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Guns ‘n’ Freedom

Guns ‘n’ Freedom


Guns and freedom come together or they go together.

  1. [Video] Grandma Fights Back Against 3 Carjackers – 2014-12-11 15:54:16-05
    A grandmother who was staring down the barrel of a gun decided to fight back. According to an IMPD police report, the incident happened around 8 p.m. Sunday. Kay Kise, 67, said she had just finished Christmas shopping and was parked in front of her home in the 200 block of North Randolph Street. She Continue reading here…
  2. Pro-Gun Support At A 20 Year High – 2014-12-12 09:42:17-05
    Support for gun rights is higher than it’s been in decades, according to the latest data from the Pew Research Center that signals a stunning turnaround in how Americans feel about the issue just two years after the Newtown school shooting. Pew found that 52 percent of Americans say Second Amendment rights are more important Continue reading here…
  3. 68 Year Old Critically Shoots Home Invaders – 2014-12-12 17:08:22-05
    BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – A 68-year-old East Lake man opened fire on two home intruders this morning, wounding both men. The incident happened this morning at a home in the 7800 block of Second Avenue South. Birmingham police spokesman Lt. Sean Edwards said East Precinct officers were called to the man’s home just before 10:30 a.m. Continue reading here…
  4. The Reason We Carry – 2014-12-12 17:31:52-05
    Too often gun owners forget that defensive gun use is about saving lives. BearingArms.com’s editor Bob Owens reports for the December issue of Townhall Magazine.  In August, I had a chance to attend a 250 Pistol class at Gunsite Academy near Paulden, Arizona. The class, created by the legendary Col. Jeff Cooper, is billed as Continue reading here…
  5. Gun Rights Advocates Violate I-594 at Olympia Rally – 2014-12-13 18:56:06-05
    Hundreds of gun-rights advocates carrying signs and firearms attended a rally at the Capitol in Olympia Saturday to protest I-594, the recently-passed background check measure that won handily in November. Organizer Gavin Seim predicted the rally – dubbed “I Will Not Comply” – would be the largest felony civil disobedience rally in American history. “Our Continue reading here…
  6. States With The Highest Federal Firearm Licenses Are… – 2014-12-14 09:54:04-05
    Texas is shockingly not on this list, but here are the 15 states with the highest number of firearm licenses (per 100,000 people). Oregon #15 Number of federal firearm licenses: 48.9 (per 100,000 people) According to Oklahoma Watch, “despite years of investments, some states continue to struggle to submit records. […] Oregon has received $4,542,109 Continue reading here…
  7. [Video] Teacher Being Investigated After Bringing Replica Musket To School – 2014-12-15 10:33:20-05
    video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player   A longtime Osceola County teacher has been reassigned after taking a fake rifle to Neptune Middle School in Kissimmee. Local 6 has learned the toy musket was used during the history teacher’s lesson on the American Revolutionary War. The eighth-grade teacher, identified as Gema Evans, used the prop last Continue reading here…
  8. Farmer Fatally Shoots Intruder After Call From Wife – 2014-12-15 18:13:41-05
    A farmer from North Carolina bravely protected his wife and his home from armed men after he received a suspicious phone call from her Monday morning and rushed home from his chicken farm in Lumberton to check on her. Sanford Hardin was working when his wife called to tell him she had noticed a suspicious Continue reading here…
  9. Anti Gun Surgeon General Nominee Confirmed By Senate2014-12-16 06:48:40-05
    President Obama’s pick to serve as the next surgeon general was confirmed Monday evening more than a year and half after being nominated, the first of nearly a half dozen of the president’s picks set for confirmation this week as Democrats prepare to cede control of the U.S. Senate. Senators voted 51 to 43 to Continue reading here…
  10. Army Vet Shoots Invaders Through Door With Shotgun2014-12-16 07:01:03-05
    While talking to a friend through video chat on the other side of the world, Joseph Jaccob heard a loud bang at the front door. It was 5 a.m. Sunday. He ran out of the bedroom, meeting his aunt in the hallway. They both worried his aunt’s 88-year-old mother had fallen down the stairs. The Continue reading here…
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Miscellany …………..

Anti gun LTE..

Yeah…What thought process did he use?



This is outfitted and equipped?

Not hardly..

Missing a couple of important items…

Called EDC…

Gun, knife…

Spare ammo..

Then your ready!!


Just in case..


Say what?

Should not provoke?

He whupped a woman, no excuse!

What an idjit!!


Don’t have a Right to know what is going on with Government?

I say bullcrap!!

Is Government of the People and by the People..

What doesn’t this dimwitted, non voting Rep from Washington DC understand about…..

Oh wait..

I see the problem..


A win for Gun Rights and the 2nd Amendment..

In Washington DC…


 And the Alphabet Media is silent..


Sometimes rules are to stupid to be obeyed..

Especially when they curtail our Rights and Freedoms..


Morning Miscellany ……

Getting worried are they?

