’s All-Out Assault On Free Speech

Because this keeps us from having to do our jobs! Representing the People!!

Mad Maxine: ‘Absolutely’ We Will Pursue Trump’s Financial Records – Even If He LOSES

And keep buying points and votes from idiots….

Why is this allowed…Oh wait MONEY!!!

George Soros Doubles Down on Promise to Take Out Trump

Not ridiculous…Sad…

Army’s ‘Captain America’ who served nearly 12 combat tours dies by suicide after moving to DC

RIP Hero..

Play stupid games ….


Probably Not…

So far the GOP has down nothing to stop the onslaught of gun control fanatics.

They had the opportunity..But dropped the ball big time.

The GOP has proven themselves to be filled with RINOs or spineless twits..(I know, same difference!)

So with the DemocRATs taking over the House..

I expect things to get worse for us..

Example: 1st Amendment is being gutted by Leftist media and their Social Media cohorts…

What has the GOP done so far to defend the 1st?

Will the GOP Senate Have the Will to Stop the House Democrat’s Gun Control..

Senator Franken Supports Obama’s Attacks on Free Speech

Senator Franken Supports Obama’s Attacks on Free Speech

Photo: American Encore

“The Obama Administration recently proposed new rules at the IRS to control the speech of certain nonprofits…In 2012, Senator Franken pressured the IRS to target these groups. He thinks that free speech should depend upon who is speaking and wants the IRS to make that call.”

Sheen. ‘Reality Star’? Stop!

Charlie Sheen ‘threatens Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson

Really Sheen?

Sheen, 48, has written a lengthy piece about the star on his Twitter account, threatening Phil with a media attack and saying he is in the ‘crosshairs of a MaSheen style media beat down.’

You or a drug induced haze talking again?

What have you ever done worth mentioning?


I’d like to see this. Since you have challenged Phil I think you should be the one to head down to West Monroe and have at it..

Phil chooses weapons and place…


This dude is a terrorist. He physically leads attacks on others and threatens their well being and livelihoods.

All over a big fish..

REALITY “STAR” SLAMS DUCK DYNASTY: Phil, ‘Wants to F*ck and Kill Ducks’

Plus ‘star’ exactly how many viewers does his show have…5? 6?

Who has Phil ever threatened or attacked?




DUCK DYNASTY: I Wish Gays Would Stop Being So Gay About Speech That Offends

But when your cause is losing relevancy, folks are tired of your constant haranguing, whining, threats and hissy fits…

Well you just continue you on as such..


Phil stands his ground..

EXCLUSIVE – Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson breaks his silence: Reality show star says he’s ‘a lover not a hater’ but REFUSES to back down from anti-gay comments


Kentucky? Change! Role Models? Mob Rule! Wishful Thinking!

WTH Kentucky?

Taken over by Politicians and Gun Grabbers?

Weapon RFID System Bill – Mandatory Tracking Of Kentucky’s Gun Owners


Why Washington must be changed!

Obama, Boehner and all the others career Politicritters, both Repuplikans and DhimmicRATS!!


Role Models?

These murderers?

Should tell you all you need to know about Al Qaeda!!!

Boston Marathon suspects role models?


Mob  rule the clamoring of many over the Rights of individuals…

We’ve seen how that works out with the lazy parasites demanding their needs , wants, desires be fulfilled…For free!!

Free Speech is Threatened by Mob Rule (via

Free speech is under attack again. The concept of mob rule is sweeping over America in terrible fashion and it is going to brush away many of our constitutional rights. The latest victim in this foaming frenzy of political correctness is rodeo clown…


Liberty, Freedom, Rights, our Constitution protects them and our elected officials swear to protect them…

And the President is expected to do so also…

Wouldn’t It Be Something If We Had A President Who Believed In Liberty? (via Techdirt)

Dan Gillmor has an absolutely fantastic “wishful thinking” speech he’d love to see from a future Presidential candidate, one in which liberty takes a front seat, rather than is seen as something that needs to be chipped away. Go read the whole thing…

Well Good Morning Facebook!!

Up to censoring are you? Took this down from my header because?


That is censorship and is your right to do so..

But still censorship and some of the crap I have seen from leftist wingnutz on Facebook were and are pretty disgusting and vile..

So what exactly do you find wrong with the above?

I reposted it…As I took the picture when I was at this event ..

Take it down again, boot me…

I was fine before you and will be fine after you…

Life does work quite well without you…Really well in fact..