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Gun Stuff and Stuff..To Wonder About…

Whats wrong with America? This:

Hundreds attend candlelight vigil for shot elk in city with notorious late-term abortion clinic

A vigil over an animal in a city that condones murdering babies…Shows me where the priorities are here…and it is not with life!!

And Obama wants to disarm America so we can be like…

Libyan Gun Control Policies Left Guards Unarmed at U.S. Compound in Benghazi

And have more dead then just 4.

Hey Sheeple!? What ya gonna do when they come for your guns in New York??

NY Dem Gov. Cuomo Vows To “Enact The Toughest Assault Weapon Ban In The Nation, Period!”

Fight, hide, run, roll over?

2nd Amendment: Overthrowing a Tyrannical Government

Given all the gun talk lately, Mark Levin opened his show tonight clarifying the purpose of the 2nd amendment saying that it wasn’t for target shooting or hunting or anything else in that realm. He said that whether you like it or not or whether you agree with it or not, the reason why 2nd amendment exists is to arm the population in order to overthrow a tyrannical government. That’s it.

DailyKooks Second Amendment FAIL!

What you get when a few Statist, metrosexual twits get together and think. Which appears to be an oxymoron here..Because that have not, do not understand what Rights are and have no clue what protects those rights, is not the Government we have today!!

Judge: NYPD must halt suspicion-less Bronx stops

It isn’t enough for a police officer to have a non-specific suspicion or hunch about a person to perform a stop and frisk

No, it is a violation of our 4th Amendment Rights. Yet the TSA does it every day…as apparently Nanny Bloomberg’s Blackboots do also..

  The Real Gun Violence Problem

Piers Morgan has been in the news a lot lately with his interviews on gun control. He’s made it his cause of late. He interviewed my friend Larry Pratt a couple of weeks ago and really attacked Larry. The other night he interviewed that conspiracy crank Alex Jones and many conservatives and gun owners have lamented a perception that Alex Jones will become the face of gun owners.

The conversations have actually been fascinating. Piers Morgan isn’t the only one to engage in these, but he’s been one of the most prominent.

Unfortunately, the incident that set off all these discussions — the Newtown, CT tragedy — is causing policy makers and news figures to fixate on all the wrong things, or at least the things with the least amount of meaning.

The fact is the tragedy in Connecticut was terrible. But it is also not a common act. It is called a “random act of violence” because it is random.

After the shooting over the summer in Aurora, CO, the President and his team could have picked up the gun issue, but they chose not too because it is a political hot potato and hurts the Democrats. They are compensating in light of this new tragedy, but the discussed policy proposals thus far probably would do no good. Increasing gun free school zones and punishment for violating those zones will not stop a mass shooter.

Nonetheless, the policy makers want to focus on mass shooters and not every day shooters. They want to focus on rifles and not handguns. Rifles, interestingly enough, contribute to far fewer murders than knives, hands, feet, clubs, or hammers.

But the discussion will not move to handguns because handguns are pretty popular in this country. Many people own them — far more own them than own semi-automatic rifles. More so, handguns are used in vastly more crimes.

It is not, however, just handguns that must be discussed when discussing gun violence. This gets to why we cannot have a meaningful conversation in this country and never will. To do so will get you branded a racist.  . . . please click here for the rest of the post →

LIMITATION ON DATA COLLECTION REQUIREMENTS FOR INDIVIDUALS.–No individual shall be required to disclose any information under any data collection activity authorized under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act or an amendment made by that Act relating to–

“(A) the lawful ownership or possession of a firearm or ammunition; or

“(B) the lawful use, possession, or storage of a firearm or ammunition.”.

You can find that info on:


Why I own an AR-15.

I can assure you that vast majority of gun owners in America are overwhelmingly rational people, leading very normal lives, and do not believe that anyone should be deported for having opposing views.  So, I’m left with answering the question that I can answer.  Why do I, as an attorney, the husband of a beautiful pharmacist, and the proud father of three precious daughters, own an AR-15? . . . please click here for the rest of the post →

The Four Als

By David Solway

More reminders of how prohibition, of one kind or another, inevitably leads to injurious consequences.

Public Education Is Ruining Our Children

By Chris Future on Jan 09, 2013 10:32 am

If you’re wondering where this love for socialism communism fascism, government control over all of our lives is coming from, you don’t have to look very far. All you have to do is look at what is being taught in schools nowadays. Every day, when my kids get home from school, I have a discussion …read more


2013 Gun Ban Summary…

Below is directly from Senator Feinstein’s website. You can reference it here.

