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Morning Miscellany ……..

Hollywood turns on Obama..



DHS reports.

Messing with American’s Freedom could have serious consequences..

Ya think?


Cause their scary!!!

Illegal immigration activist Mark Lane worries about ‘tattooed white guys’ on Harleys

So what?

‘White Crackers’?

Name calling left does it well.

But so what?


Found on Craigslist..




Revolution! Racist? Racial Code? Revolt? Mooslims!!

About time someone one stood up to the PC LIEberals and anti everything they do not agree with jerks..So it took a 67 yo duck hunting, entrepreneur whom built his family business and now enjoys life…But at least someone did so..

Duck Commander Ignites A Revolution

A duck hunter stared down the powerful forces of Hollywood and Hollywood blinked! And the result is… It isn’t that gays are coming out of the closet. It’s that Christians and conservatives are coming out of the closet. A duck hunter may have fired the shot that ignited a new American Revolution.

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Joy Bayhard opens mouth..and crap falls out…Another clueless talking head, fugly one at that!

Liberal media: Reading Constitution racist and smacks of religion


More stupid shit from leftist ‘talking heads’….

 Insane: Liberals claim Gingrich calling Juan Williams by first name racial code


Well? Would we?

Would Americans Actually Dare Revolt Against This Abusive Government?


And Christians rioted, burned mosques and what?

They didn’t?

Sorry. Thats the effing Mooslims that do that when their cultist so called ‘religion’ is mocked..

NYU Muslims Mock ‘Last Supper’ for Christmas season


The Bible! Polls! Magazines! Stupid!

Holly-weird realizes that People actually watched History Channels ‘The Bible‘. So now they are going to do a sequel..On NBC..Somewhat leery of this. As we know how the lame-stream feels about any religion besides their current favorite…Islam and the Mooslims..

At least the same folks that made the first go around is doing the sequel..

2nd coming: Hollywood not done with ‘Bible’

If they screw this up…They may as well shoot themselves in the foot…I’ll help..


Polls say…You suck!

Buck Ofama’s numbers dropping? People ‘unliking’ him. Well I never liked the SOB so..

Poll: Obama’s approval hits record lows


Lets see the politicians passing laws prohibiting these magazines, collect them! Not sending LEOs to do their dirty work…The politicians themselves!!

Sticking It To The Man: Gun Maker Gives Away Free 30 Round Mags Ahead Of Colorado Ban


Stupid..Lets see how well this works!!

Monday Afternoon Laugh: HuffPo Contributor Calls For Sex Strike Until Texas Pols Liberate Abortion


Gitmo? Ice-T, The Nuge? Profiled? ‘Not With’! 1st Amendment! Atheists!

Really? Slaves? How about we toss these ‘political’ prisoners into the general population of some Texas prison or such like?

Treat just like any other prisoner. No effing favors because they are Mooslims..

Problem solved..

MSNBC Host Compares Gitmo Prisoners To American Slaves



The Nuge?

Teamed up?

Ice-T and Ted Nugent Defend Second Amendment Rights in New Documentary

Oh yeah..


Profiled? Really? I’ll give the damn Feds a profile!! Called Kiss my ass!

Gun Owners Being Profiled by Government

the liberal hypocrisy of profiling. It reads, “We are told not to judge all Muslims by the actions of a few crazies, but we are told to judge all gun owners by the actions of a few crazies.”


Go Adrian!!

NFL MVP: I’m ‘not with’ same-sex marriage


Keep pushing, keep whittling away at our Rights and see how it all turns out next election you despotic control freaks!!

Rush: Dems want new controls on journalists


Bluegrass atheist sass  — 

The atheist in rural Kentucky is having a tantrum. TheDC’s Eric Owens reports:

“This year’s graduation prayer-related brouhaha comes courtesy of Lincoln County High School in central Kentucky. In the face of a challenge from at least half a dozen students, the rural public school’s graduation ceremony included a prayer by the senior-class president, reports The Advocate-Messenger. A student-led prayer has been an annual tradition for each graduating class. Jonathan Hardwick, the Class of 2013 president, delivered this year’s version. … Friday night’s entreaty lasted about a minute. … Ricky Smith, an atheist who was once a Christian, appears to be a major force — perhaps the primary force — behind the opposition to the annual prayer. He attended the graduation because some students and parents had requested his presence. Smith seems to have politely exited the ceremony for the duration of the prayer.”
Getting exercised about a prayer at a high school graduation in rural Kentucky is like getting exercised about a ceremonial bong hit at a high school graduation in Hollywood, California.

