Quick Bits …

Where is the outrage???

22 a day, we have to work together to end Veteran suicides

About that defunding the police…



Not working to well is it??

Good question!!

De Bloviate…

NYC Mayor De Blasio Says AntiFa-BLM-RevCom ‘Protestors’ Can Continue While Canceling All Other Large Events Through September

Common sense??

Biden Announces His “Common Sense” Gun Reform Plan – and it is Worse Than You Think!

Buy Goya…

Goya Foods CEO: US ‘Blessed’ to Have a Leader Like President Trump

Good..They should be..

Gun Sales Scare the Anti-Gun Elite


Quick Bits ….

When your an asshole…

Biden Says Police Have “Become the Enemy” and Calls For Cutting Police Funding  

She has learned how to get rich at politics apparently…

Ilhan Omar has paid new husband’s consulting firm $878,000, filings show

Trump is that. Has shown how bad the ‘swamp’ is and how much Democrats hate Americans…


What can be said or done about this??

Gun-related online businesses bemoan growing Big Tech’s suppression of the Second Amendment 

Another one done…

Subway Folds on Open Carry After (Slight) Pressure from Anti-Gun Groups


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

He is so busy pandering to the ‘progressive’ movement..He has forgotten ..America!!

Joe Biden’s 4th of July Video ‘Most Anti-American’ Speech by Presidential Candidate — Ever

New cartoon on the way? Or woke and going to regret it..

Colin Kaepernick Signs Big Deal With Disney/ESPN To Create Social Justice Films Including A Docu-Series About Himself

When you trip over your own hypocrisy …

CNN Demonized Trump’s Visit to Rushmore, 4 Years Earlier Celebrated ‘Majesty’ of Bernie’s Trip

Not in my world…

Does Wearing A Mask Intefere With Lawfully Carrying A Gun?

Hmmm…What next Newsom….

Californians DEFY Governor Newsom and PANIC Democrats

When our government allows lawlessness…

You get this…

Choosing Self-Reliance: New NICS Record


Why Millions Of Americans Might Be About To Ditch City Living

Could not live in a ‘big’ city…Heck 20,000 is to big for me…

History ignored or just ‘woke’?

Minnesota Lt. Governor: Mt. Rushmore Is A “Symbol” Of “Genocide”

Don Lemon:Is a waste of oxygen…What a bag of shit..

Black Lives Matter doesn’t mean all Black lives matter, only those killed by police


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Warms my heart! And although I do not ‘need’ one right now..I almost feel it is my duty to go buy one!!

Record-Setting Gun Sales Could Leave Stores Dry

NICS Gun Data Sales up 137% Last Month, Highest June in History

But maybe….This one..

Smart man…

Black Florida sheriff has a message for would-be rioters: I will deputize gun owners if you think you can bring your lawlessness here

Independence Day Heralds in a Marxist Counter-Revolution


‘Republicans for Biden’ are Gun Owners’ Enemies Inside the Gates

Today’s politically motivated education…Fails..

Scholar forced to resign over study that found police shootings not biased against blacks

Vote Trump….Or get screwed..

Biden vows to increase taxes: I’m going to get rid of most of Trump’s tax cuts ‘and a lot of you may not like that’


Thousands of U.S. judges who broke laws or oaths remained on the bench


Doctors’ prescription: Disarm

Today in History – 2 July

1964 – U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1964 meant to prohibit segregation in public places.

One of two unspecified governors on Air Force One: Why do you want these War on Poverty and Great Society programs so much?
President Lyndon B. Johnson: I’ll have them ni**ers voting Democratic for the next two hundred years.

Just the next step in a long line of steps to get Orange Man Bad!!

MSM spreading misinformation regarding reports about Russian bounties for U.S. service members

I would support this fine lady..


Unfortunately finding similar around here, would be impossible..


Quick Bits ….

Not OK

Globalist engineered pandemic…??

They’ve Been Lying To Us

Asking for a friend….

Do not often put much stock in polls..


