Quick Bits ….

People wake up! Government and politicians of all levels are using this so called Pandemic to establish control. Of you and your lives.

They do not follow any rules, making them up as they go. The Constitution is being trampled and used as asswipe by them.

I was once made a statement long ago. On a gaming forum I frequented, way back in my online gaming days.

‘Rules? What are rules? I don’t need no stinking rules!!’

If they do not want to follow them, why should we???


Insult To Injury: Gavin Newsom Locks Down California, And Then Mocks Small Businesses

America’s New Normal – Silent, Obedient Consent

Supreme Court’s 5-4 Ruling Shows How Religious Liberty Hangs by a Thread

What Do You Call a Country Like This?

When the Ruling Class Needs to Steal Elections

America’s Future Is Liberal Fascism Sporting A Smiley Shirt And Armed With A Syringe

A World Most Could Have Never Imagined Awaits Us In 2021 As ‘The Perfect Situation’ Has Been ‘Created’ For The Globalists To Usher In Their ‘New World Order’

Doctors warn CDC to tell public about side effects of COVID vaccines, number of doses needed

Pope? Of what? I was raised in the Catholic faith, left it long ago..

Popes Ultimate Goal Is A World Church Supporting World Government And A World Economy

Satan’s minion…


Microsoft developing technology that allows employers to monitor body language of employees during staff meetings

What Pro-Second Amendment Moves Are Possible With A Pro-Second Amendment Senate?

Olbermann Unwittingly Demonstrates Importance of Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Hopefully well see Marlin quality return to what it was years ago.

Ruger Completes Acquisition of Marlin Assets

I likes my 336c which is older then yours truly….


Ridiculous Bits And Gun Bits …

Resist the Turkey Tyranny

My son came home last night for Thanksgiving and a visit, from Fargo.

Apparently breaking Tyrant Gov Timmy Walz’s mandate against that.

As will my eldest whom lives not far from us whne he arrives..

Walz can KMA!!!

Brainwashed into thinking masks work…

The arrogance of the masked do-gooder

And this is why politicians can go eff themselves!!!

The Haves & Have Nots: Newsom Under Fire Again For Breaking Covid Rules After CA Does This

Government fail. And they expect us to bow to them and trust them??

Concealed Carry Application Leads To Innocent Man’s Arrest


Rachel Maddow’s Gun Range Date

101 Reasons Why I Oppose Gun Safety & You Probably Do Too

Top 5…

  • When “Gun Safety” is used as Propaganda.
  • When honest citizens are turned into criminals in the name of “Gun Safety.”
  • When groups claiming to want “Gun Safety” provide no gun safety training programs that teach the actual safe use of guns.
  • When the NRA – the #1 genuine Gun Safety organization – is attacked by those claiming to support “Gun Safety.”
  • When “Gun Safety” has been hijacked by the anti-2nd Amendment Lobby.


Here …

We will control your food supply!!

New Mexico governor shuts down (Some) grocery stores for two weeks

Hope Tyrant Gov Timmy Walz has not seen this!!

Time for a crossbow…May need to ‘find’ some venison..

Concealed Carry Data Reveals the Truly Democratic Nature of the Second Amendment

This is War

What did one expect? Election a criminal named Biden..

It should be called “Let the Criminals Run the Country Act.”


Ridiculous Biden Bits …

Biden….Not for America..

Joe Biden’s gun control plan will make your skin crawl

Joe Biden campaigned on a strict gun control platform, and he promised, “If you elect me, your taxes are going to be raised.” Now it looks like Biden has found a way to combine liberals’ two favorite pastimes: raising taxes and gun control.

Why Joe? Is that when you cure us of the Chinese Flu???

Biden Urges Americans To Wear Masks Until Inauguration Day

“You know every major individual of any consequence in the health field is saying we can save we can save 100,000 lives just between now and January 21 by wearing these masks,” Biden said, citing the date for the presidential inauguration.

Damn! We’ll be saved!!


Joe Biden: Why Are Reporters Asking Me Questions?

Of course!!!

Biden Campaign Manager Has Long History Against Freedom

Before becoming Biden’s campaign manager last March, O’Malley Dillon was in the same position for Biden’s purported gun-control czar-to-be, Beto O’Rourke. That’s right, she was running the campaign for the guy who said, “Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15,” during a primary presidential debate. 

Nothing to see here…

Cobb County, Georgia Shreds Election Documents

What Should We do When Trouble Calls at Home – Self Defense Gun Stories

And tell me what the clowns are doing to bring Christmas…Oh wait…that would be nothing!!



Stop the ATF Improvement and Modernization Act of 2020…

Bill/Issue: S 4841The ATF Improvement and Modernization Act of 2020

Summary: Gives the ATF more power/money, removes limits on the sharing of firearms trace data

Sen. Van Hollen has just introduced a Senate bill that would dramatically beef up the ATF’s power. But that’s not all because this draconian legislation would also allow for the indefinite retention of NICS data. Check out our analysis below for the disturbing impacts of this bill.

Ridiculous……And Gun Bits …

Do as we say!!!

Thanksgiving is canceled, schools are closed but Nancy Pelosi’s big indoor dinner for new House members is totally safe

California Gov. Gavin Newsom Caught Attending Party That Seems To Violate His Own COVID Restrictions

Lightfoot: Cancel Your Thanksgiving Plans, Plebs


Dr. Fauci: ‘Now is the time
to do what you’re told’

Eff off Fauci!!!


