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Morning Miscellany ……………….

Natural rights are those we are born with..

Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness..

To help us protect those Rights, we need things like the 2nd Amendment.

But there are those whom would limit those Rights..

Especially groups of ‘special people’, whom although have the same ‘Rights’ as everyone else, demand ‘additional’ Rights’, which are really not rights just special privileges…

Is why we need to fight to keep the 2nd Amendment..

Because without it…We will have no Life, Liberty, nor Pursuit of Happiness..



Hollywood is filled with it.

The only ’cause’ they worry about is one that puts them in the limelight, and lines their pockets.



The left slams those evil Conservative Koch Brothers for all their ‘Money’..

Yet willing accepts money from George Soros, a super rich leftist…

Whose own past is filled with more evil then the Koch Brothers could ever equal..

Hypocrisy….Is the Left..


Family planning..

Is a good idea..

Somehow, but how does one convince them?




Jihad! NSA Scum! LIEberals! OSHA Scum! Moving, Magpul!

Buck Ofama supported Jihad…

Jihad in Central African Republic: Muslims Beheading Children

At least two children have been beheaded in the Central African Republic’s capital as violence sinks to a “vicious new low”, the UN has said.


Is The NSA Changing Bank Accounts?

Has the National Security Administration (NSA) been changing the amounts held in the financial accounts of people it targets? The question would seem absurd if it were not for a 308-page report on the NSA that was released on Dec. 12 by an official White House panel.  More »


Liberals – Let the Sharing Begin

By Riley J. Hood – CPoW State Chairman Liberals – Let the Sharing Begin “For they bind heavy burdens and grievous to be borne, and lay them on men’s shoulders; but they themselves will not move them with one of their fingers.” Matthew 23:4 Constitution Party Of Wisconsin Wisconsin –(Ammoland.com)-  Sunday, December 29th, 2013, I was listening to a news report about how long-term unemployment benefits are going to run out, and the fault is with “conservatives,” who want liberals to “cut other areas of the budget,” to come up with the hand out. I understand losing your job, I lost mine in May 2009 and didn’t get long term unemployment. I had only rental money coming in which was sporadic, as my tenant was in the same situation I was, otherwise expenses were eating into my savings. I am one of the 1% of Americans who is actually solvent, debt-free, and a saver. I live within my means. If I wasn’t I would have lost my house, and rightly so. The situation is worse today in Wisconsin and America, than it was in 2009. Now your government forces you, a free citizen of a free country, to buy auto insurance and health-care insurance. While I usually refrain from making suggestions to CPoW’s political opponents, I have one this time. Dear Liberals, let the sharing begin. You can, in a heroic deed of utopianism, level America’s income disparity and bail out these poor people, by giving your own money to them directly. Where do we begin? How about George Soros and Ted Turner? They have plenty of dollars, yet hanging on to them must irk their Communist sensibilities. I got the answer, George and Ted can bail these people out. I have another answer, Congress and all government civil servants are rather nicely paid, courtesy of the tax-payers, so make every civil servant, “adopt a ninety-niner,” and deduct the three hundred dollars a week from their checks directly, more from each Congressman. I think their charitable attitude will only increase, when they have less personal money. The only people who should be exempt from this scheme would be the working tax-payer, who has run out of disposable income a long time ago. I’m proud of my little idea. I could be good at spending other people’s money, but then couldn’t we all. Seriously, if the Liberal cared so much, they could do this from their own wealthy resources, as it is, their wealth is only used for destructive purposes, like promoting Planned Parenthood or one-world government. They are hypocrites. The Constitution Party of Wisconsin is in favor of private relief, and private charity. Cutting out pork elsewhere, to sustain continued handouts, is a good first step. Rolling back the perpetual debts of mandated insurance is another good step. Getting the government out of charity altogether should be our ultimate goal. Finally, how acquainted can the current administration be with poverty, when its leader grew up rich, never had a hungry day, never did a day’s hard work, and is a creature of …  >> Read More


Overreach? Oh hell no! An out of control Government Regulatory Agency practicing tyranny…That is what this is..

OSHA assailed for regulatory ‘overreach’ on family farms


Smart business moves when government becomes overbearing and over regulatory…

Magpul Announces Move to Texas and Wyoming

High-profile firearms accessory manufacturer Magpul Industries announced today that they will be relocating their company from Colorado to Texas and Wyoming. The company will be moving its manufacturing, distribution, and shipping activities to Cheyenne, Wyoming, and its corporate headquarters to…


Obama’s Master…

George Soros…Obama’s ‘benefactor’ and master.. His ultimate goal is to destroy and control America!

George Soros and the Alchemy of ‘Regime Change’

By Kyle-Anne Shiver
What does a very aged multi-billionaire do after he spends $25 million dollars to force a presidential election his way, and still falls flat on his face? Well, of course, he tries and tries again.

