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This pretty much sums up today’s idiot politicians and their passing laws that are meaningless, but they fell good about it!!

More Laws for Government to Ignore?

Federal Bureau of Idiots ..

FBI’s Shadow Gun Bans Threaten First and Second Amendment Rights

What good are our Rights when government denies them?

What good is the FBI??

I own my guns for many things, hunting, target shooting and self defense..

Anti-Gunner on “Secure Storage” Requirements: They Make Lawfully-Owned Guns “Legally Useless”

Locking them up pretty much denies my right to self defense now doesn’t it?



This Pandemic is getting old and Government ain’t helping!

Sure it is…


The pandemic offered the perfect storm for Democrat Governors to unleash their despotism. They sent preachers to jail who had not broken any laws. They terrified innocent barbers and hairdressers by seizing their licenses, their livelihoods, and then invading their homes. In one particular case, they interrogated the 6-year-old child of a hairdresser, without her permission. Storm troopers—for that is precisely what they are—crashed into churches, and homes, arresting people who honestly did not understand the vague, ambiguous, and ever-changing stay-at-home orders.

Calm? Just pissing us off…..

H/T: Mobiuswolf

The Economic “Reopening” Is A Fake Out: It is not meant to last. It is a steam valve to calm public outrage and to condition us to periodic tyranny.

In white papers published by globalists at the Imperial College of London as well as MIT, the plan is openly admitted. They suggest using “waves” of economic openings and then lockdowns to control the spread of the virus. The timelines seem to vary, but in general the models call for a one month open, two months closed cycle. The goal is to deliberately increase infections every couple of months in specific regions of a country, then declare economic shutdown and quarantine measures once the spread reaches a certain level; this is meant to continue until a vaccine is developed, which could take years.

In some ways, the Lockdown is backfiring

Let’s talk about schools and guns – favorite topics of both Mama Liberty and myself.

When your a special ……. asshole…

Gov. Ralph Northam breaks own order, caught without mask, not social distancing on Virginia Beach

You little people stay home because I, your Imperial Queen say so!!

I on the other hand…

Wretched Whitmer off to her “summer home” as Michigan locked down until June 12th



Found here..With instructions…

Local big box store, Menard’s, is mandating masks..

I unfortunately had to stop there yesterday..Put mask on, the first time I’ve worn the damn thing..Hot and breathing was difficult and I have no respiratory problems!!!!

Pace was busy, yet small businesses are closed…

How stupid is this shit??


More Government …

What are they thinking???

Oh…wait…their not..

Inmate Released Over COVID-19 Fears Arrested For Murder Hours After He Got Out of Jail

LA County Sheriff fears possible surge in crime after releasing 4,276 nonviolent inmates due to coronavirus

Chicago Releasing Hundreds of Inmates from Jails but Hiding Their Identities from Police: Report

Governor Half-Whit Cracks Down On (Motorized) Boaters

We’re from the government………and your so screwed…


Neighbors ratting on neighbors?

Governor Walz To Keep Hotline For Reporting Stay at Home Violations

This could turn to shit in a hurry…


I agree..

I say furlough them.Or fire their asses.

Until they pull there heads out of the asses, quit playing politics and whoring for attention. If it’s true they are attempting to give themselves a raise??

For what??

We need them to drop the partisanship crap  and work together.

Or get the hell out of the way and let Americans get back to  work and do what they can do a lot better then any Politicians.

Find solutions to problems and fix them…

Government needs to feel the pain as much as taxpaying Americans.

The media needs to ‘report’ news… Not opinionize and attack everything they disagree with…

What a shitshow…




News/Gun Bits ….

The Oregon Standoff: Understanding LaVoy Finicum’s Death & the Management of BLM Land


Deplatformed: How Big Tech Companies & Corporate America Subvert the Second Amendment

Anyone familiar with the Bible is familiar with the Mark of the Beast: Without this mark, no man may buy or sell.


Black America Before LBJ: How the Welfare State Inadvertently Helped Ruin Black Communities

The dust has settled and the evidence is in: The 1960s Great Society and War on Poverty programs of President Lyndon Baines Johnson (LBJ) have been a colossal and giant failure. One might make the argument that social welfare programs are the moral path for a modern government. They cannot, however, make the argument that these are in any way effective at alleviating poverty.


The Democrat’s Bitch…

Mitt Romney Knifes President Trump, Mitch McConnell and Rest of GOP in the Back Over Witnesses


Just another typical bureaucrat asshole…

Former ATF Official Slams 2A Sanctuary Movement, Sheriffs



Virginians respond to gun control proposals by purchasing almost 74,000 firearms in December



Got Some Social Media??

Big Brother wants to see it…

Another State Wants EVERY Gun Owner to Hand Over Their Social Media Accounts and Internet Search History

Unconstitutional gun law ideas seem to spread from one state to another like some kind of insidious virus. Late last year, an Orwellian gun bill was presented … Read the rest The post Another State Wants EVERY Gun Owner to Hand Over Their Social Media Accounts and Internet Search…