Waiting for the collapse

Here @ Bayou Renaissance Man..

… the European mess is nothing but the inevitable result of government-stipulated aggregate demand. Easy money funded the Spanish and Irish real estate booms and bankrupted their banks and by extension their governments. Easy money allowed Greece’s political class to go on a borrowing binge that has now bankrupted the country and lured large parts of the population into zero-productivity, soon-to-be-eliminated public sector jobs.

Do you still want the state to ‘stimulate’ the economy? Be careful what you wish for.

Friday Links and Stinks..

From Marathon Pundit..Whats happening in the occucraps world?

Dead, not because of a gun. Because of a “person’ doing a bad deed. A person..with a tool, could actually say 2 died, since the Uncle of the victim took his own life.

Less than a year later, Frew’s uncle, Colin Ferguson, took his own life at a memorial to the teenager.

Umm our ed-jee-cated college students…stupid..

Global Warming, cooling, Climate Change..How about “weather” and it changes and right now I am liking the “Change” here in Minnesota, nice mild winter, no show..cannot complain..
Now the folks in the UK, Ukraine, Colorado and Greece..might feel differently..many dead from …cold...

Unemployment is down!!
We are SAVED!! Well thats the lamestream media chanting away… but do a little looking around and see what the real picture looks like…

Rosanne Barr, fugly, failed comedian… Another so called”celebrity” whom feels she should be relevant..and fails..

ANd last but not least..a little music for you…one of my all time favorite bands and songs..here..