Truth About Omar ..

We all, in every State have those ‘elected’ politicians whom make one wonder how they got elected…And wonder about the IQ of those who voted for them.

Minnesota has had it’s share and today Ilhan Omar leads the pack…

So I love it when someone speaks the truth about that Somali Bitch ..

Lauren Boebert Calls Ilhan Omar ‘Full-Time Propagandist For Hamas’

Quick Bits ….

Commentary: The Slow Boat to China Accelerates

Bitch…Pointless Bitch..

Ilhan Omar Has Become So Unhinged, She Is Blaming President Trump For A Capital Crime


Escobar: When Deplorables Become Ungovernables

What cheating???

RED ALERT: “Vote Democrat, Get $1,200” Vans Spotted All Over Georgia

Why should Biden be briefed? He is compromised, China owns him.

FDR’s ‘Second Bill of Rights’ and UN Declaration Show How ‘Progressives’ View You


Quick Bits …

There would be only one way out of this mess…

Democrats in Control Of Government & Unchecked?

In spite of what the gibbering media are saying, Biden OS NOT the President-elect and can you imagine the ‘leaks’ that would result from giving him or his ‘team’ access to certain information???

Pentagon blocks Team Biden from meeting with military intel agencies

Why Trump Is Blocking Biden from Intelligence Briefings

LEO fail, because of BLM and Democrats support of said criminals..

What BLM Has Wrought

Nothing will become of this because..Democrat!!

Gavin Newsom Aide Arrested After Trying to Suffocate a Child

She needs to go…

‘Deeply Disturbing’: Congressman Calls For Removal Of Democrat Rashida Tlaib From Committees After New Incidents

As does Omar…

Fox News: Firm co-owned by Omar’s husband got $635K in COVID-19 loans … while scoring millions from campaign donations

Because self defense is a Human Right!!!

Two gun-toting Detroit homeowners open fire on intruders in separate incidents. One of the suspects is armed — and ends up dead.

Public Education, teaching racism, no other word for it when you target an ethnicity or creed.

Teachers: The New Nazi Regime

Education or Indoctrination? ‘Anti-Racist’ Teaching Sweeps K-12 Schools Targeting ‘Whiteness’

“Legislative Intent”

One wonders…Maybe if we had so called Journalists, etc. In our media, with integrity and honest reporting we would know the truth…But we don’t. Like politicians they are just corrupt bastards..

Where’s the Kraken? Where’s the Storm?

Just shut up and do as we say, not as we do. Because we’re special!!

Democrats: Shut Up and Do What We Tell You

This isn’t going to turn out well…

The Soros-Biden Cabinet: Meet The Key Soros Employees Who Are Biden’s Top Picks

All he did was whine and call us names..He can go hug a root..

Obama Still Whining about Gun Owners’ Political Power


Quick Bits …..

First off. AOC. Worthless..

And Omar is no better then AOC, worse, a lot worse..

Lock Her Up: Ilhan Omar Paid Husband’s Firm $1Million While Also Directing Covid Relief To Him

And again the World’s leading expert on viruses…Been producing them for years…Called Windows..

Bill Gates and the Depopulation Agenda. Robert F. Kennedy Junior Calls for an Investigation

He will set them free!! To destroy America…Good luck with that!!!

Why so many Muslims can’t wait for Biden to get inaugurated

TANJ: There ain’t NO justice

There is. But only justice that benefits them, not you..

Which they have done well, while parents went about their busy lives….

“Learned Victimhood”: A Consequence of The Left’s Indoctrination


Those Peaceful Leftists

How the Democrats and the media are telling you Trump won.

You expect truth???

Paper Falsely ‘Reports’ Gun Advocate Diminished Importance of Lives Lost to Suicide

Gun Control Humor

You think??

Permanent Damage: Democrats Using National Lockdowns To Intentionally Alter Economy

Elites….No rules for them, only you peons…

‘A Slap In My Face’: LA Bar Owner Livid After City Lets Hollywood Studio Set Up Dining Tents

Another Layer of the Fraud Onion

Not sure how many read David Weber and his Honor Harrington series and spin off books. But throughout there is an Organization bent on controlling all and using the layers of an onion is a common reference for them to protect what they are trying to accomplish…(I’ve read all of them!! And may go through them again this winter!!)


Ridiculous Bits …….

Omar….Shut up!!

Biblical Scholar Ilhan Omar: Christians Shouldn’t Serve in the U.S. Military

More Omar…

Can Someone Educate Ilhan Omar On American Economics? She Wants Free Rent For Country

New GOP Rep Who Survived the USSR Teaches a Lesson About Defeating ‘the Squad’

In an appearance on Fox News, she had a three-word warning about the creeping influence of socialism in the Democratic Party: “It’s not pretty.”