In January, Senator Feinstein will introduce a bill to stop the sale, transfer, importation and manufacturing of military-style assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition feeding devises.

‘Summary’ of 2013 legislation

Following is a summary of the 2013 legislation:

Bans the sale, transfer, importation, or manufacturing of:

  • 120 specifically-named firearms
  • Certain other semiautomatic rifles, handguns, shotguns that can accept a detachable magazine and have one military characteristic
  • Semiautomatic rifles and handguns with a fixed magazine that can accept more than 10 rounds

Strengthens the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban and various state bans by:

  • Moving from a 2-characteristic test to a 1-characteristic test
  • Eliminating the easy-to-remove bayonet mounts and flash suppressors from the characteristics test
  • Banning firearms with “thumbhole stocks” and “bullet buttons” to address attempts to “work around” prior bans

Bans large-capacity ammunition feeding devices capable of accepting more than 10 rounds.

Protects legitimate hunters and the rights of existing gun owners by:

  • Grandfathering weapons legally possessed on the date of enactment
  • Exempting over 900 specifically-named weapons used for hunting or sporting purposes and
  • Exempting antique, manually-operated, and permanently disabled weapons

Requires that grandfathered weapons be registered under the National Firearms Act, to include:

  • Background check of owner and any transferee;
  • Type and serial number of the firearm;
  • Positive identification, including photograph and fingerprint;
  • Certification from local law enforcement of identity and that possession would not violate State or local law; and
  • Dedicated funding for ATF to implement registration

A pdf of the bill ‘summary’ is available here.

American Rifleman: 2013 Stuff of the Year!!!!

The 2013 American Rifleman Golden Bullseye Awards recipients are:

• Rifle of the Year: Ruger American Rifle

• Shotgun of the Year: Franchi Affinity

• Handgun of the Year: Springfield Armory XD-S

• Tactical Gun of the Year: Mossberg FLEX Shotgun

• Ammunition Product of the Year: Hornady Critical Duty

• Optic of the Year: Trijicon Tactical Advanced Riflescope

• Accessory of the Year: Galco M6X Auto Locking Holster

• Pioneer Award: Stephen D. Hornady, president of Hornady Manufacturing Company

Another One?

For the bucket list?

My first hand gun was a Ruger Single Action Six .22 I purchased a while back at a Gun Show in Wells, Mn. In the Public School nonetheless!!

I shot the heck out of that gun..and then in a moment of…complete mind numbing stupidity traded it for a Winchester Model 12  1300 Shotgun…as I needed one for Deer season as we were going to be hunting in shotgun country..

They say hindsight is 20/20 and I really should have never done that becasue I find myself most often using my Ruger GP100 as my primary tool and my Model 1300 sits there in my blind…Could has just as well used my old single shot 20 gauge Ithaca!!

So it goes and now I see this! 9 shot Single Six…Arrrgggh….

Gun Rights…

From my Permit to Carry Instructor..
The one whom said, “If you have a permit to carry, then carry it!”
And I always do what my instructors tell me!!


On June 18, 2012, the Minnesota Court of Appeals released its opinion
in State v. Yang. Officers were investigating Yang after receiving a
report that he was in the front yard of a residence with a handgun, in
violation of Minn. Stat. 624.714 – prohibiting individuals other than
peace officers from carrying a pistol in a public place without a
permit. At issue in the case was whether the front yard of a St. Paul
residence was a “public place” within the meaning of the handgun laws.

The court held it was not.

Strictly interpreting the language of Minn. Stat. 624.7181, the court
held that a public place is: “(1) property that is governmentally
owned, leased, or controlled, and (2) private property that has been

dedicated to the public for its use.” As to this latter category, the
court indicated that private space must be “dedicated to and accepted
by the public for public use.” Therefore, while the yard Yang was

found in may have been accessible to the public, it was not
governmentally owned nor dedicated to public use. The court
invalidated the officer’s stop of Yang because they lacked evidence he
had been in a public place.

The decision in Yang has far-reaching consequences, as it indicates
the statutory prohibition against carrying a handgun without a permit
is limited to what most of us would recognize by common sense to be

public property; e.g., streets, sidewalks, parks, trails, ball fields
and the like. Yang strongly suggests that areas like bars, clubs,
restaurants, hotels, retail establishments, and places of
entertainment, and the like (privately owned) establishments are not

covered by the handgun permit requirement. Because of the confusion
this decision will leave in its wake, it is reasonable to expect
further litigation or legislative efforts at clarification. Until
then, however, Yang is a published decision and is binding precedent

in the State of Minnesota.

State v. Yang, No. A11-1008 (Minnesota Court of Appeals, June 18, 2012).