Meet Your Insurer: Your Doctor

Will patients be unwelcome in doctor’s offices? On January 26, 2015, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced it’s moving away from fee-for-service Medicare payments – the way you pay your plumber, your hairstylist, your photographer – and planning to tie 30% of Medicare payments to “quality” by 2016 and 50% by the end of 2018. For doctors still getting reimbursed for actual services provided, HHS wants to link 90 percent of their payment to “quality metrics” by 2018. (PoliticoPro, 1/26/15)

This means your physician may not get fully paid. If doctors don’t meet government standards – if they don’t practice standardized medicine; if they don’t electronically collect and report your private data; if they don’t convince you to take the flu shot – they may not get paid.

You may become a threat to your doctor’s and hospital’s bottom line, especially if your condition is expensive, chronic, or complex — or if you don’t stay healthy.

Doctors may abandon critical thinking – and with it, their patients. They may do whatever the computer screen tells them to do. Hospitals may limit treatment choices on the computer. And the best doctors may retire rather than violate their conscience.

How did this happen?

It began when Congress offered “free” health care. All sorts of Medicare price controls have been tried, including managed care in 1998 (now Medicare Advantage), and a “pay for performance” scheme in the 2003 Medicare Modernization Act, forcing doctors to be paid for their “performance” rather than actual care given.

Then Obamacare established Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) to meld doctors and hospitals together and force them to manage patient care, or face financial consequences. The ACO, sometimes called “HMO on steroids,” will be paid a lump sumfor all care given to a defined group of Medicare recipients enrolled in the ACO without their consent. Thus, doctors and hospitals become insurers. By law they will split savings (and losses) with the federal government.

Doctors will face extraordinary pressure to cut care. Under Obamacare’s “value-based payments,” they’ll be paid according to the “value” they provide. Big Government, Big Health, Big Data, and Big Business are in support of this unethical bureaucratic method to cut costs by cutting care.  To drive VBP, a new “Transformation” task forcelaunched today.

Patients should be alarmed. These controls are enabled by electronic health records (EHRs). The “tell all, see all” EHR is being pushed by both Republicans and Democrats. On January 27, Republicans issued a “21st Century Cures” document  including a plan to advance a “national interoperable health information infrastructure.” And Obama’s team views Health IT (nationwide linkable EHRs) as “the foundation for a truly 21st century health system where we pay for the right care, not just more care.”

These words are chilling. Who will decide “right care”? Not you.

The loss of your physician as your advocate in your most vulnerable hours is another reason why Obamacare must be repealed.   Your generous donation of $25, $75, $150 or more to CCH Freedom today will be used to stop Obamacare by every means possible until repeal.


Random Stuff: Resign, Damn Stupid, TruthRevolt, Gun, Disobedience.

Really Carney? You think?

If Obama AND Biden resigned at the same time, yes!

Of Course that would leave RINO, Crying John Boehner as President but that would be better, way better then what we have today!!

Carney: Tea Party Wants Obama to ‘Resign’ to End Shutdown

But we at least would have some HOPE!!

This just about the stupidest then ever..

Using National Monuments and PARKS to ‘hurt’ the People and make point?

The ‘Government’ does not ‘own’ anything and they do this?

Spending more money to keep the People out of THEIR parks, public property with more money, time and damn guards then arer used when they are open?

How damn STUPID is that?

Parks take center stage in shutdown fight


Go ahead, ignore it, belittle it, bemoan it..

But that is to be expected from the leftist Obama controlled crap media..His Propaganda Ministry!

TruthRevolt Draws Fire


What would the anti gun, anti freedom crowd have had a 72 year old lady do against a baseball bat wielding thug?

What? Ask him to wait while she dialed 911?

Not likely you morons..She did what she had to.

She protected her friend and herself and shot the scumbag..

72-Year Old Woman Shoots Intruder Attacking Her Friend

Don’t mess with old people..We get crankier with old age and with ObamaScare out to kill us..

Is time to say FU!!


Civil disobedience..

So Buck Ofama the raging petulant tantrum throwing Tyrant plans on using the National Guard to shut down Washington with the Truckers arriving…

Should be interesting…Using Citizens Soldiers…Against Citizens…

The Next Three Days In D.C.


Road trip now…..Long one…Later!!!

