For You Gun Packing Folks …

With my recent trip one of my concerns, besides the amount of time spent driving, was if my carry permit was honored in the states I would be passing through.

And it was…Thankfully, would have been lost if it was not and family was relieved also.

Came across this in my email and felt I should share.

Gun & Ammo Laws by State

Yep! That Works!!

Let’s pass another gun law the Democrats say!!
Because that’ll solve our raging ‘gun’ problem!!

And show the mindless sheeple that are so afraid of guns we are doing something!!!

Brace Yourselves, Gun Owners: Dems Introduced A New Gun Control Bill

And introduced by the usual, corrupt DemocRATs!!

he Help Empower Americans to Respond (HEAR) Act is being introduced by Democratic Sens. Bob Menendez (NJ), Dianne Feinstein (CA), Richard Blumenthal (CA) and Tim Kaine (VA).


Gun News …..

Those that want gun control…

Is about control…

Can’t do that if we are armed..Disarmed? We’re fair game..

They want to watch you…

If your a gun show attendee…

Gun laws for thee, not for me!!

Because I support Gun Control…Therefore am exempt from the laws placed on you!

Loretta Lynch…

Eric Holder in a dress and Obama thug..




Proving False…

The Gun Grabber’s, their politicians and media’s claim that we need more ‘gun’ laws…

And lets not forget Bumbling Joe Biden’s,more laws claim also..

We have enough…

“You can’t name a crime that isn’t already illegal,” says author Alan Korwin, who compiled Gun Laws of America with attorney Michael Anthony, and described them all in plain English. “If you stopped to read these—and it’s easy with the plain English descriptions we include—you would understand how robust our gun laws truly are.”

“Bloomberg and his mom minions are lying to you. This book proves it.”


Miscellany ……………

Obama’s latest rant…

Which included a spiel about Australia’s gun laws being so wonderful..

Ain’t so..


Bloomberg’s paid anti gun marchers in Brooklyn..


Once again someone needs to learn how to count..

Or maybe they are using Common Core math!


Okay Dr. Carson..

I was not planning to, but nice to hear you say this..


Raise minimum wage?


Your being replaced…

By a robot!!

Do leftists ever think?



is the NSA..

As is the whole of the Obama Regime..



Feeling is mutual Obama!!

Only I am thinking a good swift kick!!


With our current spineless politicians in office?

This won’t happen!




Regulate the People….

The key to ruining them…

And making them subservient and dependent on the Government..


State’s  Rights?

We cannot have that!!!


Staples…Boots Nanny Bloomberg’s anti gun stooges…Out..


New Jersey…Another tyrannical state one would not want to live in..

Especially with the fat RINO Christie as Goobernoor..


Fact…Guns laws do nothing to keep guns out of  the hands of bad guys.

All gun laws do is make the law abiding, outlaws..

So be it..


Carry concealed in restaurants?

Why yes I do…and every where else I can…and those that say I cannot? I avoid..


Who Needs? Felons! Guns! Drones!

A gun, when you have drugs and a knife!

Mother accused of poisoning 4 kids with prescription drugs


So in other words by passing lousy, anti freedom laws…

New York created over 1100 new felons out of ordinary tax paying citizens?

Is that what you telling us?

Felons created by bad laws….Hmmm..


Buy!!! Lots and lots of guns!



Wonder why? Oh yeah…that asswipe in Washington…Buck Ofama!


Former Air Force Analyst: Drone Pilots Can’t Tell The Difference Between A Shovel And A Weapon

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