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Second Amendment rights we’re fighting for – are you in?



Right to Keep and Bear Arms Amendment to the Minnesota Constitution

This fundamental right is guaranteed in 46 other states’ constitutions…but not in Minnesota. It’s long past time to enshrine this right in our own state’s highest law.

Ban “Emergency” Orders for Gun Confiscation*

Remember when police went door to door after Hurricane Katrina, confiscating people’s self defense firearms just when they were needed most? Governor Dayton could make such an order tomorrow. That option should be off the table.

Gun Confiscation

Legalize Firearm Suppressors

These important safety devices not only make shooting quieter and more enjoyable, but they can keep you from permanently damaging your hearing if you have to fire a gun in your home. They’re legal in 39 other states. Why not Minnesota?

Legalize Suppressors

Constitutional Carry

We don’t pay a fee to speak. We don’t have to pass a background check to go to church. We don’t have to take a class before we can gather in a group. So why do we have to do all that to exercise our Second Amendment rights? Like all gun control, all of these hurdles serve to delay and deny a fundamental right to those who need it most, and can afford it least.

Stop Police Departments from Delaying Purchase Permits

The Legislature gave police chiefs and sheriffs seven days to process permits to purchase a pistol or “scary black rifle.” Most do just fine, but some departments take three, four, or even five weeks to process these permits. We need to make sure that all public servants follow the law: A right delayed is a right denied!

Remove Redundant Capitol Complex Carry Notification

Did you remember to redundantly notify the Commissioner of Public Safety that your permit info is already in her permit database? It’s time to fix this law, which stopped making sense in 2003 when the Legislature gave the D.P.S. $1.2 million to create that statewide database.

Self Defense Law Reform*

Under current state law, your right to self defense decreases the moment you step outside your door. Court cases have completely rewritten the plain language of Minnesota statutes, to the point where you practically need a law degree to understand what your rights are – and what will get you locked up for life. Should law abiding citizens be coerced into surrendering their property, their right to move freely, and even their lives, to violent criminals?

* This legislation passed the House and Senate in 2012, before being vetoed by Governor Dayton.

Please ask gun owners and civil rights supporters to sign up for these alerts at http://www.gocra.org/join.html



Looking at a few tables here

Which divides the State’s Legislatures into Red (Fulltime) and Blue (Part time).

Red Legislatures

Red legislatures require the most time of legislators, usually 80 percent or more of a full-time job. They have large staffs. In most Red states, legislators are paid enough to make a living without requiring outside income. These legislatures are more similar to Congress than are the other state legislatures. Most of the nation’s largest population states fall in this category. Because there are marked differences within the category, we have subdivided the Red states. Those in Red generally spend more time on the job because their sessions are longer and their districts larger than those in Red Lite. As a result, they tend to have more staff and are compensated at a higher rate. Within subcategories, states are listed alphabetically.

Blue Legislatures

In the Blue states, on average lawmakers spend the equivalent of half of a full-time job doing legislative work. The compensation they receive for this work is quite low and requires them to have other sources of income in order to make a living. The blue states have relatively small staffs. They are often called traditional or citizen legislatures and they are most often found in the smallest population, more rural states. Again, NCSL has divided these states into two groups. The legislatures in Blue are the most traditional or citizen legislatures. The legislatures in Blue Lite are slightly less traditional. States are listed alphabetically within subcategories.

Now think about the States that are in debt, restrict Freedom and have higher tax rates…

Just saying……


By those evil Gun Rights Activist!!!

GUN LAW HEARINGS: Overflowing crowd at Minnesota Capitol – KMSP-TV

A huge crowd gathered outside the House hearing room, forcing some spectators into an overflow room and filling the basement. Gun rights supporters packed every available seat in three separate rooms.

Oh yeah!!

“I look at this and I see an egregious, an egregious attack on the Second Amendment.” – Rep. Jim Newberger (R-Becker), a paramedic, speaking about a proposed bill on tighter gun background checks

“If we want to arm teachers, if we want to have armed security guards, if we want to put shooters at the scene who can actually do something, Legislatures are saying ‘no’ and pretending these worthless gun bills are going to do any good — which they won’t,” said Republican Rep. Tony Cornish, of Good Thunder.

Looks like they woke some folks up with their antics..

Molon Labe