ObamaScare! Mooch!! Good Gun! Clown! Bain! Inspected!

Reasons it won’t work!

52 shocking reasons Obamacare can’t work


Racist Radical..

That would be Mooch…The other Obama!


The gun grabbing anti freedom libtards will never have a legitimate response to this. But they damn sure wil make something up!!

Good gun use…

FL Woman Uses .45 to Shoot and Kill Man Who Was Beating His Girlfriend With a Blunt Weapon



Congressman invites rodeo clown to perform Obama act in Texas


Remember Bain?

Remember the left’s and Obama’s attacking Romney about Bain?

And now the SOB Obama goes golfing with..

Mr. Obama is spending some of the last hours of his eight-day vacation on Martha’s Vineyard with Eunu Chun, a lawyer who has represented Bain Capital.

Mr. Chun, along with some other supporters with Bain Capital ties, raised funds for Mr. Obama’s re-election bid last year. The Obama campaign made Republican nominee Mitt Romney‘s ties to Bain Capital an overwhelming issue in the campaign, and Mr. Obama spent much of last year criticizing his opponent for his time at the firm.

Donor With Bain Ties Invited on Obama Golf Outing

Damn hypocrites!!


Are you ready to be ‘inspected?

Because of..

  • Families residing in communities identified by States as needing services to improve parenting and improved child care.
  • Low-income families.
  • Families with a pregnant woman or girl under age 21.
  • Families with a history of substance abuse.
  • Families containing tobacco users.
  • Families with children with low student achievement.
  • Families with children with disabilities.
  • Families with a current or former member of the armed forces.
  • Families with a history of child abuse or neglect.

And do you think they will stop there?

If so your stupid…ignorant or a DemocRAT!

Obamacare Contains Forced Inspection Provision


RINO! Clown Town! Obama Allies! Your Children! Above the Law!

Chris Christie…RINO..

On one hand he does this..

New Jersey governor vetoes proposed ban on .50 caliber rifles

This was after he previously signed TEN(10) gun control bills!!

Now this comes out..

Gov. Christie Wants Firearms ID Card for Purchase of All Ammunition

And the ‘speculation’ is he will be a GOP candidate for 2016 Presidential campaign?

Think about this….


Que clown music..

Send in the Clowns

Retaliation against Gessling’s prank has been swift:

As a result, the clown has been banned in the State of Missouri and his announcer friend is being investigated to be fired from his job as a school superintendent. So what does it say about Barack Obama and his regime when a rodeo clown puts on an Obama mask and pokes fun at the Leftist messiah and they set out to destroy their lives, even to the point of death threats?

Well, we can at least console ourselves that retaliation can take on forms worse than death threats.  Ah…much worse, as in actual death, as “Happy Jack Feder,” a former clown, points out in the most recent edition of American Spectator.  Happy Jack relates a little-known incident that occurred in Stalinist Russia: 

After a hard day’s work, Uncle Joe blessed a Moscow circus with his presence. The clowns performed a bit that contained (what Stalin perceived as) political commentary obliquely critical of him. Yet the audience roared with delight at the funny clowns!

True to form, Stalin had his armed guards line up the clowns in center ring and execute them, on the spot.

Then, as a clever follow-up on Stalin’s part, he had the guards turn their guns on the audience and slaughter dozens. Call it a curtain call: it was curtains for all.

Oh, the dangers of mocking Great Leaders.

Washington…Clown Town USA!!!


Christians attacked !

Obama’s Allies Attack Egypt’s Christians


Your children shall not be yours under ObamaScare!

Their coming for your children…Led by the United Nations..

Stay armed, aim for blue helmets..

This program emanates from a partnership between various United Nations organizations and ICF, acting on behalf of HHS, CPS and Obamacare (i.e. The Affordable Health Care Act). The evidence in this article, along with the included links, will demonstrate that when Obamacare is fully operational, our families, specifically our children will be living in a Romanian type of a Ceausescu hellish nightmare.


Above the law…

Make them up as you go..

Buck Ofama Flouts the Law


ObamaScare Mandate! Tears of A Clown!! Moving! Punched!

Government mandating, dictating and threatening…Time to elect now politicritters..

