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This Week…

Much was accomplished…Many miles were traveled..

Monday office, prepped for weeks classes..

Tuesday..Did the Mega Code testing for ACLS Refresher Class…MDs, RNs, Radiologists, Paramedics, etc.

Then to Rogers, Mn

Tuesday Night…EMR(1st responder Refresher) for Rogers Police and Fire…All lecture…eww…Glad I was just there to observe!

Then to Camp Ripley

Wednesday…Minnesota State Patrol EMR Refresher. AM and PM sessions…We are doing a bit of classroom and then scenario training, Active Shooter, with sim rounds, two officers down and wounded, A welfare check in a stopped vehicle, with young child having a severe asthma attack and a felony stop pit maneuver where officer crashes and is trapped with a Fx femur and a femoral artery bleed…All three scenarios have life threatening, but correctable injuries if the Troopers acted and treated properly…(TOURNIQUET!!!) But it was damn cold up there as we are outside and they have plenty of snow on the ground and it was WINDY!!!

Then back home and on…

Thursday…Last night of the EMR Initial class I am teaching, lectures and skill practice before next weeks written 100 point final and practice for the following weeks Skills Testing…I feel they are all pretty solid…

Friday? Was off! But cleared the glacier that had engulfed the ’91 Buick (son’s car, which he has not driven for a while, like most of the winter!! No gas money, looking for job!) as it sat at the end of the drive. But I got it out and started after much work…Filled it for him and he wanted to know what the “catch’ was when I handed him the gas receipt…At least that is what he asked his Mom..She said was because ‘Your Dad is nice! Say thank you!!” Took a while to get it going and is due for an oil change and after driving it around a bit, brakes..

So not a bad week…All in all…But plenty of road time…

And now..

Good Night!!


Absurd? Emergency #’s! Cranky! Coffee! Golf!!

Why is this absurd? An a ‘gazillion’ guns? Not quite..Apparently those eveel guns scare someone..I’d be afraid of one of the monitors toppling over on top of me..

Totally awesome is what it is!!

The Most Absurd Home Office Setup On The Planet

Absurd…Must be a hoplophobe afraid of inanimate objects..Non tool user..


Emergency Bible Numbers

Click to see all but here are a few for ya!

– When you are sad, call on John 14

– When you don’t feel loved, call on Romans 8:38-39

– When you have sinned, call on 1 John 1:8-9

– When you are facing danger, call on Psalm 91

– When people have failed you, call on Psalm 27

– When God feel far from you, call on Psalm 139


Cranky. Hell when I am 90 I want to ‘kick’ some butt! I hope I remember how to punch!!

90-year-old man jailed for four days after ‘punching a state trooper’ who came to check on his wife

Coffee anyone?

Coffee billed as world’s strongest

A New York company is marketing its Death Wish brand coffee as “the strongest coffee in the world.”


Golf..Is dangerous!! BAN IT!!


Slipping Away. Perfume. No Moms! Rights. Tough Times. Gun Grab.

Americans – Like Nazi Germans – Don’t See Our Rights Slowly Slipping Away

Americans Are Acting Like Slowly Boiling Frogs


Who needs a gun…

When you have perfume and fire?


Children do not need mothers?

Who the hell comes up with this shit??

You need two that  is TWO parents to raise children!

A Mother being a MOM!!!

and a Father being a DAD!!!


Look at today’s society and its many ills..

And look at today’s families..!!

Damn…And look at how and why this came about..and who is leading the charge.

Our Buck Ofama Department of Justice…Lead by Gun Runner Eric Holder..



Obama’s DoJ targets individual rights: War on Home Schooling

More Eric Holder and DoJ assaults on our Rights..Which they hold complete disregard for..

Obama’s war on individual rights heats up.

In Germany home schooling is banned.  The Romeike family were granted political asylum in Tennessee.
US Attorney General Eric Holder has appealed the judge’s ruling.
The case reveals how the US government regards individual rights and liberties.
In their argument the US Department of Justice disregards the rights of an individual and considers only collective rights of members of a group.
The implications are immense: Home School Legal Defence Association sets out threats to individual liberty that are far wider than the home schooling issue


Bare Shelves Mean Tough Times


If you have product to sell, you’re blessed with retail customers who aren’t shopping for price, they’re seeking product. And they’re snapping up almost anything offered, especially ammunition.