Of course! Because we need idiots whom play act tell us what to do and I wonder how much Newsom was bribed gifted for this?

CA Gov Newsom Exempts Movie Studios From 2nd Wave COVID Lockdown, Curfew

Petty little tyrant…

DFL Gov. Tim Walz is a dictator


Republican says he will host Thanksgiving gathering, sends Walz and Ellison an invite

Now he will get a visit from that asshat Ellison and his goons..

Technically, Mortensen’s actions could be punishable by a $1,000 fine or up to 90 days in jail. Walz’s new order also allows Ellison’s office to investigate “threatened violations” of the mandate.

So we are, some of us….

We, Magnificent Bastards

Lockdowns Are Serial Killers. End them Now.

You can say BAN all you want…You still won’t stop it…

Dr.Fauci And Jake Tapper Want To Ban Christmas And Any Other Holiday

So kiss my ass!!

More New Research Shows Only Those With Symptoms Spread COVID-19. Masks School Closings & Lockdowns Couldn’t Have Been More Pointless.


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …


FB Post Leads To FALSE Accusation Of Voter Intimidation Against Small VA. Gun Shop

Says it all about Demo Rats ….

Member of Colorado Dem Party: It’s ‘Morally Acceptable’ to ‘Lie,’ ‘Cheat,’ ‘Steal’ — Implies Using Violence

Left-wing group publishes guide to “disrupting” country if election is close


Amy Coney Barrett an Apparent “Strong Choice” for the Supreme Court

Judge Amy Coney Barrett Scares Gun-Control Advocates for the Right Reasons

ACB, The Right To Vote, & The Right To Keep And Bear Arms

Biden ..

Biden On 56% Of Americans Saying They’re Better Off Now Than 4 Years Ago: They ‘Probably Shouldn’t’ Vote For Me

We won’t!!

Trump ridicules Biden for saying he’s running ‘for the Senate,’ forgetting Romney’s name

Once again. Biden supporters show their true intentions…

Biden Democrats Post Online Guide to ‘Disrupting’ the Country if Election is Close

Government run education …Fail!!

BLM-minded High School To Hold Disciplinary Hearing For Student Who Opposed Socialist on Instagram

This is NOT education! It is indoctrination!!

Fact Check: FBI/DOJ is LYING; Stats Show Black Terrorists Far More Dangerous Than White Supremacists

As the Hermit says...Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling ..

Record Firearm Sales…Still

There were 2,892,115 NICs checks performed in September 2020. This shattered the previous record high month by around 600,000. It also brings the to year to date sales numbers to 28,826,449. That exceeds the previous record year totals by around 400,000. With (traditionally the busiest) three months of the year remaining.

People’s Charter my ass…

New ‘People’s Charter’ signed by Omar intended to push Biden further left

America is Free and this bitch wants what??

About that mail in voting..

Undelivered mail found in trash bags at USPS employee’s home


Quick Bits…..Because..

Road trip this weekend, off to Fargo to see youngest Son..Posting will be light, if at all. (Fargo is in NORTH DAKOTA!! Not Minnesota as some seem to think after watching the movie Fargo…)

Oh the hate is strong amongst the left..

The Wicked Bitch from the West..

It Took Pelosi Less Than 30 Seconds To Politicize Trump’s COVID Diagnosis

Than a Large Lump of Lard spouts his Diarrhea..

Michael Moore: “Evil Genius” Trump Could be Lying About Having COVID to Postpone the Election

In a Facebook post on Friday, documentary propagandist Michael Moore exhibited severe Trump Derangement Syndrome symptoms by suggesting the President is “lying about having COVID-19” to “gain sympathy” ahead of the election.

Leftists…What exactly do they do? That is worthwhile?

Leftists Claim Trump Faked His Coronavirus Infection

To allow him to beat the virus quickly and downplay its severity.

WaPoo keeps spreading their garbage..


Democrats are mentally ill…

Poll Shows 40% of Dems Are ‘Happy’ Trump Caught COVID, & 31% Are ‘Excited’ About It

What would one expect from Don Lemon and Clown News Network….??

Media outlet ‘dives into the gutter’ over coronavirus diagnosis

And they lie …


Another screaming for attention has been…

‘Nasty Piece of Work’: Internet Shreds Tom Arnold After He Doxxed Hope Hicks

Dissension amongst the Left??

Is There A Looming Fight On The Left Over Gun Control?


Black Lives Matter Activists To Hold Gun Rights Rally

No…Remember the Constitution???


Suggests that “employment suspension or stay-at-home orders” should be used to force people to get a jab

Shut up you damn Racist!!

Omar: ‘I Resent’ Anyone Who Says Trump ‘Is Not Racist’

Thursday on MSNBC’s Live, Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar slandered President Trump as “a white supremacist” and said she resented anyone claiming otherwise.


We Are the Real Resistance