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To the Presidential Ditherer:

To the Presidential Ditherer:

When our embassy personnel were taken hostage in Iran back in 1979-80, the President elect Ronald Reagan sent a message to the Iranians through their Charge d’Affairs in Ottawa Canada. It was a one page letter on Ronald Reagan’s personal letterhead. The message was simple and hand delivered. It was opened in the presence of the man who delivered it. The face of the Iranian official went white. Mr. Reagan informed the Iranians that unless the American hostages were released before he had signed the official documents making him President of the United States, that he would order the nuking of Mecca. The hostages were release on that day an hour before the official pictures were taken showing the new President to the world community. The aircraft were already on their way.

That, Mr. Obama, is leadership.

– Dr. Jim Garrow -

Ruger! MSNBC! Gore! Iran Next? 70 Armed Fed Agencies? Lying King!

Straight Shootin': The Truth About Ruger

Good guns made there…


Why  we need good guns..

MSNBC’s Schultz: ‘It Amazes Me That People Don’t Love Obama’

Do you want to know what amazes me? The fact that Mr. Ed is likely considered a ‘journalist,’ under the administration’s convenient, new rules.


Fail!!! All about…Gore..

Wrong: Al Gore Predicted Arctic Summer Ice Could Disappear In 2013


What? War with Syria fall apart Obama so you need another ‘distraction’ from your failures at home?

Obama Ready to Use Force in Iran


First off, why do we need ’70’ Government agencies and why do they all need to be armed? And what kind of Americans would do this?

Traitors every damn one of them!!

Armed EPA raid in Alaska sheds light on 70 fed agencies with armed divisions


What else does the Lying King do? Besides lie!

Living a Lie

On Tuesday night we may have witnessed a first in the history of the American presidency. Sure, we’ve had presidents lie to us before. But I’m not sure we’ve ever had a president give a speech he knew up front was a scam, but that we also knew up front was a scam, and that he knew that we knew up front was a scam.


One wonders…

In recent days, the Pope has declared that non-believers – not just non-Catholics, but even atheists – can gain salvation and be admitted into heaven, while his new appointment to be secretary of State, the second most important position in the Vatican, has suggested the Vatican is ready to rethink celibacy and the clergy, suggesting priests and nuns might be allowed to get married.

Is Pope Francis even Catholic?


Iran. Syria! Media BiASS!!

Intercepted Secret Order Reveals Iran’s Plot For Revenge Against U.S. If Syria Is Hit

Iran warns of the rape and killing of one of Obama’s daughters and of mass abductions, brutal killings of Americans if he attacks Syria

FLASHBACK: Iranians Prepare Terror Campaign Inside U.S. — ‘There Are Numerous Revolutionary Guard Cells’ Inside Border…

Iran Recruiting ‘Invisible Army’ To Infiltrate U.S. Though Southern Border


Do you Buck Ofama? It changes hourly! No one really knows what the hell you are trying to do.

Distract us from all your failures and eff ups in America I am thinking!!!

Obama: Americans Won’t Be Able To Understand My Syria Policy


Led by Buck Ofama of course. With his henchmen McCain and Graham.. Their eligible children and relatives.

Along with the Senate..and reinforcements from the ranks of the:

IRS, NSA, EPA, FBI, CIA, FDA, FCC, FEMA, TSA (all of them!) Homeland Security, DEA, etc..

No military needed. They can stay home and defend our borders..

Poll: Majority Of Americans Approve Of Sending Congress To Syria


Media BiASS!!!

Really? I bet this bitch supports sex ed for kindergartners also!!

CNN’s Carol Costello Aghast at Rush’s Kids Book: ‘I’m A Little Sick Now’

Ministry of Propaganda!!

NBC’s Todd Blames GOP for Obama’s Denial of Setting Syria Red Line

More Propaganda ….. and ….bullshit!

Chris Matthews: GOP ‘Hate’ of Obama Will Propel 2016 Contenders to Vote No on Syria

Propaganda continues..

NBC’s Mitchell Blames Iraq ‘Hangover’ for Obama’s ‘Credibility Gap’ on Syria

Just does not end…The crap from the media…

CBS Points Out Obama’s Odd ‘Red Line’ Denial; NBC Spins It As ‘Redefined’ Line

Oh look!! Shiny! Squirrel!!!

Tabloid Nightline Devotes More Time to Sexy Songs, Jogging and ‘Amish Mafia’ Than Syria


Self Defense! Family? More Self Defense! Facts! No Support! Iran Threatens Buck Ofama!

And her options were?

Run? Hide? Pee herself?


Did what she had to..

Self Defense..Is a RIGHT!!

11 Year Old Girl Defends Home Against Three Robbers With Pink .22 Rifle


Oh heck no!!
Not mine!!

Sebelius Describes Federal Government As ‘Our Federal Family’


Where were New York’s finest?