Here’s How Much You’ll Pay Not To Enroll In Obamacare

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has released the penalty schedule for people who choose to remain uninsured once Obamacare takes effect, revealing a punitive fee structure that starts with a relatively low dollar amount in 2014 and increases dramatically by the third full year of implementation. Read More…

And delayed..

Obamacare: The cap on out-of-pocket costs has been delayed until 2015


Who is really the clown? The left is filled with clowns…Scary clowns…Like Buck Ofama!

Who’s Really The Clown? Left Freakout Over Silly Rodeo Stunt Shows Misplaced Priorities

The clown’s been banned from the Missouri State Fair for life. All clowns who succeed him will have to first go through sensitivity training. The President of the Missouri Cowboy Rodeo Association, which sponsors the State Fair rodeo, resigned under pressure. Democratic State legislators are even urging an investigation to determine whether the State should pull its financial support of the, you know, State Fair. All because of this? Read More…


Duh! Does not take a genius to figure out why. Make an unfriendly business atmosphere and what do you expect? But we are talking about unreasonable, hysteria playing Dumbocraps now..

Whom want complete control and with us being armed will never quite achieve that and the way they are pushing…Just saying..

For Some Gun Makers, Moving Lock, Stock and Barrel


Don’t mess with old people…They may just kick your butt!

Or make you look like you ran into a buzzsaw!!

Knife-wielding burglar bruised and battered by 72-year-old retired boxer


National Day of? Parasites!! Job Market? No Jobs! Recovery? Buck Ofama! Nobody Coming! Stand!


August 21st will be their “Gun Control’, Official day..

Contact your Politicritter and let them know we will not stand for this..


Learned parasitic behavior enhanced by the promises, lies and false hopes Buck Ofama spreads…

Living in your parents basement…forever…


Job market? What is this ‘job market’ you speak of?

If Buck Ofama speaks of it you should know by now, there is no such thing..


Giving up. Have no jobs for you..

But let us make millions of illegal criminals citizens …and see how many more unemployed on the dole we have..

Thanks Buck Ofama..


Recovery summer? Oh. Wait. See above..No recovery folks. Buck Ofama has seen to that!!


Did Buck Ofama break the law to get re-elected? Is cheating, lying, using government resources and Agencies to intimidate and threaten those against Buck Ofama…Is that breaking the law?

If so. Yes the sumbitch did…We know he did…


Dems want Federal bailout for Detroit. No you mean you want to take Tax Payer dollars and dump it into the toilet, watch it go round and round and them dump more in.

Then wonder why you have shit all over your shoes when it backs up…

Stupid people do not realize the Feds have no money, at least they don’t until they extort it from Americans, LEGAL Americans..


Your on your own when it comes to self defense. Don’t let anyone try to tell you any different..

Nobody is coming to save and protect you – police motto misleading

Your personal and families self defense is your responsibility…


Stand you ground.

Poll: Most back Stand Your Ground


( – There were 988,000 discouraged workers in the United States in July, an increase of 136,000 from July 2012, according to data released today the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). – See more at:

Propaganda! Recovery! Shape Behavior? Offended? Execution! Cold!!

“No people will tamely surrender their Liberties, nor can any be easily subdued, when knowledge is diffusd and Virtue is preservd. On the Contrary, when People are universally ignorant, and debauchd in their Manners, they will sink under their own weight without the Aid of foreign Invaders.”

Samuel Adams, letter to James Warren, 177


A little translation of the Gun grabbers bullshit and misinformation!!

Translating Anti-Gun Propaganda into English


Sturm Ruger has recovered from their minor setback last week.

Manufacturing resumes!!!

I am betting they got back in business with no Government “we’re here to help you’ bullshit..

Although I am surprised the Government did not jump in and try to throw some obstacles in the way..

Just seems the way they roll…


Gaacckk…More targets when the time comes…

Shape behavior?

More government goons hired and paid for with Tax dollars for this shit?

Keep adding goons Buck Ofama…I’ll keep buying and reloading…


Your offended?

Well listen you spineless, dipwad..

I do not care if you are…

Grow up, grow a spine..

But please shut the hell up!!

There is no damn Right saying you won’t be offended and I damn well intend to make sure there never is one!!


Hold on to your guns boys and girls..

Pretty soon one thinks you will be needing them!!

The Road to Execution….

Established: The president was a card-carrying member of the Socialist Party as a younger man (for all we know, may still be).

