Are you ready?

Are you prepared to fight for your God-given rights?

Pelosi’s Congress is officially back in session after vowing to rip apart the Second Amendment with a hearing on gun control this week.

Throughout the hearing, we are going to flood every single representative and senator’s inbox with letters from voters like you — telling these politicians to keep their hands off of our God-given rights.

Please add your name to our pre-written letter telling YOUR representative and senators not to pass Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws, expanded background checks, or ANY other gun control bill.

ADD YOUR NAMEWe surveyed 17,012 voters last month to see where the American public actually stands on guns.

Here are the results:

  • • Over 95% oppose Red Flag Gun Laws
    • 98% would NOT vote to re-elect a legislator who votes for Red Flag Gun Laws
    • 92% would NOT vote to re-elect a legislator who votes for Universal Background Checks
    • 97% would NOT vote to re-elect a legislator who votes for an “assault weapons ban”
    • 78% consider themselves a “single-issue voter” when it comes to gun rights
    • 95% think that legislators should work to pass Constitutional Carry reciprocity as a real solution to stopping shooters

It’s clear that the mainstream media’s gun hysteria fails to capture the true beliefs of We The People.

We refuse to be silenced as our elected officials cave to anti-gun special interests and ignore the wishes of the voters they swore to represent.

That’s why we want our letters signed by fired-up American voters to be the ONLY thing they can even see in their inboxes today.

It’s time to fight for our rights.


Are cracks beginning to form in the push for national gun control?

Gun Owners of America

Cracks Seemingly Forming in the Push for Gun Control!

Dear Kevin,

As you read this, a battle is raging between two camps of White House staffers:

  • Some are pushing Donald Trump to stay true to his commitment to protect the Second Amendment.
  • Other advisers, like his daughter Ivanka, are encouraging the President and others to push Gun Registration and Gun Confiscation in a misguided effort to pick up Democrat voters?

For example, Ivanka Trump is reportedly working furiously behind the scenes, urging Senators to pass Universal Background Checks and Red Flag gun confiscation orders.

Even so, there are conflicting reports in the media, with some indicating that the President is backing off his earlier push for gun control.

“Trump retreats on gun control proposals,” said the L.A. Times yesterday.

Another media outlet explained: “GOA members sent a whopping two million letters to the White House and to the Senate in past weeks, urging Republicans to support the 2nd Amendment.” 

Press reports also show that pro-gun leaders are busy communicating with the White House — some directly with the President, but others in meetings with the staff, given that many in the Oval Office are pushing gun control.

Politico reported yesterday that “John Velleco, the executive vice president for Gun Owners of America, [is] on the books for a meeting” with the White House.

These are encouraging articles. But then there are also reports indicating that the President is keeping private conversations alive with anti-gun congressional leaders.

According to The Hill, Trump was on the phone with anti-gun Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT), talking about how to enact these two major objectives of the Bloomberg & Giffords gun control movement.

The Hill also reports that Trump was negotiating with anti-gun Senators Pat Toomey (R-PA) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) about paving the way to passing their gun registration bill.

What does all of this mean?  It means that we can’t go silent!  We have to make sure that the President CONTINUES TO HEAR from gun owners around the nation.

Please add your name to our NEW pre-written letter — and let’s continue to flood every Republican inbox at the White House and in the Senate, warning them that if they vote for gun control, they will face traumatic consequences at the polls. 


The anti-gun Left is mourning the fact that Trump already seems to be getting the message.

Consider that the New York Times reported today that, “Mr. Trump has heard from a wide range of conservative allies who have warned him that he will imperil his re-election chances if he makes a deal with Democrats on guns.”

That’s a message that Rush Limbaugh has delivered on his show … that GOA’s Erich Pratt delivered on Fox News … and which gun owners by the THOUSANDS have been delivering to the White House.

There is no doubt that anti-gunners are still working through the month of August, plotting to restrict your Second Amendment rights. And that means that we can’t let up either!

We need to remind Republicans that they already have legislation that they can pass which will make a difference. It’s called Constitutional Carry Reciprocity (H.R. 38 and S. 69).

We also must let Republicans know that they do not need additional laws to deal with killers like the Dayton, Ohio shooter. As I mentioned in my recent Townhall article, the Dayton killer could have easily had his guns removed (using due process) if anyone had bothered to use pre-existing law.

The killer had a long record of threatening people, and as it turns out, one can be charged in Ohio with “menacing,” which the state treats as a felony.