What choice did he have?

After the Westchester Co. resident made it clear there was no money in the Kaplan Bros. Blue Flame Corp. store– they hadn’t even had any customers in the store that day — the bandits turned their attention to his 33-year-old assistant, JB, and starting pistol-whipping him and demanding money.

The gun grabbing politicians and anti gun groups would have him be a victim, that we know, they hate people whom stand and fight…

Gun Owner Shoots 4 Thugs


Another thing the gun grabbers hate are facts. That show their arguments are invalid..

Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons: Guns Do Not Cause Crime, People Do

The Buck Ofama Administration, built on lies and misinformation. Filled with liars..’

Kerry is lying: “Kerry portrait of Syria rebels at odds with US and European intelligence report”


The only country supporting USA in Buck Ofama’s pursuit of war is France. And we know their history !!!

China joins Russia in opposing military strikes, Has Warships “Observing” Close to Syria


Hey Buck Ofama…How does this one make you feel?

Most times, should an American President be threatened or his family threatened, Americans would be outraged.

But with a pResident, whom does nothing for Americans is threatened….Chirp….Chirp….Chirp…

Iran warns of the rape and killing of one of Obama’s daughters and of mass abductions, brutal killings of Americans if he attacks Syria


Sebelius Describes Federal Government As ‘Our Federal Family’ – See more at: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/susan-jones/sebelius-describes-federal-government-our-federal-family#sthash.FKlNwVxK.dpuf
11 Year Old Girl Defends Home Against Three Robbers With Pink .22 Rifle – See more at: http://freepatriot.org/2013/09/05/11-year-old-girl-defends-home-three-robbers-pink-22-rifle/#sthash.N8gsLPys.lqvyUtY1.dpuf

Oppression! Anti-Gun! Moderate? Experience? Best States! Enemies!


Government style!!

8 Examples of Guns & Government Oppression


Another anti gun politician make the statement, through an aide, gun control for you, not for me!!

Aide Of Anti-Gun Leftist Congressman Receives Ticket For Bringing Firearm Into Courthouse


This is a ‘moderate’?

Moderate for what?

Iran: 75 hangings in 22 days Iran Focus, July 9, 2013 (thanks to TROP)

Tehran, Iran Focus, 9 July – With the execution of 11 inmates in the northwestern city of Arbabil and western city of Qazin from July 6 thru July 8,,  the total number of executions following the election of Hassan Rouhani on June 14 has reached 75. One of victims was 15 at the time of his arrest. Six were women.

There were at least three en masse hangings, in groups of 21, 11 and six persons.

Observers say the dramatic rise in hangings, one every seven hours since Hassan Rowhani was elected, is designed to terrorise and intimidate the public. It remains to be seen whether Rowhani, dubbed as a “moderate” by some in the West, is inclined or even capable of halting these executions, which are politically motivated and carried out in violation of international standards.


No experience needed..Just gimme money and I take care of you..

No wonder our foreign policy…isn’t!!


One wonders if one should relocate?

Laws for Firearms: Best States for Gun Owners in 2013

39th? Ouch!
A list of enemies?
18 and Counting: Plum Ambassador Posts Go to Obama Campaign Bundlers – See more at: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/18-and-counting-plum-ambassador-posts-go-obama-campaign-bundlers#sthash.RQG4XXhE.dpuf

Troops Killed! Ted!! Huh? Deceptive! Rubio! Israel.

7 of them. In Afghanistan..

Does Buck Ofama care?

Or in the famous words of Shillary..

What difference does it make?

7 American service members killed in Afghanistan


Go Ted!!!!

Nugent: Public Schools Are Brain Washing Camps That Whiz on Guns

According to National Review Online, Hank Johnson “stood up for some of the most important victims of congressional gridlock: children’s birthday parties and comedians trying to make their voices high-pitched.” He was, in short, discussing a bill to continue the federal government’s sales from the National Helium Reserve. You read that correctly; helium.

Congressman Hank Johnson: Poster-Clown For Why Congress Gets No Respect


Everything Buck Ofama says is ‘deceptive’ if not an out right lie!!

Obama Comments on Mexico Deceptive, Say Law Officers

R I N O !!
Is Rubio…

The Rubio Deception


And? Couldn’t to a  a   a  …….

CNN newsgal outraged after teen robs her


Not good….No good at all!!!

Iran, Syria prep retaliation for Israeli airstrikes


Really? Not to shoot all of us ‘terrorists’ a time or 3?


Buck Ofama. He just won’t give up.

Jobs, economy, Benghazi, Syria, N Korea, Iran he ignores…


Obama, allies try to revive gun control push despite Senate defeat

So called leftist started War on Women, Abortion, birth control for children…

Those are all his priorities..


And the media pants adoringly and wags their tails and eats their own shit…