Gun Bits …

Works for me…

Social Distancing Made Understandable

But of course…

Yet Another TV Show Maligns the NRA and Gun Owners


Bloomberg’s Gun Ban Group Releases List Of Endorsed Candidates

Includes this worthless critters…

Dan Feehan (Minnesota), Rep. Angie Craig (D-Minn.)

Whatever works…

Active Shooter Opens Fire From Bridge, Nearby Soldier Takes Him Out

Similar to claiming it’s for the children, while aborting them…

Stop Equating Opposition To Gun Control With Being Pro-Murder

Not enough….

How Many Individuals and Households in the United States Own Guns?

Because…Guns Bad!!!

Moms Demand Action Push Anti-Gun Agenda Through Food Banks

Truth….One politicians and socialists/communists/Democrats hate..

Brazil’s President Bolsonaro: “An armed people will never be enslaved!”


Gun Bits …

One wonders how people can be so lazy as not to do a little research before asking a question like this..

Gun Bits …

How gun control works…or not..

NZ Gun Crime Rates Soar Following Gun Bans


Need more of this…

Oklahoma Governor Signs Bill Banning Red Flag Laws


Is the safe thing to do…

Louisiana Church Carry Bill Labeled ‘Extreme’ and ‘Unneeded’



Ventura County Caves in Face of Injunction Hearing, Re-Opens Firearm Retailers


No their not. Democrats and gun grabbers, now there is a morality issue..

Malum Prohibitum: Guns Are Immoral Because They Say “They” Are


As any Alpha male with a daughter would do..

Father Fatally Shoots Man Wearing Nothing But Mask In Daughter’s Bedroom






Ridiculous ….PM Version…


Google Erases the Existence of Those Who Speak Unwelcome Truths



America’s March to Socialism: The NeverTrump Right

Might as well be Liberals…



Despite 36M unemployed citizens, Dems’ new ‘HEROES Act’ protects illegals’ jobs


Is stupidity a requirement to for California politicians???

CA City Can’t Ban the American Flag, But They Did Just Ban Protesters Having Flagpoles


We’re just terrible, awful folks we are….

Those Damn Freedom-loving Americans


Why apologize?

Alaska State Lawmaker Issues Apology After Making Comparison Between Coronavirus Safety Measures And Jews Forced To Wear Star Of David

Seems to be a few similarities…