They should be…


Oppression of women?

Feminists do it best….


Brain dead….Like this…


Senate reverses pension cut

The only senators to vote against the bill were Tom Carper (D-Del.), Dan Coats (R-Ind.) and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.).


Well it is the party of Death for a reason…

More Proof


And these Humanists are doing what? To help starving kids…what?

Not much except whining about others trying to help them..

Ever notice how that seems to be the leftists way?


Oh no!!

They are not registering their legally bought guns!!
Even though we made it illegal by passing knee jerk, dumb ass laws!!

I hope they continue to refuse to submit to tyranny..


Bloomberg buys an anti-gun group – the Minnesota Legislature is next!

Bloomberg buys an anti-gun group – the Minnesota Legislature is next!

Welcome to the coldest weather I’ve seen in Minnesota during my nine years in the state!

Despite the cold, there have been many developments over the past week on the gun rights front.

First, Mark writes below about the latest news from the disloyal opposition – the merger of Mayor Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns and the new group Moms Demand Action.

Of course, it’s really not a merger of equals. Bloomberg bought out Moms Demand Action and brought their social media gun-banning savvy into his group of well-funded anti-gun Mayors. It’s going to make for an interesting year in Minnesota.

This past weekend, Mark and I were at AM1280’s Northern Alliance Radio Network with Mitch Berg talking about the upcoming session and our efforts for the 2014 elections.

Later this week, the Advisory Committee on Capitol Security will meet to approve their final 2013 report to the legislature. We’re expecting anti-gun Public Safety Chair – Representative Michael Paymar – to propose yet another gun ban at the Capitol.

Now would be a good time to drop an email or phone call to your state Representative and Senator to let them know where you stand on the issue.

In just a few days, legislators can “pre-file” their 2014 bills and committees can begin having hearings. Our friends at GOCRA are monitoring these developments closely – and we’re working together to keep our efforts in sync where appropriate.


Chairman’s Corner: Moms Demand Illegal Action

One of the unfortunate realities in Second Amendment activism is that the gun-grabbers are extremely well-funded and well-organized at a national level. We’ve written at length about how former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is bringing his fat anti-rights wallet to Minnesota in 2014, but there is another threat on our radar which has been shoved to the forefront due to recent events. Mark_Okern_Profile_Shot.jpg

Moms Demand Action is an “astroturf” organization that was created the day after the Newtown tragedy in the best anti-gun tradition of let-no-murdered-child-rest-in-peace-when-they-can-be-exploited-for-political-gain.

Nobody starts a professionally organized lobbying group that quickly. They were lying in the tall grass, waiting to take advantage of a criminal’s deranged act.

In politics, “astroturfing” is a political tactic whereby a professional lobbying organization attempts to disguise itself as a grassroots movement.

They now boast 130,000+ followers across all 50 states.

Those of us working to protect our Second Amendment rights from the lies of Moms Demand Action have long speculated that Michael Bloomberg was funding their operations, and our suspicions were recently confirmed when Moms Demand Action merged with Bloomberg’s flagship group Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

This is unbelievably dangerous for all Minnesotans who value their fundamental freedoms.

Moms Demand Action is savvy with social media and highly effective at messaging discredited or false information to their target demographic…suburban mothers. It is their belief that such an audience will be an extremely effective force for manipulating government action through unsubstantiated fears and purely emotional action.

Unfortunately in Minnesota, such tactics play very well with the metro Democrats who currently control our legislature. What Moms Demand Action has not had to this point is direct and public financial support from a rich anti-rights zealot, but that has now changed.

Michael Bloomberg himself is the primary financier of Mayors Against Illegal Guns, which gives them a bottomless pit of money to conduct their anti-rights activities. Bloomberg has a net worth of over $30 BILLION dollars.

The NRA’s income in 2012 was less than 1% of that number, and their political budget is much smaller than that. If the NRA can’t muster more than a fraction of a percent to match Bloomberg’s blood money, how can we hope to convince an already anti-gun prejudiced legislature of reality?

It’s going to take everyone going all-in. There’s no other way to do it, my friends.

We need to counter the flood of anti-gun money that is coming into Minnesota. We have to proudly support pro-Second Amendment candidates and prove to bullies like Michael Paymar, Ron Latz, and Al Franken that we will not stand in the corner while they tell us what restrictions they think are “reasonable” on our absolutely non-negotiable right to keep and bear arms!

We have a chance to take back our government in 2014, so that we don’t have to fear for our God-given rights every time the Minnesota legislature is in session.

Stand with us…not in the dark corner that anti-rights fanatics like Latz and Franken would force on us, but in the open as proud, law-abiding Minnesota gun owners!

We need your support TODAY to fight every single anti-gun lie from now through election day.


Gun sales set records…In 2013.

And the Government, the LIEberals and their lapdog media continue to push gun controll

Over a 100 million owners with the fastest growing group..Women..

Will we see politicians, LIEberals like Bloomberg, Moore,  Maddow, Matthews etc. or reporters coming to confiscate our guns?

