Gun Bits …..

1 in 10 Americans Now Live Where Buying a Gun is Impossible

Government tyranny…


Why you need a gun…


Teens Attack, Rob Lady Wearing Mask In Store, Accuse Her Of Having Coronavirus


And again…

Buy a gun…

Got A Gun? Burglaries Increase 20%…


Once again…

Government caused or is the problem…

Authorities Brace For Increase In Domestic Violence


Name me one other candidate whom is not rabidly against our 2nd Amendment Rights?? Or any other of our Rights??

The Choice Is Clear For Gun Owners In 2020



Gun Bits ….

My Daddy said, “Son, Don’t let them take your gun…”

Found here …

I was 19 then this came out and Grand Funk one of my and still is favorites…was on 8 track….Yeah old I am…


Birth of the Resistance
Some still believe…


Screw them…

Anti-Gunners Demand Gun Shop Closures; Have They Lost the Gun Fight?


Now this is different….

The Future Is Now! Sci-Fi Rifle Design Using TWO Marlin 60’s


In What Sense Do You Think We Are Free?



This Is Why Newbies Are Buying Firearms

As to why there are a lot of newbies buying guns, it is because they correctly foresaw a rise in crime. They knew that a firearm, correctly used, will allow them to protect themselves and their families.


Ranges not considered ‘essential here..


10 Ways for Shooters to Pass the Time in Quarantine



Most dearest and I are still working. She in food services in the school system. I as a medic. So pretty much normal..Mostly…

Authorities Brace For Increase In Domestic Violence







Buy ..

And you know what I mean…

Will Pandemic Fears Grease the Way for Authoritarian Gun Controls?

“Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020,”

If you can find what you need …

Because these assholes gun grabbing, Rights denying, Freedom hating politicians, are going to make good use of this crisis to take as much control as they possibly can.

Don’t buy their bullshit!!

Elizabeth (HACK! SPIT! Fake Indian) Warren


Hank (Guam will tip over!) Johnson leading the attack..

I cannot fathom how stupid the people whom voted for these two must be….



Gun Bits ….

What They Introduced: The Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act

United States – -( Senator Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign fizzled, and for that, Second Amendment supporters should be very grateful. As we noted when we covered her platform, her intention was to inflict massive injustices upon law-abiding gun owners in the form of restrictions on our Second Amendment rights for crimes and acts of madness they did not commit.


NYC Mayor Wants To Release “High Risk” Inmates From City Jails

But about those guns…


Ontario Armed Robberies Another Example Of Gun Control’s Failures


Breaking News: California Approves New Assault Weapon


Who is really asking these questions??

What would it take for American citizens to voluntarily give up the right to bear arms?

We won’t…

You keep asking this question…

As a gun owner, would you be willing to submit to a brief trial where all guns are confiscated? Would it be worth the credibility pro-gun arguments gained after mass shootings occur in a “gun-free” country?

No is the answer..


Why do you have a gun in your house, do you really need home protection?

Who the hell else is going to do it!!

Why yes I do…

Do you feel secure staying in a country where it is a right to own a private gun?

I would feel very insecure if only the Government and their thugs had guns….




Gun Bits …

Pro-Gun Author Targeted For Harassment On Facebook

Is Fakebook…Where free speech is not allowed..

Unless your a Socialist loving whiny little bitch…


A question I’ve been asking…

How Far Will Would-Be Tyrants Get Before America’s Gun Owners Say “Enough”


Some Sheriffs Get Creative To Continue Concealed Carry Approvals



Good rant…

The Queen Of The World explains things

Warning – rant ahead!
One of the most isolated places people can be right now is jail, especially if no visitors are allowed in. So why are jails and prisons releasing prisoners due to the virus??? It’s happening all over.
Cities are refusing to arrest criminals due to the virus.
Suddenly places notorious for supporting more gun control laws are seeing gun and ammo sales go thru the roof.
Blaming it all on the virus that the media has blown out of proportion.

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