KamalToe Is Troubled?

By the Border Patrol doing their job?

Border Patrol Agents Blow Up at Kamala Harris After She Says She’s ‘Troubled’ by Images of Agents

Yet she is not troubled by the seemingly endless stream of COVID infected illegals? And whatever else they are infected with?

Her lack of leadership is appalling..

But then we sure don’t want her ‘leading; much of anything!

Update: She approves this I bet!!


Shouldn’t Kamala be fired, too!?


White House Fires Staffers Who Once Smoked Weed, Forget to Mention Kamala Did It Too

Then-senator Harris, who was also a 2020 presidential candidate, supported legalizing marijuana at the federal level in 2019, saying that she smoked pot in college during an interview with a radio program hosted by DJ Envy, Angela Yee and Charlamagne tha God.


There ya have it!!

Let’s be fair to all, that is what the left keeps parroting, although we know it’s all bullshit…


President Kamalaho Harris …

– Get Ready For ‘President Kamala Harris’ To Be ‘Installed’ 

Don’t think so? Have you paid any attention to Biden?

His press conferences? None!!

State of the Union? Nope!!

This is the man that hid in his basement and still won, with 80 Million votes?

You buy that crap and your an idiot..

He is lost and confused when they allow him out of his cell…

I’ll be at the reloading bench and yes I have supplies…I didn’t sit on my ass the last few years, wondering and hoping it would all be fine.

It ain’t fine!!

Quick Bits …

Works for me!!

Gun grab sparks ‘Defund ATF’ movement


Formerly skeptical Kamala Harris says pic of Joe Biden getting Covid vaccine is ‘what leadership looks like’

Waste…But happens everytime  politicians try to ‘Help’…

‘Pork is heavy’! Covid stimulus bill wheeled around Congress (because it ‘cannot actually be physically carried’)


What?? Is this ‘stimulating’

‘They hate you’: Coronavirus stimulus bill includes no less than $10 million for ‘gender programs’ in Pakistan

And then there’s the pork we’ve been looking for, and it’s just as ridiculous as we’d suspected.

How the COVID relief bill turned into a climate change bill

Even AOC disagrees…


Didn’t Shillary try this??

California Girl Kamala Harris Adopts Bizarre Southern Accent While Stumping For Georgia Dems

Pandering bitch..

Chuckie…Term Limits Now!!

Gutless Chuck Schumer Supports Anti-Semites And Israel Haters

This started long ago…

The Birth of Cancel Culture and the Death of Education


2020 exposed the teachers unions for the frauds they are

What an ass wipe…

I’m Smart and I Want Respect! Cuomo’s Most ‘Fredo’ Moments of 2020

You earn respect!! You have not!!

About time..

Angry anti-lockdown protesters storm Portland’s capitol

Of course it was an ‘Unlawful Assembly’

No pillaging and looting, unlike other groups that have tearing Portland apart..

I think the answer is Yes!!!

The Morning Briefing: Will Gestapo Joe Make a Hard Run at Gun Owners Right Away?

Everytown Wants to Use Executive Actions to Gut the Second Amendment

More stimulus …. Are you stimulated??

Here’s A Breakdown Of Everything Inside The $900BN Stimulus Bill, And What It Means For The US Economy

Or oppressed? Depressed??


Ridiculous ….. And Gun Bits …

One wonders….

What will the future look like?

Politicians, we need to have fewer..

Justin Trudeau Calls For Acceleration in Replacement of Whites

And fewer Bureaucrats…

This is the scariest video I’ve seen this year

Good read..

Gun Control & Socialism: A Message from Cuba

Radical Yale psychiatrist hints at demolition of Trump-supporting America

And they think we’ll willing accept this crap??

Any which way they can…To cheat!!

Democratic Mayors & Governors Are Using Corona ‘Lockdowns’ As Election Meddling Tools

If they win, Biden is will not be President for very long!!

Watch: Kamala Harris Introduced as ‘Next President of the United States’ During Texas Campaign Event

Greg Gutfeld Knows Who Will Get Violent After Election

At Home, on the Street, and as You Drive – More Self Defense Gun Stories


Trump, the American Lion, and the Republican Cowards


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Demo Rat fail…

Police Officer Is Viciously Beaten Trying to Make Arrest, Man Films & Laughs…

This is the Left in action. This is the result of Demo Rat policies and encouraging violence…

This is war..

My bet is the Left wonders why?? See above!!

Study: New Gun Ownership Is Soaring In One Of The Bluest States In The U.S.

Pay attention. Or learn Chinese..

China “Pwns” Us: How the Chinese Are Buying Up America

The Left is having a spittle spewing fit over this…


What Comes After

What’s coming if Joe and the Ho win..

Biden-Harris Team Wants to Repeal Protective Laws, Destroy Gun Industry

The ATF. The Government entity that should not exist…

ATF Threatens to Prosecute Out-Of-Business Gun Dealers Who Comply with the Law

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/// ATF is a Bracist. /// #freethehoneybadger

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Leaks Show Multiple Companies Targeted Over Pistol Braces & History of ATF Hostility

But it’s okay. It’s blessed by the Demo Rat politicians..

Looting – a Baker’s Dozen thoughts ™