As ATF Goes Rogue, GOA Calls on Trump to Fire Agency Head …

Rogue ATF Agents are Cracking Down on Legal Guns

“Honest citizens should enjoy the right to assemble their own firearms for lawful purposes, and they should be able to do so without being terrorized by their government.” — GOA’s Erich Pratt, AmmoLand, December 11, 2020


Quick Bits And ….

Happy Thanksgiving..

In this year of political dissent, a corrupted election, COVID, Democrat and their corrupt media sanctioned rioting and protesting, constant threats from the Left against Patriots, remember.

Family is important, Family should be loved and protected, especially today..

Enjoy them…Gather, to hell with those that try to dictate what we can and cannot do.

Give Thanks and Tell the Turkey Fascists to Go Gnaw on a Drumstick

As should everyone whom values their Freedoms..

Exercising Her 2nd: GOP Congresswoman Fights, Wins Right To Do This In Hallowed Halls

Especially today with the constant threats and intimidation from the Left’s goon squads…

We are living in a world we never expected, but should have…


Kissinger, how is that old goat still around???


Fight to win. Whatever it takes. I’ve never been in a fair fight. I cheat like hell to win..

Never A Fair Fight

Dissident Thanksgiving

The origins of the holiday may be nonsense and the reason we have it may be less than noble, but a time to count your blessings is a good thing. It is made more important in an age in which the ruling class is trying hard to destroy the social capital that is an essential part of human society. When everything is transactional and artificial, having a few days in which you are supposed to think the exact opposite looks a lot like leaving the back door of the Death Star open.

Obama, playing the race card, again.

Obama demeans Hispanics who voted for Trump as bigoted Evangelical Christians

American Stasi


Gun Bits ….

Texas Flipping Strategy Didn’t Quite Work Out As Expected

Two Big 2A House Wins Out West (And One Big Senate Loss)

Montana Sen. Daines’ Win A Big One For Gun Rights

Gun Sales In 2020 Set New Record, With Two Months Still To Go

West Coast Blue-Stain Stopped Cold at Idaho, Utah Lines,,, For Now! Election 2020

Three Thugs Run from Wife With a Gun – More Armed Citizen Stories

Gun Grabber Kelly Wins In Arizona


More Gun Bits …

2020 Election Gun Control Analysis

Biden bad for Gun Rights….

  • Overturning the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act:

  • A new Federal AWB:

  • Background Check Expansion and Red Flags:

GOA Urges President Trump to End the Veteran Disarmament Rule

Won’t work here asshole…

Kansas Senate Candidate Praises Australia’s Gun Confiscation


2020 Presidential Election: Gun Control Stances of Each Candidate


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

More mail in voting shenanigans…

60,000 Mail-In Ballots ‘Go Missing’ in Westmoreland County, Virginia

Ohio’s Franklin County sees nearly 50K voters getting wrong absentee ballots, elections officials say

L.A. County: Thousands of mail-in ballots sent without the option to vote for president

O’blabbermann returns. I thought he had disappeared into the dust bin of worthless journalists..

Keith Olbermann: Trump, Pence, Hannity, & Barrett Must Be ‘Removed From Our Society’

And of course he continues to be that voice of reason and tolerance…



BLM Rioters Take Violence To the Suburbs, Attack Family Homes In Milwaukee

Biden is an insult to society..

Joe Biden has insulted Black Lives Matter and the Police

None to bright either… Biden’s Face Mask Is Useless Because He Doesn’t Understand How It Works

Education fail…

Survey Finds Students Afraid To Speak For Gun Rights, Other Issues

More Education fail…

Student blocked in attempts to challenge professor’s outrageous comparison of GOP, Trump to Hitler

A professor at the University of Massachusetts-Boston shut down a conservative student who attempted to challenge her as she compared President Donald Trump to Hitler.
The professor claimed that “Republican militias with armbands” are preparing to suppress the vote in the upcoming election.

Living in a secular academic world rots your mind..

Historic Failures Week in Higher Education

It goes on and on..


Gun Bits and Ridiculous……

Children playing games…

When ‘Woke Muscles’ Meet Men Who Fight

Promoting violence….Demo Rat..

WATCH: Squad Member Calls for ‘Unrest in the Streets’

She is a crook. She is protected by the left and it’s propaganda arm, the media. So nothing will happen..

New evidence suggests Ilhan Omar committed a string of felonies

Another Minnesota Demo Rat …

DFL candidate supported by Walz screams at teenaged girls during Bob Kroll protest

More disgusting Demo Rat antics…

Shameful: Trump’s Younger Brother Dies; Fake News ‘Laughs’ At Social Media Trend ‘Wrong Trump’ 


Joe Biden on Gun Control: Understanding Biden’s 2020 Platform and the Second Amendment

Of course they do! Leftist propaganda media…

ABC/NBC Stoke Conspiracy: Trump Creating ‘Mail-In Voting Scandal,’ a ‘Crisis’


Gun Bits ….

Meanwhile the Left does?????

Suffers from TDS and whines…

Smith & Wesson Takes Action to Support Local Hospitals, First Responders



Is filled with self important turds, whom love to lecture and tells us what is good. bad and how we should adore them…

Guns Shape Hollywood


The Police State is here…

WATCH: Shocking Video of Denver Police Brutally Arresting a Conceal Carry Holder With Permit



Gun Bits ….

NPR Frets Over SCOTUS Decision In NYC Gun Case


Gang Violence Soaring In Some Cities Despite Stay At Home Orders


Virginia Anti-gun Activist Unveils 2021 Gun Control Agenda


Gillum Actions Give Insights into Man Who Would Disarm Us


U.S.A. – -( “Police Photos From Scene of Overdose Incident Involving Florida Dem Andrew Gillum Reveal Crystal Meth, Erectile Dysfunction Drugs,” The Washington Free Beacon reported Thursday. “Police were called in the early hours of March 13 by one of the men, who told officers he arrived in the room to find Gillum vomiting in the bathroom and a second person non-responsive on the bed.”


Making sense of why Americans flock to gun stores during the COVID-19 pandemic


I Would Try and Explain “Shall Not Be Infringed”, But…


1996 – In Tasmania, Australia, Martin Bryant goes on a shooting spree, killing 35 people and seriously injuring 21 more, resulting in draconian Australian gun laws that disarm the law-abiding. Crazy people, however, remain crazy, and criminals remain criminals.