Ridiculous … PM Version …

Spent the day on projects, working on supper now.

Sat down at the computer and the inane crap you find..

Shows how corrupt our Government is. Especially those left leaning bastards..

Trump Rails Against ‘Scam’ General Flynn Charges After Explosive FBI Documents Are Released

And the FBI?

Strzok Intervened when FBI Moved to Close Flynn Investigation Due to Lack of ‘Derogatory Information’ Records Show 



Again…Corrupt to the core..

Biden Chooses Man Famously Accused of ‘Sexual Assault’ To Help Find Female VP


Getting a bit lively in Michigan…

Michigan protesters storm state Capitol in fight over coronavirus rules: ‘Men with rifles yelling at us’

At least they were just yelling….And not shooting…



COVID TYRANNY: City Tells Family Members To Stop ‘Window Visits’ At Nursing Homes–No, This Is Not Satire

This be bullshit…


I need a drink….