But here’s the problem, if the authorities weren’t willing to charge the shooter under current law, they certainly would not have “red flagged” him.

The good news is that Senate Republicans have already received more than 2,000,000 letters from GOA members demanding that they block all gun control legislation in the Senate.

So let’s step up the pressure.

Again, please add your name to our NEW pre-written letter to continue to flood every Republican inbox at the White House and in the Senate, warning them that if they vote to slice up the Second Amendment, American voters will NEVER FORGET IT. 


Anti-gun spending bill is Chuck Schumer’s dream….

Gun Owners of America

Democrats Insert Gun Control into Government Spending Bill

Anti-gun Democrats are at it again, trying to sneak gun control into must-pass spending bills.

And it is clear that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats are playing “hardball,” while the GOP often plays “cotton ball.”

Here’s the issue: The House is getting ready to take up its version of the money bill for the Department of Justice, plus the science agencies and the Commerce Department (H.R. 3055).

And Democrats are loading the bill with all kinds of anti-gun riders.

When Republicans were in charge, they repeatedly accepted anti-gun Commerce-Justice-Science (CJS) riders like the Schumer amendment. This amendment would make it impossible for federal minor white-collar offenders to ever get their gun rights back.

In exchange for the Schumer amendment, Democrats would make minor pro-gun concessions like prohibiting Obama from arming Mexican drug cartels (the Fast & Furious amendment) — or conceding that imported shotguns might have a “sporting purpose.”

Well, now the Democrats are in control of the House. And the Schumer amendment is still there.

But gone are the pro-gun “Quid Pro Quos” which Republicans had gotten in exchange for Schumer when they were in charge.

Gone is the amendment which would prohibit the government from blocking certain shotguns from being imported.

Gone is the amendment prohibiting the government from coercing banks and credit card companies to bankrupt gun dealers and manufacturers by cutting off credit and banking services — the “Operation Choke Point” amendment.

Gone is the amendment prohibiting the administrative implementation of the UN arms trade treaty — with its gun bans and forced registration — all without Senate ratification.

Gone is the amendment ensuring that curios and relics can continue to be imported into the US.

And gone is the “Fast & Furious” amendment which would prohibit the ATF from arming Mexican drug cartels.

During the Fast & Furious scandal, federal officials funneled firearms to known criminals, so the Obama administration could then use the subsequent body count in Mexico to push for additional gun control here in the U.S.

Rather than prohibiting programs like Fast and Furious, the bill has some weasel words in Section 215 which allows the ATF to conduct a similar program.

ATF could run a “reloaded” version of Fast & Furious so long as they sit on their hands, rather than “facilitating” the firearms transfers. And, so long as they can claim they’re “continuously monitoring” the firearms, however erroneous that may be.

So for those who want to further restrict the civilian ownership of firearms — and for those in Mexican drug cartels — the Democrat’s CJS appropriations bill is definitely their “ticket.”

For all others, we are demanding a vote against final passage.

By the way, I should mention that ATF’s budget of $1.439 billion in this bill would represent an increase of $122 million over last year and over $70 million above what ATF asked for.

And no less than $27.5 million would go to disarm veterans under the Veterans Disarmament Act of 2007 and the Fix NICS provision (from 2018). As you may remember, these two laws now have a major pot of money set aside to take away guns from law-abiding veterans, simply based on a psychiatrists’ diagnosis.

Please take action by emailing your Representative and Senators in opposition to H.R. 3055.

And if you have time to follow it up with a phone call, please contact them at 202-224-3121.

Trump picks anti-gunner to lead ATF….

Gun Owners of America

Trump’s Pick for ATF has Supported a Litany of Gun Control

You may have already seen the news. But President Trump has nominated an anti-gunner to lead the ATF.

His name is Chuck Canterbury, and he is the president of the anti-gun Fraternal Order of Police.

Sadly, Canterbury has a long track record that should concern gun owners:

  • He’s testified before Congress to support anti-gunners like Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and Attorney General Eric Holder.
  • Under his watch, the FOP backed Congressional measures to expand the unconstitutional and failing NICS system — which is the same system where 95% of the initial denials are false positives.
  • And on the state level, the FOP under his watch has supported Universal Background Checks and opposed Constitutional Carry.

Please email your U.S. Senators and urge them to reject the Canterbury nomination. GOA will be sending follow-up alerts when the Senate comes back in session. So stay tuned for additional updates.

Finally, I’m including some highlights from a prior alert (below). Unfortunately, some of the links were erroneous in the previous email, so they have been corrected here.

