Nothing To See Here .. Another Clinton Suicide????

Move along..

The Reporter Who Broke the News About Clinton’s Secret Tarmac Meeting is Dead

Suicide … Sure it was …


Quick Bits …

Collusion?? Nothing But Crap…

Report: NBC News misled viewers, presented Joe Biden supporters as ‘undecided’ voters

Is okay when it’s for the Demo Rats…


Fact Check: Kamala Caught Red-Handed Lying to Americans During VP Debate About Banning Fracking

New Ad Cinematically Ties Biden-Harris to Non-Peaceful Protesters

INEXCUSABLE: VP Debate Moderator COLLUDES With Harris, Avoids Court Packing

Fact Check: No, Kamala, Abe Lincoln Did Not Refuse To Nominate a Supreme Court Justice in an Election Year

Sum Bitch…

‘The Lord Hath Spoken’: Bill Gates Says World Will Return To Normal At This Time 

Because with them we can stand against tyranny…Or perish in a hot pile of brass..

Given that “assault rifles” account for at most a few hundred homicides per year, why are Democrats so obsessed with banning them?

And they think we give a shit what they do??

‘How Fake Is It Now?’ 10 Hollywood Ghouls Mock Trump Having COVID

They re becoming irrelevant. They are having hysterics..

And the last time she was in a Church? Other than for a publicity stunt?

Hillary Clinton says young people are leaving the church because it is “so judgmental, so alienating”

Someone throw some Holy Water on her and see what happens!!



Gun Bits and Ridiculous …


Slaying of Convenience Store Clerk Points to Complicity of Not-So-Silent ‘Partners’

7-Eleven does not allow its clerks to be armed. They even go so far, according to a poster documented on, as to instruct employees on how to not resist robbers, and to also rat out any co-workers who may be hiding in a back room. Should that result in injury or death, the corporation had already established the precedent that they’re not liable for what happens to franchisee clerks.

In other words, screw the employees..


The Truth Finally Revealed: ‘Russia Hoax’ Was Clinton Strategy, Obama Admin Was ‘On Board’ 

They will come for them if they win..

The Most Anti-Gun Ticket In American History

Control. They want it and are getting it!!

Media Mask-Mania, or Covid19 Groupthink

Is this a trick question??

How Much Weirder Will It Get?

No. It will never be amongst those with the fortitude to take care of themselves and family…For the Sheeple? Yes!!

Is Right To Armed Self-Defense Obsolete?

Fear Versus Freedom

You will comply ..or else..

Virginia Public School District Wants Teachers to Enforce ‘Woke’ Revolution, or Else

You will comply…or else..

The Fight for Free Speech

I will be very unchristian like, not that I have not in the past, but ….

You will be told to check your “Christian privilege” in the very near future

When you want to be a Dictator..or Deranged Demo Rat..

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Reenacts Unlawful Lockdown Policies Through DHHS After Supreme Court Ruling

ATF Goes Rogue Once Again!

Tell President Trump to Rein in the ATF



Or crap that makes me want to bang a leftist’s head on the Bar…

These people are total asswipes…

Dems Bringing Dishonor To Ginsburg Who Said ‘Packing Court’ Is Undemocratic Featured

Good damn question!!!

So Why Aren’t Progressives Called Regressives?

SHUT UP!! Cripes here is a power hungry bitch making this statement?

Hillary Clinton On Trump’s Decision To Move On SCOTUS Replacement: ‘Institutions Being Are … Undermined By The Lust For Power’

And another one..Demented old witch also…

Impeachment 2.0: Pelosi, Democrats Planning ‘Extreme’ Measures To Stop SCOTUS Pick..

Along with….


Chuck Said it Again

Trump will get his nomination because Article II of the Constitution permits.

And this demented old geezer wants to be President??????

Wait, What? Biden Just Said Something Absolutely Crazy About COVID Deaths

Can he wipe his own ass? Tie his shoes?

When does the shooting start???

Antifa Wants to ‘Overthrow Our Government,’ Terrorism Expert Says

Whiners …Fake Repuplikans…

NeverTrumpers Unhinged Over Their Growing Irrelevance


Guns Bits and Ridiculous ….

Clinton(s) hypocrisy is showing…

Billy, Monica Lewinsky? Epstien? Epstien’s island? 26 trips? STFU!!

Bill Clinton Has the Audacity to Lecture Trump About His Conduct ‘In the Oval Office’

And Killary…

You have not shut your piehole since Trump beat you in 2016…STFU!!

