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The Bible! Polls! Magazines! Stupid!

Holly-weird realizes that People actually watched History Channels ‘The Bible‘. So now they are going to do a sequel..On NBC..Somewhat leery of this. As we know how the lame-stream feels about any religion besides their current favorite…Islam and the Mooslims..

At least the same folks that made the first go around is doing the sequel..

2nd coming: Hollywood not done with ‘Bible’

If they screw this up…They may as well shoot themselves in the foot…I’ll help..


Polls say…You suck!

Buck Ofama’s numbers dropping? People ‘unliking’ him. Well I never liked the SOB so..

Poll: Obama’s approval hits record lows


Lets see the politicians passing laws prohibiting these magazines, collect them! Not sending LEOs to do their dirty work…The politicians themselves!!

Sticking It To The Man: Gun Maker Gives Away Free 30 Round Mags Ahead Of Colorado Ban


Stupid..Lets see how well this works!!

Monday Afternoon Laugh: HuffPo Contributor Calls For Sex Strike Until Texas Pols Liberate Abortion



Guns Seized! Life! Liar! Doomed! Posers! Illegals! Deen. Thunder!!

Apparently they should have securely stashed a few…here, there, everywhere!

Canadian Police Seize Guns from Homes After Town is Flooded: Residents Furious


I agree. The Government has no damn business knowing anything about a person.

Because when they know to much…Look what around and see what is happening..Your either a sheep or a wolf…Which are you?

My Private Life.. and Guns


Only the Intolerant Call Christianity Intolerant, Expect Silence No Longer (via http://www.thebrennerbrief.com)

Let us give thanks that God shed his grace on thee. For we can receive that grace due to the death of Jesus Christ, the greatest prognosticator and teacher of the word of God. Jesus was born, lived, and died as a man and ascended into Heaven as a Divine…


Does Buck Ofama do anything but lie?

Obama’s Enormous Climate Lies




Certainly is not happening in Minnesota!!

Midwest shows GOP how to win


The Truth About Posers

I agree. I do not offer ‘advice’ to anyone. Other then buy whatever you want!! I certainly am no ‘expert’ even though I am getting close to have the 1/2 century mark in terms of shooting and hunting…

But to offer advice? Or pretend to?



Insuring their political base and making sure they can continue to rape the American Taxpayer and LEGAL Citizen!!

Senate Votes 68-32 to Legalize Illegal Aliens


Good for Her! Ta hell with you real intolerant asswipes whom are trying to bring her down for something you have probably done yourself used the ‘N’ word!! NIGGER!!

Paula Deen Surges Past ‘Game of Thrones’ to Top Spot on Amazon


I like the Bagpipes….


Buck Ofama’s Easter! Blockhead! Guns! Sodom. Too Humble? Naked! Mayors! Good Guns!



Gun makers facing new limits urged to relocate

And why not? Go to an environment that wants them..



To humble? How humble do you think Jesus was? Some people are to stupid to listen to and one wonders why anyone does!!

Pope Francis: Too Humble?


When your holding the gun..Does not matter what your appearance is!!

Cocky Burglar Has Gun Put To His Head By Naked Man: “If You Move, I Will Shoot You.”


……..Mayors Against Illegal Guns:

A Psychological Crime Ring………………….

“Psychological crime,” the term used by Henry Ford, does not refer to an actual criminal offense (although eleven of Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG)’s members are under indictment for or have been convicted of such), but rather the abuse of another person’s trust with dishonest propaganda. Ford himself, despite his awareness of the problem, became a psychological crime victim and unwitting accomplice himself when he accepted as authentic a copy of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion from a Tsarist propagandist named Boris Brasol. This hard lesson, along with those from the three wars described above, should reinforce to every citizen the danger of dishonest and manipulative propaganda. One cannot be fined or jailed for a “psychological crime,” but the public relations counterpart of the death penalty is available for the cause that one represents. Linebarger introduced the Propaganda Man, or the hypothetical audience whom we wish to persuade to our point of view. We are his friend, and he is ours — but only until he catches us lying to him. Then it would have been better to have never tried to persuade him at all, for few enemies are more implacable than a friend whose trust we have betrayed. Ford elaborated as follows: What kills propaganda is the obvious purpose behind it. One little admixture of self-interest and your effort is wasted. You cannot preach patriotism to men for the purpose of getting them to stand still while you rob them — and get away with that kind of preaching for very long. Read more: Articles: Michael Bloomberg and Mayors Against Illegal Guns Caught Lying to the Public


Good Guns!!

