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Guns ‘n’ Freedom

Guns ‘n’ Freedom


Guns and freedom come together or they go together.

  1. Bill Introduced To Ban Kids 12 And Under From Gun Shows – 2015-01-27 10:35:17-05
    A New York lawmaker wants to prohibit minors under age 12 from being able to visit a gun show anywhere in the state in an effort to reduce gun violence. The bill, introduced by state Assemblywoman Linda B. Rosenthal, a Democrat who represents the Hell’s Kitchen area of Manhattan, would bar entry to pre-teen youthContinue reading here…
  2. NH Bill Repealed: No License Requirement For Concealed Carry – 2015-01-27 21:49:54-05
    The Women’s Defense League of New Hampshire  announces its support of SB 116 – AN ACT repealing the license requirement for carrying a concealed pistol or revolver.  We will be testifying in Concord in support of this bill on Thursday, January 29th at 1PM when the Senate Judiciary Committee holds a public hearing on it. This common sense legislation Continue reading here…
  3. Texas Shootout Erupts During Home Invasion – 2015-01-28 09:02:33-05
    This homeowner was so frightened by the multiple men in his home that he unloaded everything on them. Harris County Precinct 4 deputies are on the hunt for two armed intruders after a home invasion in the overnight hours. It happened around 12:30 a.m. on Maplewick Drive in the Lakewood Grove subdivision. The homeowner told Continue reading here…
  4. Lifetime CCP Gets Green Light In VA: State Rejects Governors Gun Control – 2015-01-28 09:17:40-05
    What do you get when you have a state senate that listens to the people and a Governor who likes gun control? On Monday, Virginia’s Republican-controlled Senate Courts of Justice panel rejected Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s (D) plan for limiting handgun purchases to one a month and placing new regulations on gun shows. They also expanded the Continue reading here…
  5. [Video] Councilman Draws Weapon After Shots Fired – 2015-01-29 08:35:26-05
    Shots rang out during a city council meeting Monday in New Hope, Minn., sending some local politicians diving for cover and prompting another to pull out his handgun. Two police officers were wounded when a man suddenly opened fire immediately after the swearing in of cops in the council chambers. The man, whose name has Continue reading here…
  6. Campus Carry Is Back On – 2015-01-29 19:06:58-05
    Campus carry is a vital role in the self defense of the general public. Criminals know that most universities and schools of any kind prohibit the carrying of firearms. Thanks to the newly elected Senate, a bill has been introduced that gives the right to carry a legal leg to stand on for college campuses. Continue reading here…
  7. Gun Control Group Orders Reporter That Spoke At Pro-Gun Rally Fired – 2015-01-29 21:09:24-05
    The gun control group the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) wants Fox News affiliate WTTF to fire its investigative reporter, Emily Miller, claiming that she violated journalistic ethics by criticizing Washington D.C.’s strict gun laws at a recent event according to The Daily Caller. In its attempt to get Miller fired, CSGV pointed to Continue reading here…
  8. New Hope City Hall Shooter Acquired Gun Illegally: Background Checks Fail – 2015-01-29 21:28:31-05
    How often have we as gun carrying citizens tried to tell the obstinate anti-gunners that background checks do not stop criminals? Tell us again, gun grabbers, how effective your universal background checks are at stopping violent crime: The gunman who was shot and killed Monday at New Hope City Hall after wounding two police officers Continue reading here…
  9. Caught On Video: Officers React To Open Carry AR-15 To Police Station – 2015-01-30 21:57:38-05
    Upset about a recent police-involved fatal shooting of a family’s pit bull, a pair of activists video recorded themselves walking into a police station in Jackson, Michigan, openly carrying an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle to file a Freedom of Information Act request. Reactions to the video, uploaded on Dec. 10, so far have run the gamut, Continue reading here…
  10. Alaskan Republican Wants Gun Control For EPA – 2015-01-30 22:11:58-05
    The first legislative act by Alaska’s new senator, Dan Sullivan (R), turns out to be a gun control measure — but one that will only affect federal agents. Sullivan, who ousted Democratic Sen. Mark Begich last fall, is hoping to get a vote this week on an amendment to the Keystone XL pipeline bill that Continue reading here…
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A Public Health Official..

Says we need a new gun doctrine..

Hint: Not what you expect..

The one likes guns…

My public health approach to the problem of gun violence starts with the assumption that every gun owner is not a raving, irresponsible nut, but in fact a person of some seriousness who has a legal right to choose to own a firearm.

My next assumption is that the most egregious gun violence happens in communities that are broken, such as inner city Baltimore and St. Louis.

Spending! Guns! Fishing! Mind Trick! Colorado!

“In selecting men for office, let principle be your guide. Regard not the particular sect or denomination of the candidate — look to his character.”

Noah Webster, Letters to a Young Gentleman Commencing His Education, 1789

Apparently no one did that with current occupants in Washington!!



Is the only thing the DFL Party knows in this State! I swear they use whatever methods they can to get what they want. Taxes, fees, licenses, just screwing of Minnesotans..

Dayton & DFL Pushing a 9.2% Spending Increase


Gun Violence Is Not Always A Bad Thing (via http://www.thebrennerbrief.com)

For the left, guns are worthless. If guns were never created, gun violence and gun death would not occur. But it’s naive to believe that murder and mayhem would still not occur. Cain killed Able and he did it without a gun. Genesis 4 tells us that Cain and Abel were in the field and Cain rose up…


And having sky high gas prices in Minnesota, with little or no comment from our worthless politicians may dampen this enthusiasm to go fishing or at least head up north!!

Anglers spend $2.4 billion in Minnesota, according to new report

And that does a hell of a lot more then those Godless Communists in St Paul!!

But hey! Those tree huggers contribute so much to umm…to…umm their favorite politicians!!

