It’s just kindly old grandpa Joe who loves you and doesn’t have mean tweets and oh wait he’s an egomaniac who thinks he’s your god-king:

Grandpa Joe: “No one f***s with a Biden.”

I’m thinking there are plenty whom would love the opportunity given the chance you senile old goat!!



Really Biden??

Your an effing idiot…

You have done what since your party stole the damn election?

Not. One. Damn. Thing.

That has helped Americans and you have to gall to say that?

You have divided Americans worse then that POS Obama!!

Judas! Open your eyes asshole and quit listening to all those damn America haters and communists!

Yeah..That ain’t gonna happen!

Your to fricking bought and paid for..

Besides being a frigging demented old asshole!!

YIIKES!! Look at my blood pressure!!


Biden. Demented Old Fool ..

Opens mouth.

Shit falls out!

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