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What Next…????

At the beginning of the year our Prayer was that no one in the family get sick, injured or need a visit to ER..as we have had a run the last few years of bad luck in that department..

Well so instead ..

A very dear friend was seriously injured in a car accident…looks like he will be fine…

Another dear friend lost his job and does not know where is eldest son is…Him I have known since High School and we were in each others weddings and his son has been like a dear nephew….No idea where he is..

Garage door springs broke..200 bucks..

The MBWITW‘s car needed a new power steering pump..300 bucks..

MBWITW‘s laptop died…had to replace 500 bucks..

The dryer thermostat…broke… 100 bucks.

The family computer power supply …broke…scavenged one off one I had set up with Linux but was a back up so..Fixed..

#1 Son’s car won’t start…think I have that one covered..

What next…