When George Soros failed to obtain the election of his candidate, John Kerry, in 2004, he brooded for a while, even said he might get out of politics altogether, but he just couldn’t stop himself. He has stated publicly that he wishes to burst the “bubble of American supremacy,” because he says our preeminence in the world is a detriment to global “equilibrium.” So far, he has failed, but he keeps on trying.

And Mr. Soros has made no secret either of the fact that he sees the shortest way to effect political shake-ups, what he terms “regime changes,” is through very difficult economic conditions.

America has not yet felt the full force of Soros style economic shock treatment. But others have.

Soros made his first billion in 1992 by shorting the British pound with leveraged billions in financial bets, and became known as the man who broke the Bank of England. He broke it on the backs of hard-working British citizens who immediately saw their homes severely devalued and their life

savings cut drastically in comparative worth almost overnight.

When the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 threatened to spread globally, George Soros was right in the thick of it. Soros was accused by the Malaysian Prime Minister of causing the collapse with his monetary machinations, and he was branded in Thailand as an “economic war criminal” who “sucks the blood from the people.” Right in the middle of this crisis, Soros dashed off his book, The Crisis of Global Capitalism, which demanded a “third way” toward economic stability.

Assclowns!! Jihad! Church! A Hero. Lethal or Not? Soros!

Go Sarah!!

Palin Calls White House ‘Assclowns’ for Throwing ‘Pathetic’ ‘#nerdprom’


Tax dollars at work….

Jihad On Our Tax Dollars? Screw That.


Who needs a gun in school? Yeah we see how well THAT works out….Gun Free, Target Rich, Shoot Me zones work so well..I avoid them and if I can’t? Well I am not going to be a ‘victim’, nor is any family member with me. Most pastors I know sure as hell will not protect you!!

“Who Needs A Gun In Church?”


Now here is an actor, one of many from his era, whom was an American and a Hero.

Col. Jimmy Stewart was a bona fide hero. On his chest was the Distinguished Flying Cross with Oak Leaf Cluster, the Air Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters, and the French Croix de Guerre with Palm, among other decorations.

A Wonderful Life: Jimmy Stewart, Actor and B-24 Bomber Pilot

Whom not only fought for his Country, but made movies worth watching!! And still worth watching today!

Now name me one from today’s crop of asshats and posers whom can be considered in the same class…I’ll wait, for a bit…chirp…chirp….chirp…

That is long enough…You can’t…There are none, like our worthless pResident and politicians…None..


Dumb question. Your an ‘uninvited’ person in my house with bad intentions? I’ll blow your ass to hell…

How Would You Handle A Home Intruder: With Lethal Force Or With Non-Lethal Ammo?


Soros is a Buck Ofama controller and a wealthy asshat whom wants nothing less then total and complete destruction of America as it stands today..

Pro-Gun Grab Groups Have Gotten Millions In Donations From Liberal Billionaire Soros »

George Soros, the billionaire chairman of the American fund management firm that bears his name, has donated nearly $7 million to nonprofits that push a pro-gun control agenda between 2000 and 2011. 

More »


Letter. Gun Grabbers. Feinstein. Pelosi. Ruger. Marine.

An Open Letter to the Liberal Left Legislators Dear Gun Grabbing Legislators, It is obvious to anyone who owns a gun or supports the second amendment rights of all law abiding American citizens that you are poorly educated on the subject of guns, ammunition, mental health … READ MORE


Gun Grabbers on the Move

Four pieces of civilian disarmament legislation made it to the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday. While Sen. Dianne Feinstein‘s (D-CA) “assault weapons” ban was included in the final package, it faces tough odds of getting anywhere in Congress. Democrats instead chose a piecemeal approach, the reasons being twofold: It increases the likelihood that something gets passed, and if a major overhaul fails, Republicans will face the backlash when Democrats cry wolf.

One of the bills being considered is a bipartisan proposal “that would for the first time create specific federal prohibitions on gun trafficking and the straw purchasing of firearms,” according to the Associated Press. Recall that these were the same tactics used by the ATF in the infamously (and tragically) botched Fast and Furious sting operation. We’re glad to see Congress agrees that the feds shouldn’t be trafficking firearms to Mexico.

In related news, “States with the most gun control laws have the fewest gun-related deaths,” trumpeted the Associated Press this week, citing a study by Dr. Eric Fleegler of Boston and published in JAMA Internal Medicine. However, Fleegler is an anti-gun activist and used data from the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, one of the most anti-gun organizations in the country. Also, though he considered all 50 states, he excluded the District of Columbia. The Brady Center did their own calculations based on findings in a dozen states and came to the conclusion that — surprise — we need more gun control. The inconvenient truth is that the “gun-related deaths” prevented by tougher gun laws are suicides, not homicides. In fact, the homicide rate was slightly higher in the 10 states with the most regulation. DC’s rate is nearly four times that of the rest of the country.