The feedback on the information below has been tremendous. And that’s why all of us here at GOA are tremendously grateful for the vocal support of our members and activists.

Gun Owners Of America…

We only have a few days left until anti-gunners in the House put YOUR God-given rights to a vote. A vote is expected this week!

If Nancy Pelosi succeeds in passing its radical H.R. 8 — the anti-gun lobby will have taken a giant first step toward achieving its BIGGEST goals of 2019:

  • 🚨Mandating UNIVERSAL background checks🚨
  • 🚨BANNING all private gun sales🚨
  • 🚨Creating a federal registry of ALL U.S. Gun Owners🚨

Please help Gun Owners of America STOP this assault on YOUR liberty by sending our pre-written letter to urge YOUR representative to oppose this assault on our rights.

Take Action

Under H.R. 8’s oppressive gun control, many private transfers of guns would require burdensome and ineffective Brady Background checks…

…and ANYONE who refuses to comply — even if they just hand their gun to a close friend for ONE secondcould be sent to prison.

And then there’s a companion bill, H.R. 1112, that will also be voted on this week. This language would penalize every gun purchaser who receives a non-committal response from the FBI — essentially extending the 3-day waiting period to a minimum of two weeks.

And that’s the minimum! The worst-case scenario is that the Attorney General can hold up your gun purchases indefinitely, which is a distinct possibility under this bill.

It is our God-given right to bear arms, and we will not sit by and allow the government to dictate what we can and cannot do with our own property.

This is just the FIRST of many attacks Nancy Pelosi and her army of anti-gunners have planned now that they’re back in power.

And as America’s NO COMPROMISE gun advocacy group, we cannot allow them to gain this early victory.

Stand up to this attack on YOUR 2A rights by sending this pre-written letter to YOUR Congressman, urging them to oppose H.R. 8 and protect YOUR God-given rights from this anti-gun crusade.

Tis the Season for Gun Owners to be Jolly

In the wake of continuing efforts by Barack Obama to scare us into destroying our guns, Black Friday recorded the largest number of gun purchases (as evidenced by background checks) on record: a stunning 185,000 firearms purchases.

It is hard to overstate the importance of this.  

Source: Tis the Season for Gun Owners to be Jolly..

We Are Gaining Ground!

“The entire background check system is flawed.  Not only is it unconstitutional — and disarming many law-abiding citizens — it’s failing to keep guns out of criminals’ hands and is not keeping people safe.” — GOA’s Erich Pratt in USA Today, July 28

Not a GOA member yet?  You can join Gun Owners of America today for only $20!

Lucky-Gunner Update

Erich Pratt

A couple of weeks ago, GOA alerted you to the Lucky-Gunner giveaway, which will result in the Brady Campaign dishing out thousands of dollars to the top vote-getting gun groups.

We were fourteenth at the time, but now thanks to help from activists like yourself, we have been in and out of first place — currently residing in second.

If you haven’t voted yet, please take a moment to do so right now.  It will literally take you only a couple of seconds — and by doing so, you will be helping to multiply our lobbying efforts so we can keep wavering legislators in line!

Either click on the link immediately above or on the graphic to the right — and vote for GOA. Time is running out, so please do so today!

GOA in USA Today

After a recent spate of shootings — in Charleston, South Carolina; Chattanooga, Tennessee; and Lafayette, Louisiana — USA Today asked Gun Owners of America to respond.

Many in the media and on Capitol Hill are calling for greater restrictions on firearms owners.  But GOA pointed out that current gun control restrictions are failing to stop bad guys from getting guns.

Not only that, the entire background check system is “flawed,” said GOA’s Erich Pratt to USA Today readers.  Not only is it denying guns to honest Americans, it’s “failing to keep guns out of criminals’ hands and is not keeping people safe.”

So what does prevent mass shootings from occurring?

Pratt cited the Florida pastor, who this past December, prevented a possible mass shooting — and saved the lives of several men, women and children — when he used his concealed firearm to incapacitate a shooter.

And he reminded readers of the many law-abiding citizens who halted mass shootings this year — in a Philadelphia barber shop in March; on a crowded Chicago street corner in April; or in a Youngstown, Ohio bar in June.

These are just a few of the many self-defense cases, Pratt said, where armed citizens have stopped massacres, and enabled others to stay safe.

Again, Gun Owners of America wants to thank you for your support of our lobbying efforts — and for helping us to stay on the Front Lines and in the Public Square, educating Americans on the importance of our Second Amendment rights.