Man Protects 3 Kids, Fires Shot at Masked Intruder

Armed robber killed by his intended victim


Stomp! Mooch! ‘Assault’! Proof!!

Stomp on Jesus, really? How about we stomp Dems? They would squeal quite satisfactorily now wouldn’t they?

Whiny assOs!!

Dem official to students: ‘Stomp on Jesus’


Really? The Mooch?

After naming Obama the Best Dressed Woman in the World, the magazine had this ad made to promote the issue.

Enough said!!


Three Proposed ‘Assault Weapons’ Bans Likely to Pass, 11 Likely to Fail

‘assault’ is an action, not an object~alc


Proof! But we know how the left it’s PR Firms formerly called the Media deny facts, proof or anything that points out how wrong they are!!

60% more murders follow gun control!!

States With the Most Restrictive Gun Laws
Top 8 Brady Campaign score Gun murders per 100,000 population
District of Columbia “N/A” (See end of article) 16.5
California 80 3.4
New Jersey 72 2.8
Massachusetts 65 1.8
New York 62 2.7
Connecticut 58 2.7
Hawaii 50 0.5
Maryland 45 5.1
~ ~ 35.5 total
Average of 4.4 gun murders
per 100,000 in each state

States With the Least Restrictive Gun Laws
Top 8 Brady Campaign score Gun murders per 100,000 population
Alaska 0 2.7
Arizona 0 3.6
Utah 0 0.8
Idaho 2 0.8
Kentucky 2 2.7
Louisiana 2 7.7
Montana 2 1.2
Oklahoma 2 3.0
~ ~ 22.5 total
Average of 2.8 gun murders
per 100,000 in each state

Off the Table!

Universal background checks taken off the table in Minn. House

GOOD!!! Whole damn process is unconstitutional and I want to know where the hell

Paymar…Oops Wrong picture!!

There we go..Gets his polling data from. I never nor do I know anyone was polled on this. 70%? I say BULLSHIT!!

And what the hell do these pastors think protects their 1st Amendment Rights? Or are they like one former pastor, well still a pastor, just not where I am at anymore, thinks huddling and praying will take care of all?


A number of pastors A number of pastors during Tuesday’s hearing, leading to an interesting exchange on scripture from Republican Rep. Tony Cornish, a strong gun rights supporter.

“What do you think Jesus meant in Luke in the New Testament when he said, ‘Sell your cloak and buy a sword‘?” Cornish queried. “The reason I ask is that we always get pastors coming up here and playing the moral card on us and saying we have to pass a bill when I think that Jesus would have been plenty in support of protecting his family from violence if he had to.”


BUS!! Pop-Tarts!! Last Pope? Schumer’s Junk. Benghazi. Gone Stupid.

Under the bus…Of course he blamed someone else!! It is Buck Ofama!!

Buck Ofama blames Secret Service for tour cancellation, met with skepticism by GOP reps


What Would Rahm say???

Church Celebrates 2nd Amendment, Kids Make Pop-Tart Guns During Sunday School

This past Sunday, a Chicago area church sponsored a Second Amendment Sunday filled with “assault” pop-tarts, “combat” cupcakes and a sheet-cake that featured a chocolate semi-automatic Glock handgun with a quote from JesusREAD MORE


Just because…

Pope Francis history’s ‘final’ pontiff?


Pisshead Morgan needs to go away…Like to N. Korea…They have a despot and he can go with Dennis Rodman….Two assOs gone!!

Piers Morgan: People Need Dictators and Slave Masters “Occasionally”


Check Out the Hidden Gun Transfer Junk in Schumer’s Gun Bill



What We Still Don’t Know About Benghazi

Colorado…Gone really stupid…