The Brady Center wasn’t the only leftist group promoted by the press either. USA Today placed a piece on an anti-gun study by the Pacific Institute for Research and Evaluation (PIRE) front-and-center of Tuesday’s edition. PIRE’s study purports to show that gun violence cost $12 billion annually. Not surprisingly, financial help is given to the institute through a company tied to none other than far-left billionaire investor George Soros.


And politicians…cannot be trusted..

Feinstein: Veterans cannot be trusted with firearms


Plus math is hard…

Pelosi: ‘Tax Cuts Are Spending’

Record 89,304,000 Americans ‘Not in Labor Force’ — 296,000 Fewer Employed Since January


Quotations of the Day:

From John Cusack’s Twitter feed . . .

  • For gods sake where are democrats ??
  • Up to 8 Senators now joining the Rand Paul #filibuster. Where are the so-called progressive Democratic senators?”
  • AG say its ok to kill us citizens-and other bad guys- but trust us we’re the good guys…how’d that play out through history mr holder…pay no attention to the man behind that curtain the great and powerful O has spoken…
  • dems ? Do U have any thoughts on Obama’s transition from a progressive academic humanist 2 a regressive corporate warlord?
  • when ukill innocent people without trial – imprison them with no trial what would u call it? (Obama) used bush powers & expanded them


RGR: States aren’t waiting around for new federal…

3:03 PM States aren’t waiting around for new federal gun legislation as they take matters into their own hands. The latest: A new South Dakota law will allow teachers to carry guns in schools and Georgia approved a measure which will remove a ban on firearms in college classrooms and churches. About 25 other states have similar bills pending. Meanwhile, gun sellers Sturm Ruger (RGR -1.2%) and Smith & Wesson (SWHC -1.2%) continue to try to keep with robust demand. Read comments


Marine Corps Veteran Questions DHS on Huge Ammo Buys

A military veteran has questioned why the Department of Homeland Security is purchasing enormous amounts of ammunition, making it clear that he believes the bullets cannot possibly be for… (more)




Colorado ban on campus concealed weapons defeated


Zombies. Ofama. Soros. Phone Where?

What happens when the free money stops flowing..

What will the entitlement crowd do?

Listen to Bill Whittle..Lots of sense here…Scary sense..


God’s Deputy Won’t Talk With Obama! … J. D. Longstreet


George Soros: China Will Be The New World Revered Currency


And it starts ringing…Explain that one!!! Heck how you going to answer it??

Prisoner hides cell phone in butt


Obama Watches as Conservative Dismantles His Record

The President of the United States stares intently at the man at the podium, who is steadily, politely, and with the utmost class, dismantling every policy and everything he has stood for in his socialist political career. I would … READ MORE


Pisshead Morgan schooled again..


Exercising Freedom the 2nd Amendment..

At the Capital..So far no guns appear to have attacked anyone..


Obama told to back off U.N. gun treaty

Obama wants to disarm Americans.

And it is simple to understand why and if you do not understand or have not figure it out..

Your dumber then the dirt your standing on.

He cannot control us if we are armed and if your think he wants anything less, along with his puppet masters, mainly George Soros, you are completely clueless and have not been paying attention..

The 2nd Amendment was written to prevent this and we have all seen time and time again, not only Obama, but others have attempted to take our Rights away and failed.

But they keep trying…cannot quite force us to where they want us if they cannot disarm us and with the amount of guns in America and with the numbers of armed citizens, law abiding citizens, armed that is a daunting task, but they keep trying.

Now the UN is attempting to disarm us. AN organization sitting in NYC filled with anti rights, anti freedom tinpot dictators from 3rd world countries that cannot get their shit together.

But dammit they want what America has and instead of straightening their own little pissant worlds out, they want to steal what we have..by destroying us.

Well how shitty do you think their worlds will be if they do that?

[Only]Over 100 members of Congress appear to share the concerns of a former Army general who has sounded the alarm over efforts by the Obama Administration to push through the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, or ATT.

Only 100 plus senators, there are a few more and AL should be against this.

But to many side with Obama and want complete and total control of Americans.

“Peasants’ as Cornwallis called us in the Patriot. The Elitists in our Government cannot stand the fact they do not have complete and total control and know what they have to do to get it..

Dismantle the Constitution, especially that pesky Bill of Rights, but to do so they need to disarm us.

I say Molon Labe, let the the Blue Helmets come  after our guns…Let them and see what happens..

And so many I know feel the same way as I do…The elitists in the big cities better beware, out here in flyover country, us country bumpkins are pissed. very pissed off..





Is what it is…

And politicians, gun grabbers, Freedom deniers…I think you should all lead the charge, be at the front of the line when you come to take my Freedoms,…Just saying now..