Established: The president has manipulated the economy and has had a drastic impact upon it.

Established: The difference between a Socialist and a Communist is whether the government is in control of the economy, as well as the social arena.

Established: The president is in control of the economy.

Therefore: The president is a Communist.

– See more at:

Established: The president was a card-carrying member of the Socialist Party as a younger man (for all we know, may still be).

Established: The president has manipulated the economy and has had a drastic impact upon it.

Established: The difference between a Socialist and a Communist is whether the government is in control of the economy, as well as the social arena.

Established: The president is in control of the economy.

Therefore: The president is a Communist.

– See more at:


More Gorebull Warmening…Err Climate Change!!

1,122 Record Cold Temps in the U.S. in one week

On The Road to Execution
Gov’t Knows Best? White House creates ‘Behavioral Insights Team’ to shape behavior – See more at:
Ruger Reports Manufacturing Resumption in Prescott, Arizona Facility – See more at:
Ruger Reports Manufacturing Resumption in Prescott, Arizona Facility – See more at:

Phony! Fire Them! Fat RINO! Stupid College Students!! Creep!

pResident Buck Ofama…Knows shit about nothing…

Except how to go on vacation and cover his lame ass by blaming pretty much everyone else for his complete and total ineptitude!!!

Phony President Offers Moldy Economic Agenda

Plus stupid statements…

This Week’s ‘Alpha Jackass’ Award

“[W]e discussed the fact that Ho Chi Minh was actually inspired by the U.S. Declaration of Independence and Constitution, and the words of Thomas Jefferson.” –Barack Obama on his meeting with Vietnamese President Truong Tan Sang

Ho Chi Minh was a Communist who led North Vietnam’s war effort that killed nearly 60,000 Americans. What an ignorant and outrageous thing for Obama to say.


Senate, Cabinet, White House, Supreme Court…The lay every damn bureaucrap and appointee off!

POLL RESULTS: Majority of Americans Want to Fire Every Member of Congress


Of course he is you fat RINO!!! A threat to you and your fellow so called Republicans? All RINOS!!!

Christie Calls Rand Paul Dangerous


And this will turn out how.??

Holder Declares War On Texas, Ignores Supreme Court Ruling


Wow..Just wow…How stupid are these ‘Students’ and what are they students of?

SHOCK: Students Sign Petition to Allow After Birth Abortions


Nancy Pelosi is more then a ‘creep’. Bitch, witch….

Ramadan! Propaganda (Bullshit)! De-Toilet! Warhorse! Fail! More Fail!!

From Atlas Shrugged.

Ramadan Kill-a-thon: Child sees parents murdered by Muslims in Thailand 
Ramadan Bombathon: Jihad in Egypt, one killed, 17 wounded in bomb attack on police station
Ramadan Bombathon: Jihad in Thailand, 2 teachers killed, 1 wounded in bomb attack
Ramadan Bombathon: Rocket Attack in Libya Hits Near Luxury Hotel

Ramadan Kill-a-thon: Devout Muslim Group opens fire in Iraq, killing 9 policemen, blows up ambulance rushing to scene

Ramadan Bombathon: Three Egyptian Jihadis killed by their own bomb 🙂

Ramadan Mubarak: Muslim Ambulance Driver Refused to Deliver Body to Assyrian Church because it’s “forbidden by Islam”

Can you imagine if this was not the Religion of Peace? The whole world would be in flames…Oh..Wait…Nevermind..It is…


Propaganda. Getting the Elites to sell your failed bullshit!!

ObamaCare Propaganda —- Hollywood-Style


Democrat, unionized…and losing…Tell you anything De-Toilet?

Detroit downsizes as Japan builds plants in the right-to-work South


Waiting for the outcry, wailing and hysterics form the tree hugging, whale saving, human baby killing leftists in 3…2..1…

Statue of Korean War horse Reckless to be unveiled at Marine museum in Virginia

Speaking of De-Toilet..Buck Ofama was involved, right? Now they, De-Toilet is in the shitter? Go figure..

Obama’s vision of Detroit fails


Oh great!! WTF has Buck Ofama touched or ‘dealt’ with that has not turned to complete crap?

Now to finish off our economy…

Polls falling, agenda stalling, Obama turns to economy