Tracking You …

Is what Government and Big Tech Wants….


  • Apple and Google have released mobile contact tracing technology that can notify people if they’ve been exposed to the coronavirus – both companies stated: “Today, this technology is in the hands of public health agencies across the world who will take the lead and we will continue to support their efforts.”

And they’ll know…When you don’t comply….





Ridiculous ….PM Version…


Google Erases the Existence of Those Who Speak Unwelcome Truths



America’s March to Socialism: The NeverTrump Right

Might as well be Liberals…



Despite 36M unemployed citizens, Dems’ new ‘HEROES Act’ protects illegals’ jobs


Is stupidity a requirement to for California politicians???

CA City Can’t Ban the American Flag, But They Did Just Ban Protesters Having Flagpoles


We’re just terrible, awful folks we are….

Those Damn Freedom-loving Americans


Why apologize?

Alaska State Lawmaker Issues Apology After Making Comparison Between Coronavirus Safety Measures And Jews Forced To Wear Star Of David

Seems to be a few similarities…



CISPA? Reddit! Objective? Not! Recall! Support?

More trampling of our Rights in the name of National Security? We know from recent events how well they handle THAT??

What is CISPA, and Why Should You Care?


Reddit is a waste of time as they obviously cater to left wing loons. I have been blocked from using Reddit because my posts must be considered to Conservative for those loons running Reddit!!

Reddit on Marathon Bomber Crowd Sourcing: We Were Wrong

Reddit on Monday addressed the controversy surrounding the Internet sleuths who crowd sourced the search for the Boston Marathon bombers, admitting that the effort got out of hand.


So it seems to be…And leaderless also…Buck Ofama is as Presidential, make that IS NOT Presidential…An assclown is more apt!! His only ‘objective’ is to screw America over, royally.

Government without objective

Big Government programs never seem to have any definite objectives.   There are no victory conditions, no exit strategies, no test a program could fail that would result in its termination.  This is one of the many reasons it is obscene for socialists to appropriate the language of business and “investment” to peddle their schemes.  Investment is voluntary, and every investor envisions some level of failure that would prompt him to pull the plug on a bad investment.  By contrast, government programs go on forever, we’re told it’s impossible to pass terminal judgment against them, and we are not allowed to withdraw our support.

It’s also foolish to use the language of “war” to describe these programs, although the Left loves to do so, because “the moral equivalent of war” fosters an atmosphere of crisis and obedience.  Normal cost-benefit calculations are suspended when you’re fighting a war, and the high command must be obeyed without question.  A republic of free people can handle these conditions during an actual war, because wars end.  On the other hand, “wars” on social issues go on forever, and it is considered rude to ask about victory, retreat, or defeat.

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101 Things Liberals Are Not Pro-choice On

Here are the first 10. Make sure you read them all!!

1.         Religious speech for Christians.
2.         Religious symbols for Christians.
3.         Radio/talk show topics.
4.         Forced sterilization. (i.e. vasectomy, and hysterectomy)
5.         Parent consent for birth control.
6.         Medication at school.
7.         Immunizations for children.
8.         Who colleges accept, and why.
9.         Homeschooling
10.        Literature must be non-offensive and politically correct.


This should be happening all over the place. Every level, National, State, Local Governments.

Colorado Group Organizes Recall Election for State Senate President

A key player in the assault on our Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Senator John Morse blatantly ignored the voices and constitutional rights of the law-abiding citizens he was elected to represent. ..


Cover up? Where? The WH and Buck Ofama that is where!!

Benghazi Blood on the White House, Spec Ops Determined to Get the Truth

The White House is covering up the murders of Americans in Benghazi. American special ops people are fighting for the truth…


Support for Gun Control Down from 90 to 45 Percent

National support for stricter gun control laws has fallen from 90 percent to below 50 percent, but gun control advocates seem to have missed the memo. Read more…
Devout Muslims in Key Positions in the White House

Devout Muslims in Key Positions in the White House

Look at this picture then the position details below: Arif Alikhan – Devout Muslim, Assistant Secretary for Policy Development for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security Mohammed Elibiary – Homeland Security Adviser …

Russians? Worthless! Nuts! Prank? More Thugs? Mmmmm! Linux Powered? Shhhh! Fools! Guns!

I recently saw 3 semi’s hauling armored vehicles of a type I was unfamiliar with heading North on I35W in Burnsville recently…Why?

Why Are We Training Russian Troops In The US?


Well that is what he says!!

Californians are Worthless People


Nuts? Their damn crazy!!! We already support the damn world it seems and they want MORE!!!???

Are They Nuts!? IMF Proposes $1.40 a Gallon Gas Tax on US Drivers


So it has been a prank these last 4 plus years?

White House pranks U.S. with kid president

Oh a real kid!!

released an April Fools’ Day “special message” Monday from a 9-year-old known as the “kid president.”

No real difference between that one and

This 50 something immature, narcissistic brat we have had golfing and taking vacations, campaigning and sometimes acting like a politician and always holding himself other?

So not really  a prank…


Another one?

Energy nominee under scrutiny for ties to oil company doing business with Iran

The president’s nominee for energy secretary advised a foundation created by an oil company that has flouted sanctions against Iran, a connection Republican aides in the Senate describe as troubling.

Ernest Moniz was a paid adviser to a group founded by and working to advance the interests of Italian oil company Eni, according to personal financial disclosure forms filed in March

Crooks, thugs, henchmen..Buck Ofama sure knows how to pick them!



I like a good Reuben…Now this is a good looking Reuben..

AoM Month of Sandwiches Day #1: The Breakfast Reuben


More goodness…Linux powered shooting…Heh..

Bullseye from 1,000 yards: Shooting the $17,000 Linux-powered rifle



(April Fools!)


April Fool’s Presidency: 10 Biggest Pranks Obama Pulled on America

We the poor fools..


Buy a gun..It is the law!!

Ga. city council votes to require gun ownership


Well Good Morning Facebook!!

Up to censoring are you? Took this down from my header because?


That is censorship and is your right to do so..

But still censorship and some of the crap I have seen from leftist wingnutz on Facebook were and are pretty disgusting and vile..

So what exactly do you find wrong with the above?

I reposted it…As I took the picture when I was at this event ..

Take it down again, boot me…

I was fine before you and will be fine after you…

Life does work quite well without you…Really well in fact..