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By those evil Gun Rights Activist!!!

GUN LAW HEARINGS: Overflowing crowd at Minnesota Capitol – KMSP-TV

A huge crowd gathered outside the House hearing room, forcing some spectators into an overflow room and filling the basement. Gun rights supporters packed every available seat in three separate rooms.

Oh yeah!!

“I look at this and I see an egregious, an egregious attack on the Second Amendment.” – Rep. Jim Newberger (R-Becker), a paramedic, speaking about a proposed bill on tighter gun background checks

“If we want to arm teachers, if we want to have armed security guards, if we want to put shooters at the scene who can actually do something, Legislatures are saying ‘no’ and pretending these worthless gun bills are going to do any good — which they won’t,” said Republican Rep. Tony Cornish, of Good Thunder.

Looks like they woke some folks up with their antics..

Molon Labe


Lay Back…Think of England..Ummm…Protection Orders..oh Yeah Gun Stuff..

Would have worked so well here…2 assailants one with a knife to the victims neck, one asking for wallet and keys…

‘Carrying a Gun Saved My Life’: Meet Ryan Moore


Homeowner shoots armed burglar in the buttocks

Notice. Burglar ‘armed’?



From Twitter..

Fred Thompson@fredthompson

Biden: “so you want to keep people away in an earthquake? Buy some shotgun shells“. Actually, if you want to be left alone, call FEMA. #tcot



Just go read it!!


Pro-Gun Woman Scolds Dem Senator: ‘You Are Not a Woman Stuck in Her House, Having to Defend Her Children’


Arkansas town’s martial law plan


Protection orders work so well..At least the gun grabbers say so…But not so much in the real world..


Now this makes one want to laugh, cry or just puke…

White House: Obama “Has A Strong Record Of Support For Second Amendment Rights”…


More stupid from one of those whom need to find new jobs and have to do something constructive with their lives..Besides live off the backs of honest working folks..

Dem Sen. Diane Feinstein: “We Can’t Have A Totally Armed Society”


Another fine example of what to much drug usage as a hippy will do to you…and it is apparent continued use is not so healthy either..

MSNBC Guest’s Bizarre Claim: Climate Change ‘Driving’ Chicago’s Gun Violence


The Police lost a taser? Did not know it was missing until it turned up at a robbery? Used by the robber??


I Didn’t Politicize It, They Did