Funny everyone I talk to has had it with Walz and COVID-19 shenanigans..Or voting by mail…All three of the entities conducting this so called poll are so far left they can’t see anything else..



Wonder who the hell they polled?

Obviously not these folks …

Minnesotans say they support the lockdown. Their actions suggest otherwise…

Ridiculous …

Defiance…It’s time..

Because Gov. Walz is a Democrat, or in Minnesota a Democrat-Farmer-Labor (Dumb F@#king Liberal!)

Minnesota Churches To Reopen Against Governor’s Orders, Allege State Prioritized Reopening Casinos And Liquor Stores

And Democrats booed G-d a few years back…

And Walz ain’t the only DemocRAT dooing so…

Democrat Governors Start To Reopen Bars And Casinos While Limiting Church Services


The American Queue – An Act of Submission

America, embrace the giyār of today – The mask. Your new queue of subjection YOUR state leaders are forcing upon you.

Not ridiculous…Truth..

Most Kids Are Better Off With Schools Shut Down Because They’re Anti-American Daycare

Media lies…Shocking isn’t it?

CBS News caught LYING about President Trump’s hydroxychloroquine use


Ridiculous ….

Sleepy Joe…

Joe Biden: Coronavirus an ‘Incredible Opportunity’ to ‘Fundamentally Transform’ America


No…Micheal is a dude…And as far as I am concerned dumb as a rock…

Deranged CNN anchor Don Lemon says Obama ‘better looking,’ ‘smarter’ and has ‘more accomplished’ wife than Trump


I do not and have not trusted this guy since the beginning..

SMELLY: Dr. Fauci, who FUNDED Wuhan Lab, dismisses coronavirus lab theory, despite 17 US spy agencies belief it originated in Wuhan lab

Tony Fauci and the Trojan horse of tyranny


Surprised he didn’t ‘suicide’ himself..

So Hillary was not involved..

Researcher ‘On the Verge’ of Coronavirus Breakthrough Found Shot Dead In His Home.


Damn! They are that stupid!!

In Canada..Led by that Beta Male Pussy Trudeau…

‘Star Wars’ Themed Promotion Goes HORRIBLY Wrong As Cops Arrest Employee In Stormtrooper Costume.



Our Ancestors Would Be Amazed At Our Cowardly Coronavirus Hysteria


Gov. Tim Walz fails again..

Barber Who Attempted To Reopen During Walz Shutdown Faces Up To $25,000 In Fines


Whenever there is a Clinton involved…It can’t be a good thing..

Clinton Foundation Wants To Use AmeriCorps To Create A ‘National Contact Tracing Corps’


What next???

Mid-Week in Pictures: Giant Murder Hornets Edition


Ridiculous …

Controlling the narrative…

Dear Governor Walz

Can’t have anyone disagree with our DemocRat Governor…Or point out his failings and lack of leadership…


Makes me wonder how much this bitch is being paid by China?

Or possibly China owns her?

Nancy Pelosi Blocking Investigation into Chinese Coronavirus Origins, Tax Money to Wuhan Lab 



We get the leaders we deserve

Because way to many voters are non-thinking sheep. Only hearing platitudes and promises. Never actually considering or thinking about what is being said.



Majority of Danish Muslims Wish to Make Criticising Islam Illegal, Minister Says Integrate or Leave


So it goes…..

Bethel University’s Left Wing Ideological Bias

But it seems to be the same at all colleges these days..



Gov. Walz..Minnesota..

What does he know about ‘essential’ and ‘nonessential’?

Zilch it appears…

One case that needs to be rescheduled is that of 4-year-old Claire Lindell who was supposed to have a spinal deformity fixed at Gillette on March 30. This operation would have made it easier for her to breathe. Unfortunately, as the Lindells were on their way to Claire’s final pre-surgery doctor’s appointment, they were told that the operation had been delayed indefinitely.

Sick Children Denied Life Changing Operations Under Walz’s Ban On So-Called Non Essential Procedures


Pretty much…

Gov. Walz, Called a ‘Failed and Misguided Leader,’ Extends Stay at Home Order for Second Time


Minnesota Building Unlawful Health Surveillance System

While it is understandable that health officials want COVID-19 data during this outbreak, they cannot legally build the hospital surveillance system they’re building. For that they need a state law that actually lets them do it. They simply don’t have one. – Twila Brase


Good ….

Veteran Conservative Lawyer Sues Walz Over His Economic Shutdowns