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Is making me wait..

Yep, going to be out there in November, hopefully putting venison in the freezer…..Mmmmmmmmm.



A Thought…

All the hysterics over hunting..

The threats emanating from those same hysterical types..


Hunters use ‘guns’..

They know how to use them, shoot them, and spend hours at the range making sure they hit what they aim at.

Many spend hours at the reloading bench fine tuning their ammo.

They also spend hours afield in all kinds of weather and conditions…

And you idiots are threatening them.

First off you’ll never do a damn thing about it.

Except whine..

Or try to get someone else to do your dirty work.


Big Bear! Big Gun!


I have hunted deer for years…

Never bear. But have seen a few big black bears and although one came out of the brush about thirty yards in front of me once while I was still hunting I had no real desire to shoot, would have been illegal as I had no Bear license, Although it was a big boar and looked right at me, grunted,  before ambling away up the ridge line I was hunting.

As for deer in almost 40 years of hunting them. I have only lost one and never had to track any I shoot as most were one shot, one deer in the freezer..

This? Is almost brutal…6 times? But it is a monster and I have never hunted Browns. Have been to Alaska and loved it, so maybe…But I hunt to put meat in the freezer, this appears to be for the hide only and a trophy…I would have to think about that…Probably do it though..

It is a huge bear and old…Lots of work…


Maybe he need this!!! 2400 grain bullet!!!


Not Welcome! Meateaters! Lapdogs! Beyounced! Gun Control!

This is how it is done. Your not supposed to be in someone’s house uninvited. Try it in mine and see what happens. Same thing for one’s Country and it appears Australia is going to do it right!

Unlike America…

Australia: Illegals not welcome


Meat Eaters!!!

HUNTING’s Sexiest Meat Eater 2013


Lets call it what it is. State Run Government Controlled Media…No news with views, just Government Bullshit, lies and misinformation..

Palin: ‘Lapdog’ Media Helping Obama ‘Run Out the Clock’ on Scandals


Ha!! Coke is better!! Shitty singer anyhow…Would that be Beyounced?

Pepsi Sales Plunge After Beyoncé Endorsement


Hey Chit-cago? How is that gun control working out for you?

Oh….Is not huh?

9 Shot in Chicago on the Same Day as Urban Violence Summit