We need to start a politician buyback program!!


The Force fails Obama’s minions!!

Experience Matters: Old Man Schieffer Puts Young Punk Pfeiffer in His Place


Welcome to Colorado, Assume the Position


Pry Them! Crime Drop? Collapse! High Angle? Cop Where? IRS! Anti Hysterics! Truth!

“What is your preferred method for prying them (guns) from my cold dead hands?” “You’re probably not going to take my guns…..because I have guns” -Steven Colbert
Steven Colbert discussing gun control with Congresswoman Donna Edwards on the TV. Excellent.

It turns out that I’m watching a rerun which means you can see the clip here.


But the anti freedom, anti gun crowd said the streets would run red with blood? All those crazy taxpaying citizens with guns would lead to wild west shootouts and killins’ they said!! How can this be!!

Violent Crime Dropped Dramatically Over 20 Years, Latest U.S Justice Department Study Confirms

Around the world…

10 Scenes From The Economic Collapse That Is Sweeping Across The Planet


Well I never!! Had to do anything, well wait a minute….Maybe…

High Angle Rescue (?) in Paris


Well now this might be embarrassing…

FDNY rescues one up a tree. Not a cat, but a cop trying to get one.


IRS says it won’t play nice? Whom the hell runs this organization? Dammit these goons need to be held accountable and those refusing need to be fired, tried, convicted and put into some prison’s general population!!

Damn out of control Government Agencies!!

IRS Won’t Say If It Will Comply With Congressional Demand for All Communications and Names Involved in Discriminating Against Tea Party Groups


They best be careful!! Buck Ofama may fire them as his PR Firms they keep this up!!

Obama’s Benghazi Claims Branded As LIES By BOTH Politifact AND WAPO Fact-Checker


Found at Weerd’s World. Hysterical Anti Gun Advocate and all around witch, Joan Peterson…Of I hate to say it, Minnesota…Is being shown how much smarter the dirt/concrete/flooring she stands on is much brighter then she…

Go read it..Sometimes is sad to see how meaningless some arguments are…

Images of the Antis


Does Buck Ofama even now what reality is anymore? Let alone the truth?

Obama Pants on Fire re Benghazi


Blames Who? Whistleblower! Print It!! More?

Wait? What? Blaming others for your failings again?

But Buck Ofama, are you forgetting whom gave the guns to Mexico? Was not the American citizens. Was the American assO President and his sidekick Eric ‘dipwad’ Holder!!

Obama Blames U.S. For Gun Violence In Mexico.

Obama Apologizes For America In Mexico, Then Thanks Hispanics For Their Vote

We know this. DHS is another name for the American Gestapo…Led by one ugly Dyke!!!

DHS Whistleblower Says War On Terror Is A Charade – Real Targets Are American Patriots


Let the panty wetting begin…

3D Printed Plastic Pistol Revealed


How about you just repeal this POS piece of crap and we won’t have a problem anymore?

Reid: We Really Need More Money for Obamacare – Stat


Never! The Nuge! Fair Share? Political Gain! Good Gun! Illegals! Traitor! Chicago!

Police Officer – “I have never once arrested a member of the NRA”

I am a police officer in a large agency in Florida.  I have served on the streets of this city for 16 years and have seen more than my share of “Gun Violence,” with several occasions where the bullets were intended for my head.

If a liberal read that, they would assume I am for total gun control.  In reality, I – like most police officers in the country, am firmly against the joke and lie that liberals try to play off as a “means to make society safer.”

I have never once arrested a member of the NRA.


Ted turns the tables…

Nugent – “If you want to stop gun trafficking, arrest Eric Holder!”


Yep. The rich and famous…Famous? ANyhow folks like Buck and Mooch Ofama….Paying their fair share?

Progressive Millionaire Buck Ofama Pays Only 18.4% Tax Rate

I think not..


Political gain or control? It is about control and using whatever crisis you can and then making it worse…Is the Progressives way and Buck Ofama uses it well.

Newtown Victims Families Being Exploited For Political Gain

Posted on Saturday, April 13th, 2013

Lobbying for stricter gun control because of a the actions of a deranged individual is in practice and morality, the functional equivalent of having a coalition of rape victims lobby for the castration of all men…


Good gun! How it should always end when the bad guys do their deeds. To bad the good guy was injured…

Suspects dead after attempted home invasion in Fayetteville


Texas is a big state…Lots of room to get lost I am betting!!

Arrested Illegals Mock Texas Border Patrol: ‘Obama’s Gonna Let Me Go’


So called actress and certainly a traitor for consorting with the enemy..

Jane Fonda Tells Veterans to ‘get a life’

Veterans whom actually served and sacrificed so this bitch would have the rights she has and abuse.


Gun control works! No..Wait…

4 Dead, 13 Wounded in Weekend Violence


Lies! Fishing! Pyongyang. Seattle Po-Lice! Forfeit!

Lying Politicritters!


Rep. Rhonda Fields speaks at gun control rally, misspeaks on ‘assault’ weapons; Rep. Jim Moran calls gun violence ‘domestic terrorism’


Threatening the Fishing Opener!! NO!!

Where oh where is Al ‘Fatmanbearpig’ Gore’s Globull Warmening!!

I am taking my youngest to the Lake of the Woods!!

This sucks!!

Record snowfalls continue to hammer northern Minnesota


Seems like it. Damn Government has it’s nose everywhere it should not be!!!

Krauthammer: Pyongyang Secret Police Comes to Obama’s IRS


New Po-lice Department in Seattle?

Seattle is under Federal control


A forfeit is a ‘You Lose’ and it appears a number of our Politicritters are losers…Damn..

46 U.S. Senators voted to forfeit the Constitution to foreign powers on March 23. The mainstream media covered it up.