Loving This ‘Climate Change’!!!

Here it is Mid June and we have run our A/C once this Spring so far..

Once..even here in the Great North it does get hot and humid enough to have A/C…

Have in the past had to run it for a few days in April…More often the not in May and definitely in June…

But to have only run it once so far?

That’s outstanding and am loving every minute of it..

So if this is Climate Change..

Is great!!!

Appears To Be Another Outbreak….

Of Globull Warming, Cimate Change, Weather!!!

All over the damn place…


Lots of white stuff!


White stuff and cold….


Lots of white stuff!

Extreme cold!

White stuff, lots of white stuff..

Newfoundland and Labrador!!
White stuff!! Lots!!!


White stuff!!

And when will it all end??

Might be a while!

But never fear!!

1700 jets flying Globull Warming Climate Change alarmists to conference to save us all!!!

But if you want to now a little secret?

(Is winter and it snows and is cold during winter!)







GloBull Warming…

Strikes hard..

On Sunday afternoon, the Minnesota Department of Transportation closed three major highways in west central Minnesota over the whiteout conditions caused by the blowing snow.

By Sunday night, both t he Minnesota State Patrol and MnDOT advised no travel in southern and western Minnesota. All highways in the south central and southwestern portion of the state are closed.

MAP: Current road conditions, closures

Windchill was -32 when I took the Jak for a short walk…And I mean short..He did not want to be out there anymore then me..

Most schools statewide and some Colleges and Universities are closed as the temp is supposed to reach a ‘high’ of minus double digits without the windchill tossed in..
And we won’t see above zero until Wednesday!!!!

Damn long cold winter we are having..

KMA Al Gore!!