Consider then, the small, individually-owned gun shops looking at bare shelves, disgruntled customers, and the constant costs of operating a business when the business has nothing to sell.


SAF Warns Alabama City to Forego Gun Regulations


The Racism of Gun ControlThe Racism of Gun Control

Black conservative leaders warn that new gun control proposals threaten Americans’ most fundamental civil rights.

Star Parker, founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education (CURE), recalled the racist pedigree of gun control laws and the grave dangers they create, not just for blacks, but for all Americans.


Buck Ofama’s Hopeless Change!!!

Consumer income hits 20-year low

Oh yeah. Just what he was hoping for it seems. Everything he does affects my income and what and where I spend my money..It sure is not on anything other then necessities anymore…Ammo, food, shelter, guns, supplies, clothing, ammo….Asshat Ofama is!!

Gun! Different? White Liars. Angry! Gangster! Dean. Women. Gun Ban.

Was needed here..What were the chances of surviving this? Unarmed.

Once again anti gun Freedom assOs..How was this a good thing?

Police say two heavily armed men fatally shot a homeowner as he tried to protect his daughter during a home invasion.

No it is not!! It is different because you want total control and to do so you need to disarm those whom think you are the biggest prick on the planet!!

Buck Ofama on gun control: ‘This time is different’


From Townhall..

White Liberals Tell Black Lies about Civil Rights

Dorner — Another Angry Fatherless Black Man With a Gun

Buck Ofama’s Gangster Government Operates Above the Law


Sick. Sick liberals on CNN. Celebrating the death of police officers with families..

Dorner’s Alleged Murder Spree ‘Exciting,’ Like ‘Denzel Washington Movie’

Best comment..


They come out of Ivy League schools after taking ecstasy, DMT, mushrooms, synthetic pot, and the result is what we are seeing…..Everyone of those panelists needs the tar kicked out of them in the real world for about fifteen years, because they’ve never even seen it.


Why would anyone want to make this claim!!??

Raaaaaaaaaaaaah! Howard Dean claims he related to Obama as cousin

Oh. Is Screamin’ Dean….Figures unhinged as he is..


Women. Want their Rights also…


One of the many, many reasons Buck Ofama fails as pResident..Totally and completely fails..

Obama Orders Flags Flown at Half Mast for Crack Head but not for American Hero


The Gun Ban Lobby and Its Funders

Major Players
On the gun control issue, only a few small activist groups dedicate their work to banning guns. Here is the list, with the most recent available annual revenues shown on their IRS tax returns:

American Hunters and Shooters Association (2011 revenues $5,000)

Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence (2010 revenues $3 million) and its 501(c)(4) affiliate, the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (2010 revenues $2.9 million)

Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence (2010 revenues $309,000)

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (2010 revenues $249,000)

Legal Community Against Violence (a.k.a Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence; 2010 revenues $978,000)

Mayors Against Illegal Guns Action Fund (2010 revenues $2.7 million)

Stop Handgun Violence (co-founded the American Hunters and Shooters Association in 2005; 2012 revenues $143,000)

Third Way (formerly Americans for Gun Safety Foundation; 2010 revenues $7.5 million)

Violence Policy Center (2010 revenues $832,000)

United Against Illegal Guns Support Fund (affiliated with Mayors Against Illegal Guns; 2010 revenues $1.3 million)

Facebook Christmas Eve….

We will be home for the first time on Christmas Eve in (lets see how long have we been married…??)

23 years!!

Why? Because yesterday were with my Parents and one sister and her family..

And because MBWITW’s family whom we usually get together with on Christmas Eve is not happening.

So we are home and will be firing up not one, but two fondue pots and cooking, bits of meat, shrimp, fungus, bread balls, and whatever else we may think of today..


Then tomorrow morning will be present opening etc…Was surprised at this as I thought the boyz would want to open tonight, but the eldest was offended and said we should wait until tomorrow and the youngest agreed!!

So thats the plan..Enjoy…

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