Knife Fight? Show Me Yours? BMW. FEMA. Terrorists. DOTUS. Old People.


Gun fight and you lose…

Intruder with Large Knife, Shot and Killed

Stabbed in Neck, Employee Draws Gun, Drives off Attacker


Show yours shot at me and I’ll

Show you mine…

Cottonwood man shows concealed weapon, scares off shooters



Who needs a gun when you have a BMW…Ban Beemers..

2 men lose legs in strip club fight


FEMA Camps?



Think Hunters are safe from gun grabbers?

Well think again and then you have this…

Animal Liberation Activist: ‘Hunters Are Terrorists,’ Ted Nugent Is Lex Luthor

The radical left isn’t just at war with guns, it’s after those who use them, in this case hunters. Long-time animal liberation loon Gary Yourofsky came out with the latest, saying “Hunters are terrorists of animal world,” in a March 8, 2013 piece.

Got that? Hunters are Bambi‘s al Qaeda.


President Obama’s “DOTUS” (Dog of the United States) Bo has his own motorcade. That’s right, while the White House is shuttering its doors due to the sequester, the First Dog is riding around like Snoop Dogg.


Don’t mess with old people..

Robber Confronts 81-Year-Old Man and Demands ‘Everything You Got’ — Turns Out, What He Had Was a .38-Caliber Revolver



Is sending me this.

KA-BAR-TSM Warthog Serrated Edge Blade Tactical Knife

And this!

Knight and Hale Ultimate Push/Pull Turkey Call

And this..

The knife? Because I can always use another.

The Turkey call? Becasue my Son and I are going to give turkey hunting a try this fall. Price was god and reveiws and folks I spoke with tell me it works well, especially for newbie turkey hunters! Plus we will use it as an opportunity to scout our Whitetail Deer hunting sites out.

The book. Because it is not in Kindle!! And I would like to read it!!

And it is all coming thanks to a gift card to Amazon from my son!!

Those Darn Knives!!!

Ban them!!
Running around willfully poking peple!!
Knives cannot be trusted!!
Because we know it is the “tool” and never they “tool” user!

George W. Elmore, 51, of Somerset, is charged with attempted first-degree intentional homicide, aggravated battery, first-degree reckless injury, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Look a saint and an angel I am sure as Mom, Sister and Aunt would attest if given the chance!!
Goes to church I bet also!!