Confiscate! Argument! Ammo! Tyranny? Libertarian! Constitution ‘Constrains’? Ignorance! Hollywood!

44% think government effort to confiscate all guns likely
A sizable number of Americans think the federal government is coming after their guns. Forty four percent (44%) of Likely U.S. Voters believe it is at least somewhat likely that the government will try to confiscate all privately owned guns over the next generation or so, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey.


The Argument Against Banning High Capacity Mags

S.H. Blannelberry writing in Guns.com argues against banning high capacity magazines by saying that it’s all about timing: Timing. It’s all about timing. The longer it takes a deranged gunman to fire off rounds at a crowd …


Ammunition Is Getting Scarce
This morning I lucked out and was able to buy several cases of ammo. On the way home I stopped at the gas station where a drop-dead gorgeous blonde was filling up her car at the next pump.
She looked at the ammo in the back of my SUV and said in a very sexy voice, “I’m a big believer in barter, big boy”. “Would you be interested in trading sex for ammo?”
I thought a few seconds and asked, “what kinda ammo ya got?”

I do not buy it you bahs-turd!!

Obama Claims That Government Tyranny is Impossible, Because “Government is Us”

Ron Swanson’s 12 Awesomely Hilarious Libertarian Quotes About Government

Apparently it is not ‘constraining’ enough Buck Ofama!!

Obama: Constitution ‘Constrains’ Me

We need to make sure it continues to do so…

Ignorance seems to be rampant amongst the left and it’s politicritters!!

Democrat hopeful claims “conceal and carry” failed in Colorado theater shooting

Self explanatory..

Hollywood and guns — plus, ‘Low guns IQ!’


Standing Up! Up, Down!! Haters! The Stupid! Boycott Same Stupidity! Be Strong..Mess With..Lesson..

Mexican vigilantes seize town, arrest police

Citizens taking matters into their own hands do to corruption of public officials, lack of reponsible Governing by ‘elected’ politicians and crime…

Hmmm sounds familiar…

SO they are standing up..Now who do you wonder will be punished for this?


But more guns = more crime!! That is what the Anti, gun grabbing, victim haters tell us!!

Florida: Concealed Carry Permits Up, Violent Crime Down

And I hate Hollywood, refuse to watch their crap, garbage and bullshit…I know I repeat myself.

Gutfeld: Hollywood Hates You, Middle America


Holy cow, how do idiots like this get elected? What does this say about the voters that elect such idiots…Look at DC and the Minnesota House, Senate and Governor for more evidence…The stupid is strong with this one!!!

Same Colorado Lawmaker Suggests Women Eat Chipotle to Prevent Rape

“I admit, I was wrong about the whistle thing,” said Salazar.  “It’s really Chipotle that is the best defense against rape. …You try raping a woman who’s been eating Chipotle and you’ll be in for one hell of a shock and regret …and mess!”

Silence reigned throughout the senate chamber after Salazar’s “Chipotle rape prevention” suggestion.  Salazar, fearing he had perhaps again committed another anti-rape faux pas in the name of gun control tried to clarify his newest suggestion.  “…Or maybe some extra-spicy Indian food…or some old Taco Bell burrito women could carry around in their purse and eat real quick before being attacked.  Or even squirt some Visine down your throat.”

What did they expect?
How much cash do they stand to lose on this?
For what? To enable and embolden thugs, gang bangers and whatnot to increase their activities against tax paying citizens and businesses?

Hunters threaten to boycott Colorado after passage of recent gun laws

Hunters Shun Colorado over State Gun Laws

Being a Dad is hard…Standing against all those whom attack you is hard. Trust in Gid and be unwavering…

Being a Strong Father in a Culture of Weak Men


Mess with the Bid Dog(Bird) and get your butt kicked!!



The Second Amendment as an Expression of First Principles

Arms and Sovereignty
The Preamble to the Constitution stipulates that “We the people . . . do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States.” It is important to note that the people establish the Constitution; the Constitution does not establish the people. When, then, did “we the people” become a people? Clearly Americans became a people upon the adoption of its first principles of government in the Declaration of Independence, which describes the people both in their political capacity, as “one people,” and in their moral capacity, as a “good people.” In establishing the Constitution, then, the people executed a second contract, this time with government. In this contract, the people delegate power to the government to be exercised for their benefit. But the Declaration specifies that only the “just powers” are delegated. The government is to be a limited government, confined to the exercise of those powers that are fairly inferred from the specific grant of powers