Hillary Clinton, Who Can’t Shut Up About 2016, Claims Trump ‘Won’t Go Silently’ If He Loses

Ammo? Where??!!

Anti-Gun Reliance on Dem Convention Could Spur More Ammo Sales

How long as she been in office??

Needs to go..

Mad Maxine Goes Over the Deep End: Wants Congress to Remove President Trump

Well..Good luck with that. Since the City Council is filled with cop haters and along with soy boy Mayor Frey let Minneapolis burn..

Minneapolis Residents Sue City Council And Mayor For Failing To Staff Police Amid Crime Surge

When will a hard working, law abiding, tax paying citizen snap and say enough?

Will There Be a Last Straw?

Public school fail…

Want your kids in one of those “learning pods” while the pandemic continues? According to the Denver board of education, you might be a white supremacist.

Woke and stupid …

Unbelievable Goodyear slide leaked! What employees can & can’t support

Acceptable — Black Lives Matter and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride.

Unacceptable — Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, MAGA attire, Political Affiliated slogans or material.

And why was Obama arming obscure government agencies that had no business being armed??

Department of Agriculture: $1.1 million for weapons and ammunition

Where are all the guns and ammo purchased under Obama?

How is it Antifa is armed? A bunch of basement dwelling punks…


Gun Bits and Ridiculous…

Can you name one single person in Congress who is actually accomplishing anything for America?

Josh Hawley is a smug ivy league dork who has no idea what he is talking about.

Rand Paul has done nothing of substance whatsoever.

Ted Cruz does a lot of talking with no action.

These people were all supposed to be the champions of The People and they all turned out to be just like the rest of the GOP: spineless and useless.

So who is representing the forgotten man of America?

See above…Worthless Repuplikans…

GOP Senators Surrender To Democrats – They Are Pushing To Replace Columbus Day With Juneteenth

Because there probably would never had been a ‘virus’ if you had stolen the election!! Damn bitch!!

Hillary Clinton: ‘I Would Have Done a Better Job’ than Trump on Coronavirus

Hmmmm….Is the Judge on the list??

Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre has been ordered by a US District Judge to destroy files that contain names of the billionaire sex trafficker’s associates because they were improperly obtained.

Celebrate damn it!!!

Americans Excited To Celebrate Their Liberty While Confined To Their Homes By The Government


Redskins Change Name To ‘Lizard People’ To Better Represent Population Of Washington, D.C.

Yep …

A Call to ARM

As sub-nihilist mobs terrorize the nation, Democrats cheer on the violence, defund the police and hold the National Guard at bay. Americans have little choice but to protect themselves against the well-funded, highly organized forces of the left. When Americans do attempt to protect their lives and property, they find themselves all alone, like the couple in St. Louis, with no local or national network to back them up.



Ridiculous …..


A crooked Democrat???

Truth comes out about Whitmer and coronavirus contract to Dem firms

Confused old man…

Watch: Biden Thinks D-Day Occurred On December 7th, Confuses With Pearl Harbor

Playing politics and killing people…

Cuomo Allegedly Gave Protection to Nursing Homes After They Donated to His Campaign

The killing part..

Gov. Cuomo issued order forcing nursing homes to take COVID patients. He continues to blame Trump.

Because nothing says protest like a riot…

Looters Steal ‘TV’s & Groceries, Clothes’ After the Death of George Floyd In Minnesota (Watch)


1996 – U.S. President Bill Clinton’s former business partners in the Whitewater land deal, James McDougal and Susan McDougal, and Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker, are convicted of fraud. Bill and Hillary, however, are as pure as the driven snow (or some other four-letter word beginning with “s”)


When We Should ..

Be rallying together…

We have assholes like this out there…

Why? Because he is trying to help and WaPo is trying to create hysteria??

WaPo Media Columnist Demands Networks Stop Airing Trump Admin’s Coronavirus Briefings

And then this cow..

Rachel Maddow and others call on networks not to broadcast Trump coronavirus press conferences

Then the Communist supporters…Assholes..

Ted Cruz slaps down NBC reporter pushing obvious Chinese anti-US propaganda

Hillary…effing bitch…

Chinese Ambassador Applauds Hillary Clinton For Spreading Their Propaganda Attacking U.S.

Biden. The son of a bitch doesn’t know where he is most of the time..

Biden puts out video about coronavirus conveniently ignoring one very important word

And RIP Kenny..

Fitting song for us..