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‘Yeah, Right’, Lies, ObamaScare! Gun Control! Who Is? Geolocate What?

I’m thinking a bit ‘stronger’ terms…But then I am not a ‘polite’, ‘turn the other cheekChristian

It’s Time Christians Told Those Who Seek to Silence Them, ‘Yeah, Right’

Lies, is all about how liars interpret the Constitution. Twit, manipulate and distort it until it works for them.
Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion means what is says. I can pretty much tell it like it is and practice my Faith when and where I want.
The 2nd Amendment protects those Rights.
Try me sometime if you do not beleive that one!!

Christians Silenced By ‘Separation of Church and State’ Lie


Obamascare, effing America over one day at a time and for a lifetime if we do not dump the POS and Buck Ofama!!

Obamacare Effect On Jobs: Part-Time Outgains Full-Time As Businesses Scale Back


Chicago style gun control, which Buck Ofama wants to bring to all America, works so damn well…

Chicago Gun Control in Action: 67 shot, 8 dead over the holiday weekend


Actor Brian Bosworth’s Unbelievable Journey

Brian Bosworth was a football legend at OU and then in the NFL, playing for the Seattle Seahawks. After a career-ending injury, he made his way to Hollywood. Now, he’s a committed Christian and acting in movies for audiences hungry for faith-based…


So, who is responsible for your safety?


What the Eff is this?

How about irresponsible car/truck/crowbar/hammer/ tool owners? They kill a helluvalot more folks then guns?

Effing morons…Clueless as to how things work..



Gun Stuff…Is Friday…Range Time….Rights..

Apparently some Gun Bloggers out there feel as Liberals do. They want want to pick and choose which Rights they like and attack those they don’t. The 1st Amendment guarantees my Right to Freedom of Religion!! And yes the Right to Free Speech…But when you attack my Right to Freedom of Religion and then turn around and attack Liberals for attacking the 2nd Amendment…How the hell are you different?



Forfeit Your Guns Bill Introduced In House of Representatives

I don’t think so!!!

Saw this today and every time I am at a gun shop lately!!

Thousands Flocking to Gun Stores and Gun Shows in Fear of Obama

By Chris Future on Jan 17, 2013 02:53 pm

I knew that I should have bought those gun stocks when I had the chance. Obama has definitely done great things for the gun industry. He’s probably single handedly woken up all of those out there who have realized that this administration has no qualms playing the God King and reducing the land of the free …read more

How Obama’s gun ‘order’ will backfire

There was only one problem.

Their findings, summarized starkly by co-author Wright, were that “Gun control laws do not reduce crime.”

Der Fuhrer’s Machine

Tax-exempt goose-stepping fixers. You would think the media fufilled this role. But clearly Obama has other plans for the disarmed:

Politico: President Barack Obama’s remaining campaign apparatus will relaunch Sunday as a tax-exempt group to support his second term agenda, a senior Democrat familiar with the plans confirms to POLITICO. The new organization will be separate from the Democratic National Committee. Obama’s 2012 campaign manager Jim Messina will be the national chair of the group.


I see so many writers and articles(I follow way to many blogs and news sources!) so rabidly defend our rights. Especially the 2nd Amendment and any others that defend their freedoms, privileges etc.

But one I often see neglected or avoided or dissed and down right stepped is my 1st Amendment Right to Freedom of Religion. The Right to practice my beliefs where and when I choose to without harassment and ridicule and that is why I am not a very good Christian. I do not ‘turn the other cheek‘ as my Pastor often says I can be a very Old Testament type of guy.

Yet so many of Rights Advocates seem against that.

Why is that? Makes you somewhat like these so called progressive a$$Os so against my beliefs?



Just Wondering…

Of Whom, Or What, Are They Afraid?.

If you do not believe, then why all the hate and hysterics? Ridicule and threats?

Vandalism and lighting up places of worship?

In America we supposedly “have” Freedom of Religion. Which means the Freedom to worship as we want without interference from the State..Not for the State to ever inhibit or interfere, nor for individuals to attack or interfere…

The US Constitution does not declare a separation of church and state

Let’s be clear.  The US Constitution does not declare a separation of church and state.  Nowhere in that esteemed document does the language come anywhere near saying that.  What the constitution does state, and clearly, is that the state cannot establish a “state” religion.  It also guarantees Americans the right to worship as they please without interference by the state, or anyone else.

Hmmm…but like everything else granted us by the Constitution there are those whom attack, limit threaten all our freedoms…ANd then wonder why we get a bit upset with them.

Thankfully we have the 2nd Amendment, to protect those Freedoms…Just saying..

And that brings me to another point…All those 2nd Amendment supporters, those strong “Freedoms” and “Rights” supporters…whom bash religion and those of us whom are Christians….why the hypocrisy?

You take after the left wing nutjobs in that respect sometimes…

One Wonders…

How many “gunny” type bloggers have ever really busted shoe leather, actively supported a candidate or campaigned for office, put themselves in the public eye for their beliefs and our Rights…all our Rights?
Stood in front of a crowd and been asked the questions about their beliefs and stance on a wide range of issues?
Abortion (against)
Free Speech(anything goes folks, is why it is called free speech)
Gay rights (See the Constitution and Bill of Rights all are equal, not some are more equal)
Gay Marriage (And this will piss some off and I do not care, but it is between a Man and Woman)
2nd Amendment ( my right to choose, own and carry what I want, when I want, where I want)
Freedom of Religion (Worship the God you want and I will worship mine, but DO NOT interfere with my worshiping when and where I want!)

Have been delegates to their party of choice, local and State conventions?
Precinct chairs?
Letter writers and PTAs to their local, state and national elected politicians?
Been involved, actively?
Shown something other then a lot of BS on they blogs? Hot air in their posts?

I have and will again…All of the above..

I read so many stating they strongly support the 2nd Amendment..
But what about the rest of our Rights?
All of them? (Some may say they do, but they are effing liars.)

Actually getting out and showing support for their cause other then…
Posting about it?
Stating they are a member of the NRA?

Then whining about the shitty candidates, the stupid party, the dhimmicrats..
I do believe many feel some are more special then others!!

W H A T  T H E   H E L L ?

Are they doing about it?