Quick Bits …

The Religion of Peace….

Uganda: Muslim relatives of a former sheikh who refused to renounce Christ kill his 6-year-old son

Nigeria: Muslims tie up agricultural workers and slit the throats of at least 43 of them

Turning to youth into commies….Resist!!

More Anti-White Indoctrination of our Kids

CNN? Bashing KaperingDick???

Opinion: The Colin Kaepernick spectacle needs to end now

Lets ruin ourselves, playing a sport that makes me go ..Meh!!

U.S. Women’s Soccer wears BLM jackets during Friday exhibition

Nothing to see here!! Move along you sheep!!

Dominion Rep Who Scanned Ballots in Georgia County Where Thousands of Trump Votes Were Uncounted Also Worked for Kamala Harris


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

So having a hissy fit over Feds in your lousy city has gotten you…gassed!! And Booed…


Portland Mayor Gets ‘Booed By Residents, Gassed By Feds’ During Day 58 of Protests 


Listen closely—the threat I am describing is not years away, it is not even months away, it is days away. Yes, absolutely, we are days away from the new excuse the Democrats are preparing to use to wipe out both the First and Second Amendments to the Constitution.

I’d say no. But if they teach the truth about the violence and terror Islam has brought onto the Earth…Then yes!

Biden Says Schools Should Teach About Islam, Quotes Muhammad During ‘Million Muslim Voters’ Summit 

This sumbitch ….

Trophy Pic Of BLM Soldiers Holding Down And Kneeling On White Baby’s Neck Ignored By Mainline Media

As opposed to the Demo Rat Flu….

Nancy Pelosi Brands Coronavirus The “Trump Virus”

Kalifornistan…Bringing the stupid..

California State U. to Require Course on Ethnic Studies, Social Justice


McCloskey Prosecutor Ordered Inoperable Gun Made “Lethal”

Bingo! It is all the Left wants. To beat Trump and they don’t care who gets destroyed along the way…

Hurting Americans to Beat Trump

Not a problem here. And have not paid much attention to ammo stocks in stores.

The Covid Ammo Panic

A Context On The Ammo Shortage

Preparation. Is important.

Five UPS Workers Busted In Gun Theft Ring

No comment …


Untested Man Informed by State Health Department That He’s COVID-19 Positive

Good …

Trade group: “There has never been a sustained surge in firearm sales quite like what we are in the midst of”


Ridiculous ……

The truth will set you free..

Will also piss off those whom don’t want you to hear it…

Terror-Linked CAIR Sues Arizona Community College for Teaching the Truth about Islam and Terrorism

Gun free zones, cop free zones. What could possibly go wrong…???

School Districts Across The Country Move To Cut Contracts With Local Police After Minneapolis Public School Voted to End Its Contract With MPD

Now how would Trump have done this??

New York Times Columnist Paul Krugman: Trump may have cooked the books for strong May jobs report

TDS I guess…

I would have to say, some would say, Oh Hell No!!!

‘We will take over!’: Aussie Muslim leader says riots an “opportunity” for Muslims to seize global leadership and impose Sharia


Defund the Police… Because Climate Change


DailyKos: It’s OK for Climate Alarmists to Make Things Up Out of Thin Air


Ridiculous …

Controlling the narrative…

Dear Governor Walz

Can’t have anyone disagree with our DemocRat Governor…Or point out his failings and lack of leadership…


Makes me wonder how much this bitch is being paid by China?

Or possibly China owns her?

Nancy Pelosi Blocking Investigation into Chinese Coronavirus Origins, Tax Money to Wuhan Lab 



We get the leaders we deserve

Because way to many voters are non-thinking sheep. Only hearing platitudes and promises. Never actually considering or thinking about what is being said.



Majority of Danish Muslims Wish to Make Criticising Islam Illegal, Minister Says Integrate or Leave


So it goes…..

Bethel University’s Left Wing Ideological Bias

But it seems to be the same at all colleges these days..



The Texas Terror Connection To Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison’s Minneapolis District

The Texas Terror Connection To Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison’s Minneapolis District.

The terrorist threat emanates from the Minneapolis neighborhood known as “Little Mogadishu,” home to one of the highest concentration of Somali immigrants in the USA.

The Little Mogadishu neighborhood is represented by Democrat congressman

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN)


, who liberals proudly tout as the first Muslim-American Congressman. Ellison – who famously swore his oath of office on a Koran – has been a key player in public attacks on those seeking to expose the threat of radical Islam, including former Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann and Texas Congressman

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX)




Cartoonists are Controversial and Murderers are Moderate

Cartoonists are Controversial and Murderers are Moderate.

While the police were still checking cars for explosives and attendees waited to be released, CNN called AFDI, rather than the terrorists who attacked a cartoon contest, “intolerant.” Time dubbed the group “controversial.” The Washington Post called the contest, “provocative.”

Many media outlets relied on the expert opinion of the Southern Poverty Law Center, a multi-million dollar mail order scam disguised as a civil rights group, which had listed AFDI as a hate group. Also listed as hate groups were a number of single author blogs, including mine, a brand of gun oil and a bar sign.

Progressive Tolerance….

They tolerate Islamic Hate.

Call those that do not, Islamaphobes..

They hate Christians and want them dead….

So who is intolerant?

Whom are the haters?

Progressives, LIEberals, Leftists, DemocRATS! All one and the same.

And they wonder why I cling to my Faith, Freedom and Firearms!!
If they intend to make me change, they best get over their fear of firearms…

Because they will need them!