Race Stats for Protesters Finally Come Out, Destroy Leftist Narrative

New York Slimes again..

NYT Finds Themselves in a Blunder Over Their Botched Russia-Taliban Story

Go read it…

A Brief Look Of The 1st And 2nd Amendments


Gun Bits and Ridiculous Pieces..

Yeah..Seems that way..

Above the law: Blacks now have total immunity to commit violent crime across America… even when their violent crimes are caught on video

Wally World..Have not been in one for years..Another reason why..(Besides the fact that most of the crap is made in China and junk)…

Walmart To Stop Displaying Mississippi State Flag In Stores, Will Investigate ‘All Lives Matter’ Online Product

Everything is…BAD!!!

Garage Door Pulls and Food Label Mascots – The End of Institutional Racism

When you ignore or destroy history..It will repeat itself..

First statues, next…

In Past Eras, What’s Happened When Statues Are Toppled

But it won’t happen and the Democrats will protect them…Need the votes of criminals to win..

Criminals Tearing Down DC Statues Should Be Prosecuted. Here Are the Laws They’re Violating.

Bet they are all Democrat prosecutors..Protecting the Democrat voters..

Prosecutors dismiss looting, rioting charges against hundreds of protesters across U.S.

Reverse racism…

County in Oregon issues face mask order that exempts non-white people

The stupid is strong with this ass..

Andrew Cuomo: Destroying monuments is “a healthy expression”



Quick Bits …


Strzok nails Obama and Biden as masterminds behind Flynn probe

Never watched, saw no reason to. Now I know why..

Jon Stewart’s “Irresistible” Cheap Shot At Gun Owners

Playing stupid again…or still…

Anti-Gunners Try To Blame Police Violence On Gun Rights

What? PTA’s are still a ‘thing’?

Gun Control Invading Local PTAs Everywhere


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Excuse me? Promoting or inciting violence?? Both!!

US science mag explains how to destroy a ‘statue that you decide you no longer like’

What Freedom? What Constitution..

Seventh Circuit rules Illinois can restrict churches to 10 people

Because of stupid, sensitive, whiny little bitches…

Meet The Police Chief Forced To Step Down After Expressing Support For The 2A

Armed Demonstrators Leave Richmond Mayor With Tough Decision

How Spike In Gun Sales Will Inhibit Anti-Gun Activist Investors

People that don’t have real jobs.

Left-wing activist Shaun King Statues of Jesus Christ should be torn down, ‘form of white supremacy’

Well hell…2 old, white lying, Democrats must be better then one!!! One that’s senile and one that’s stupid…Your choice..

Dems Pressure Biden to Pick ‘Woman-of-Color’ Warren: ‘White Knight’ for the Black-Community 

The dumpster fire that 2020 has been..

Panic 2020: What’s Next?

As do all the current CNN talking heads…

Ex-CNN ‘Reporters’ Now Work for The Chinese Communist Party’s Propaganda Outfit: CGTN


Ridiculous …

As compared to damn near 100% of our current crop of  politicians!!

Roughly ’10 to 15 Percent’ of Americans Are ‘Not Very Good People,’ Says Joe Biden

Traitor: Mattis Turns His Back On The Constitution, The Military, And His Nation

Project Veritas Infiltrates AntiFa

Why you need to be armed..

When your a failure at leading..

You get booed..

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio was shouted down with boos and shouts of “F*ck you, de Blasio!”

Every time someone at Clown News Network opens their mouths…Shit falls out..

This Is CNN: Minneapolis Riots Just Like Boston Tea Party!

Educated? Indoctrinated by commie professors is more apt…

Poll: 58% of Young, College-Educated Americans Say Riots Are Justified

Yes!! They should have to defend themselves lie the rest of us peons are!!

CLASH POLL: Should Celebrities Who Want To ‘Defund The Police’ Have To Give Up Their Private Security?

This will end well…

City Council President Says Minneapolis Police Will Be Abolished

Complete anarchy…