Do the math…If only 3% say hell no…damn…Lots of pissed off people with guns!!

One hopes, one hopes …


LOL…More applying for Concealed Carry then ObamaScare…

In Illinois…

Obama’s supposedly home state…


And the government keeps coming after our Rights, Freedoms and guns..Using whatever reason and method they can!


Political abuse of psychiatry is the purported misuse of psychiatric diagnosis, detention and treatment for the purposes of obstructing the fundamental human rights of certain groups and individuals in a society.

 Examples of political abuse of the power, entrusted in physicians and particularly psychiatrists, are abundant in history and seen during the Nazi era and the Soviet rule when political dissenters were labeled as “mentally ill” and subjected to inhumane “treatments. In the period from the 1960s up to 1986, abuse of psychiatry for political purposes was reported to be systematic in the Soviet Union, and occasional in other Eastern European countries such as Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia. The practice of incarceration of political dissidents in mental hospitals in Eastern Europe and the former USSR damaged the credibility of psychiatric practice in these states and entailed strong condemnation from the international community. Political abuse of psychiatry also takes place in the People’s Republic of China. Psychiatric diagnoses such as the diagnosis of ‘sluggish schizophrenia‘ in political dissidents in the USSR were used for political purposes.


Really? A private company can do better then the Gub’mint?


Wal Mart does..

Go figure!


Obama Proposes Massive Gun Ban by Regulation Fiat

Gun Owners of America


Obama Proposes Massive Gun Ban by Regulation Fiat

GOA prepares legislation to block implementation

In a “Friday media dump” designed to conceal its actions by releasing them after the press has left town, the Obama administration last week announced its intention to push two regulations which would massively expand the federal gun bans imposed on Americans.


The first proposal — from HHS — would effectively say that federal health privacy laws (HIPAA) do not apply to the Second Amendment.

This isn’t the first time Obama has stuck his leering eyeballs into Americans’ medical records and private affairs.  From its Orwellian government database on Americans’ health records to its voracious seizure of Americans’ phone records, the Obama administration can’t trample our personal privacy fast enough.

But HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius’ efforts to turn over personal mental health information to the government’s gun ban blacklist (NICS) is particularly loathsome.

Not to be outdone in the Sebelius/Holder “Mutt and Jeff act,” Attorney General Eric Holder — currently being pursued for contempt of Congress — intends to seize guns from persons subject to “outpatient commitments (even without a court order) (and) … someone (deemed by some bureaucrat to be) lacking mental responsibility or deemed insane…”

More than 150,000 law-abiding veterans have already lost their constitutional rights — with no due process whatsoever — because they consulted a VA therapist about a traumatic incident in Iraq, Afghanistan, or the Balkans.

Under these new regulations, tens of millions of police and firemen with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder — or people who, as kids, were diagnosed with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder — could lose their constitutional rights without any court order, merely because they sought a benefit under a federal program.

And you want to know the hidden agenda behind DOJ’s “commitment” language?  We have a member in a rabidly anti-gun state.  Many years ago, he was picked up by police and, without the approval of any court, sent to a mental facility overnight for “observation.”  The mental facility found no mental problems and promptly released him.

However, many years later, as a result of that state’s anti-gun crackdown (which Holder is now trying to emulate), his name has been sent to the NICS system.  He has lost his constitutional rights, and it will cost him tens of thousands of dollars (which he does not have) to get them back.

We believe this is unlawful under current law.  But it will probably not be unlawful by the end of Holder’s regulatory proceedings.

What does Sebelius have to say about this?  Well, she is surprisingly flip:  “There is a strong public safety need for this information to be accessible to the NICS, and some states are currently under-reporting or not reporting certain information to the NICS at all.”

And this from the White House:  “…when persons with a mental illness do not receive the treatment they need, the result can be tragedies such as homicide or suicide.”

But herein lies the problem:  When Americans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder realize that nothing they say to their therapist is really confidential, they’re not going to be seeking treatment for very long.

But there’s an even more fundamental problem:  Last winter, Barack Obama decided that he would devote the first half of 2013 to the destruction of what he and his supporters characterized as “the gun manufacturers’ lobby.”  Tens of millions of Americans let their senators and representatives know that they found Obama’s views and Obama’s legislation to be odious and offensive.  As a result, it was rejected in the Democrat-controlled Senate.

So now, as has happened so many times before, Obama has set himself “above the law.”  What could not be done using constitutional processes is now being slammed through by regulatory fiat.

The Justice Department and HHS regulations will now be submitted for “public comment and review.”  But, as with everything else Holder and Sebelius do, this is little more than a sham.

Rather, our efforts will be to get Congress to defund these unconstitutional efforts.  And we will start by submitting proposed legislation to friendly senators and representatives.

ACTION:Click here to contact your senators and representative.  Ask them to cosponsor and support legislation which will block Barack Obama’s unconstitutional gun bans.