Black Lives Matter Leader Orders Biden to Adopt BLM’s RADICAL Agenda


Leftist privilege: Ilhan Omar has paid husband’s political consulting firm nearly $2,800,000

You ain’t elected yet Joey…

Globalist Joe Biden Expected to Bow a Knee to the United Nations

Social Distancing For Americans

How about a distance of 200 yards? I’m zeroed  in at that range..

Buck Ofama has another whiney, Me, Me, Me book out….

Watch: Barack Obama Says Republicans Who Want Every Legal Vote Counted Risks This

In which he attacks and calls all unlike him names..


In Times Like These, We Need Resilience, Not Fragility

Alito: Senators’ Threats In 2A Case “Affront To The Constitution”

Fix it so it fits their agenda…

Social Elites Call for Dangerous Gun Data Changes

Safety is a state of mind….Pay attention..

How “Safe” Are You? The House of Cards That is Gun Free Zones


Gun Bits …and Ridiculous …

A good start if it were to happen..

Removing the Gun Control Agenda from EVERY Major American Political Party

Live with it….

Pro-2A Militias Are ‘Treasonous’

See above.. It’s a Human Right to protect one’s self, family and Freedom…With any means necessary…

Independent my ass..

Exclusive: The ‘Independent’ News Outlet Secretly Funded by Everytown for Gun Safety

True this. Government should have nothing to say about one’s healthcare..

Politics And Health Should Be Separated

Be ready, the fight is on!!

The Looming Legal Fights Over Our 2A Rights

Her first test..

ACB Gets Her First Crack At The Second Amendment On Friday

We’ll see how she does…

Need more, more , more…

NC’s Mark Robinson Is The Warrior We Need

My bet is they had a huge part in this election, that they should not have had!!

And now it is payback time…

Biden Insurgency Team Stacked With Big Tech Insiders

Because only leftist investigations are good!!

WATCH: Adam Schiff and Joy Reid Fret Over Republican-Led Investigations

Can you say Serf’s? Peasant’s?

A Biden Presidency Would Be A Dream Scenario For Our Corporate Overlords

Yeah? Well your Liberal City Council and soy-boy mayor asked for this…

Minneapolis police chief begs for outside help; says their city “is bleeding”

According to an e-mail sent to Alpha News MN, “Robberies and Carjacking’s [sic] have increased in our Precinct,” the email begins. “Cell phones, purses, and vehicles are being targeted. Some victims have been maced, dragged, assaulted, and some threatened with a gun. Most of these crimes have occurred north of 42nd St. E. 100 Robberies and 20 Carjackings have been reported to 3rd Precinct Police in July alone. Downtown and Southwest Minneapolis have seen an increase as well. We want those who live and work here to be safe!”

How about NO! Lardass…

Michael Moore pens open letter to Biden, implores him to embrace democratic socialism, eliminate Electoral College immediately

Yep.. And all other’s no matter what their Faith if they value Freedom..

Christians, we are going to have to #resist

Attorneys for the States HATE Self-defense

Justice? What is that?

Because Bill is an expert on viruses and Rockefeller’s want total domination…

Joe Biden’s Coronavirus Task Force Is a Rockefeller, Council on Foreign Relations, Gates Foundation Swamp


Ridiculous ……and Gun Bits …

This sumbitch needs to be taken behind the woodshed…..

Biden coronavirus advisory board member said living past 75 has virtually no value

More like a death panel I am thinking…And Biden is over 75!!!

Arm yourselves….

The Demons Are Waiting To Hear Their Master Say: ‘Release The Dogs’

The Great Equalizer, thank you Samuel Colt…

Increased Gun Sales And How Firearms Are Equalizers

Lies…It’s all they have..

New Study Offers More Lies From The Gun Control Side

How to create outlaws…

Uh Oh: NC County Suspends CCW Applications Over COVID

The UN?? Why do they exist and why on American soil?

United Nations Human Rights Council Condemns America For Police Brutality, Racism

Chiara de Blasio In Verbal Slip Up, Claims Biden “Was Able to Steal” Election

Another FINE example of Higher Education!!

In another apparent attempt to delegitimize the claims of Trump supporters, Boston University professor Ibfram X. Kendi asserted that the term “legal vote” is “racist.”

Gun Bits …

Go ahead Joey…

Biden Vows Swift Action On Gun Control

Time to buy..See above..

The Post-Election Gun-Buying Surge Is Underway

Hope …

GOP Furthers Control Of State Houses, Which Is Good News For Gun Owners

Of course…

How The ATF Manufactures Felons


Yes I am ..

Gun Owners Rightly Concerned About Biden’s Proposals

Cheating bahs-turds.

Undeniable Mathematical Evidence the 2020 Election is Being Stolen

History…Will it repeat??

Is Kristallnacht Deceptive?


Ridiculous Election Shenanigans and … Gun Bits ..

O’Sullivan’s law and why a why military brass are for gun control

You better start thinking hard about it


New Study Finds Gun Owners May Be Different From Criminals

Ban them!!

Twice as many Children Die From Glass Tabletop Accidents as Firearms Accidents

Should You Be Prepping For Potential Unrest?

The Most Immediate Gun Control Threat If Biden Wins

Good question…

Why Does Biden Have So Many More Votes Than Democrat Senators In Swing States?

Biden Results ‘Statistically Impossible’: Election Being Stolen While Media, Socials Censor Truth

As many as 6,000 illegal votes identified in Nevada

More like hemorrhoids…

Current Events: Our Nation Has A Migraine