Formerly Great Britain….

Now the land of ……………….

British police ask citizens to narc on people buying hammers or other objects that could cause harm

Knife crime is a thing in the U.K., and police are serious about it. One police department posted a photo of scissors, needle-nose pliers, and a file found during a weapons sweep, and another police department posted a picture of potentially dangerous gardening tools that were seized.

Damn…I have an arsenal in my garage and tool boxes..

Would cause UK Coppers nervous breakdowns!!


Banned. Control Means. Biden. Red Dawn. Teachers, Idiots. Begins. Unconstitutional.

So if they have the gun control in England, formerly Great Britain.

Why do the police need heavy artillery?

I mean they banned the guns!!

The People are truly subjects and servants being disarmed by their Government..No guns!!

Someone alert Pisshead Morgan!!


Gun Control Means

Gun control means all police, sheriff and detective personnel when they are no longer in that position, either because they left the position or retired, must give up all their firearms allowing them no at their home or firearms on their person. Gun control means all prison and security personnel when they are no longer in that position must give up all their firearms allowing them also no firearms at their home or on their person. All x-military personnel when they are no longer military personnel must give up all their firearms when they are no longer in that position. Read More…


What would we do without Joe Biden to provide comic relief every time he opens his piehole?

Joe Biden: No President Has Ever Been as Pro-Israel as Obama

Remember though, he is a heartbeat away from the Presidency…

Can he do any worse..wait…lemme think about that one!



Even the Writer of Red Dawn understands how easy it would be to confiscate firearms in the US.

As I wrote earlier about the Federal Government requiring Federal Firearm Licensee’s to maintain records of sale on Form 4473 and records of ALL transactions in the A&D Record, all states require information retention. But several states have no specified duration.

In regards to Background Checks, only NINE states require by statute for background check information to be purged. NINE.

States that are Required by Statute to Purge Background Check Records
New Hampshire
Rhode Island

It is imperative to know the laws and rules in your State. But even more important, everyone needs to work to get the laws changed.

Between the Federal, State and some Local Governments, we already have FIREARM REGISTRATION.

Retention of Sales & Background Check Records Policy Summary



Another fine example of the STUPID that is in our Government run school systems today..

After Seeing Picture of Student Holding Airsoft Gun, Teacher Demands Mental Health Evaluation And Police

I had an issue with a teacher once whom made snide remarks in class about a car accident my Dad and his wife had. I told him what I thought of his remarks and was told to go to the principle’s office and I asked “Why?” and then proceeded to say “Your asshole here!” Yeah that went over well…He tried to grab me…But a 10th grader with many years of boxing in my past…well he was a bit surprised…Oh well


They are just..Honking their horns for know..and circling their wagons…

It Begins: Second Amendment Supporters Surround CO Capitol with Cars, Inundate Building


All Federal Gun Laws Are Unconstitutional


So? Cosby. Retire already….

Bill Cosby says those who oppose Obama are racist
Comedy and television icon Bill Cosby slammed Republicans who failed to stand for President Obama’s State of the Union speech, likening them to racists who opposed desegregation. Read More…


Gun Control Works!!

In formerly Great Britain!!

Works well, for the bad guys, kept them safe…

Another relative said the men had a gun and threatened Syrad with it. The relative, whose name was not reported, said Anne Syrad “managed to hop” to another room after the men left, found her husband dead and called police.

To bad for the unarmed victim!! Is the utopia the anti’s crowd wants here..

No guns, no gun deaths!!