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Some Morning Links…

China declares Lunar Defence Obliteration Zone


“Gun Free Zones Are Murder Magnets”


Colorado Sheriff: We Have Not and Will Not Enforce New Gun Control


The fall of the USA – Obituary


Bill and Hillary Clinton Implicated further


Muslims Massacre At Least 700 Christians, In Just One Moment


Record Cold Temperatures Prove Global Warming

“Climate change” is all a bunch of made-up nonsense. That became apparent when the problem was no longer called “global warming.” And it became obvious when scientific data showed that Antarctica registered the coldest temperature ever recorded on the planet.

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More Americans Beginning To See Government Itself As The Nation’s Worst Enemy

A December Gallup poll reveals more Americans identify the government — not the economy, immigration, healthcare or the wealth gap, but the government itself — as the single biggest source of the Nation’s problems.

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Keeping The Peace: Cops Rescue Neighborhood From Resident Who Washes Car In His Own Driveway

A Garden City, N.Y., man was trying to wash his car in the driveway of his home when the cops showed up. Apparently, his neighbor wanted to get the guy in trouble, so he (or she) called the police to report the man was violating a local ordinance by washing his car on his own property.

The police were happy to oblige.

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7 to 1! Bono Says! Ruger! Out of Gas? Waste! Gun Free Zones?

Twitter hates ObamaScare…well users do…

Bottom line: Most people hate it. “Conservative critics of President Obama’s signature healthcare law dominated Twitter conversation about the issue for the 30-day period ending August 4,” Elizabeth Wilner of CMAG wrote in an analysis of the newest findings. As this chart reveals, negative sentiment is running about six or seven times stronger than positive sentiment:


Bono says, and you know Buck Ofama hates hearing this…

Aid is just a stop-gap. Commerce [and] entrepreneurial capitalism takes more people out of poverty than aid.

“In dealing with poverty here and around the world, welfare and foreign aid are a Band-Aid. Free enterprise is a cure.

“Entrepreneurship is the most sure way of development.”


ANd Buck Ofama has helped the economy in ways he and Bloomberg plus their gun grabbing friends do not like…

Good job Buck and thanks!!!

Ruger Expands production, buys third factory – Up to 10 new gun lines


Out of gas?

Washington EMS lets their Ambulance assigned to the President wun out of gas?


Like Obama’s pResidency….Out of gas!!

Presidential Ambulance Runs Out of Gas, Gets Towed


Where does your money go once the Government steals it?

It goes to waste!

Taxpayers Forced to Finance Frivolous Idiocy Through NIH Grants


And we, Joe Public. Tax paying citizens whom pay the bills and pay the damn politicians, don’t?

Our kids have to attend schools in ‘gun free’ zones? And we know how well that works!!

KMA White House! KMA Buck Ofama! Worthless turd..

White House Responds to “Gun Free Zone” Petition – Politicians Need Armed Security


Gun Free Zones!

Congressman Ron Paul Introduces Legislation to Protect School Children from Serial Killers – Gun Owners Of America.

Ban them…Gun Free Zones that is!!!

Put safety back in the hands of the People.

Because the Government fails at that.

Although with Obama in Charge one wonders if that is another of his “planned” failures..Trying to make us more dependent and controllable.

Bring it…

Molon Labe..





How It Works…

Or not..
Gun control in that utopia that is Boston, Ma and its utopian gun free zones.

Works well it appears….

For the bad guys…

Go read it at Weerd’s World….

Amazing how well that works out for them..I believe Chi Town had similar problems another gun free utopia, for the bad guys…..But with Mayor Rahm there probably a “crisis” he won’t waste!!