Liberals ..

From The Tactical Hermit ..

Liberal s obviously have no clue or are just plain ignorant when it comes to our basic Rights and the Constitution the protects those Rights..

Know Your Enemies: Liberal Hate on Parade

And I bet the same Liberals have no problem whatsoever with this!

Modern Crime: 80 Looters in Ski-Mask Commit Flash Mob Robbery in California Mall

But that is quite obvious since the rise of BLM and Antifa. how many lives and businesses have they destroyed in the name of ‘justice’?

And our ‘Democratic’ politicians support this shit!

These clowns are completely deranged and sick.



Ridiculous ….

Liberals are pretty much confused…

Liberals Are Confused About the Definition of “Coyote”

While you might classify the people smuggling illegals over the border as animals, there is technically a difference. If You Don’t Know That ‘Coyotes’ Are Human Smugglers, Shut Up About The Border Not only do the ACLU, Biden and others have some confusion about the term “coyote,” they are also lying about a certain lawsuit. The report claims that “the parents of 545 children still can’t be found,


Name calling, is what the Biden does best..

Corrupt Joe Biden Calls Americans Who Don’t Support Him “CHUMPS”

The jackwagon is good at being divisive…

Hey Slow Joe…The Tyrant in you is coming out…

Biden Vows To Mandate Masks in ‘All Interstate Transportation’

What?? CNN??? Impossible!!

This ranks high on the stupid level…

Chelsea Handler: “I had to remind” 50 Cent he was black, so “he can’t vote for Trump”

Pay attention. The American Left wants to control everything you say and do. Like Communists…Or NAZIs.

So many people are ignoring the left’s glaring authoritarian impulse


– CDC Report Indicates Masks May Increase Chance of Infection with COVID or Other Respiratory Illnesses 

Stuff it…

– University of Minnesota Lecture Features 12 Step Recovery Program for Whiteness 

Shut up!!

– Klobuchar Says Senate Should be Working on Stimulus, but Voted Against COVID-19 Relief Last Month 

Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Misleading..But it’s what the Anti’s do..

New “Study” On Gun Culture Really An Attack On 2A Activism

Silence!! You may only say what we approve!!

Liberal’s All-Out Assault On Free Speech

Because this keeps us from having to do our jobs! Representing the People!!

Mad Maxine: ‘Absolutely’ We Will Pursue Trump’s Financial Records – Even If He LOSES

And keep buying points and votes from idiots….

Why is this allowed…Oh wait MONEY!!!

George Soros Doubles Down on Promise to Take Out Trump

Not ridiculous…Sad…

Army’s ‘Captain America’ who served nearly 12 combat tours dies by suicide after moving to DC

RIP Hero..

Play stupid games ….


Ridiculous …..

Now we know why Biden sounds like an idiot..

Biden Adviser: Antifa Just ‘A Loose Collection Of People On The Internet,’ Not Terrorists

Dumbasses advising him…

More Joe…There is a victim!! Dance in his blood!!

DISGUSTING: Joe Biden Sends Out Fundraising Email Using George Floyd’s Dying Words

So protesting in large groups is not a problem??

‘Grossly Irresponsible’: Public Health Experts Rip RNC And Trump For Seeking To Hold Full Convention Amid Pandemic

One asks whom is incompetent here…

Because people displaying those evil guns are dangerous..As opposed to those throwing rock, bricks, Molotov cocktails, burning and looting…

Michigan Anti-Lockdown Protesters Had Their Phone Data Tracked — Floyd Protesters Did Not

And apparently looters and rioters cannot get the Chinese Virus..

Shows how worried they are. Control some, but let animals run wild..

WTF? Public Health And Disease ‘Experts’ Support Anti-Racism Protests Despite COVID Fears

Makes me laugh…Poor little soy boy better get back in Mom’s basement where he will be safe!

WATCH: Antifa Tinkerpot Gets Shrapnel In The Leg And Cries Like A Baby

This would turn out well. Mostly for the bad guys…

Give The Liberal Mob What It Wants And ‘Defund’ Police

Exception being those of us whom give a damn and take personal responsibility seriously..

When your an idiot. journalist who works for CNN…

Chris Cuomo demands to know where it says protests must be ‘peaceful.’ Then he gets a lesson on the Constitution.


News/Gun Bits …TDS…

Deranged Left…Because apparently a terrorist is some type of leftist hero and media darling…

In Redux of Iraq War Run Up, Media Cheers on Assassination of Soleimani

This guy…is a shit..

Kaepernick Draws Heat After Tweeting About ‘American Terrorist Attacks Against Black and Brown People’

Not sure who this guy is, but apparently there was some pat each other on the back and awards show for stupid shit..

And this …

Ricky Gervais is the hero we need

‘F**K OFF’: Ricky Gervais Blasts Hollywood For Lecturing World, Politicizing Everything, Trolls Them Over Epstein

Again no clue who he is, but may have to find out..


Okay. Fine. Pull out and see how that works out for them..

Iraqi parliament votes to take action against US for airstrike that killed Soleimani

Ungrateful sheet heads…


Democrats Hate Trump So Much They’re Siding With Iran

More of the same…

Pelosi to Introduce War Powers Resolution to “Limit the President’s Military Actions Regarding Iran”

This may or may not be satire..I’ll leave that up to you…

Liz Warren: I Would Have Impeached Soleimani Rather Than Killing

Someone should ‘do’ this asshole…

‘We’ll Do It For Half’: George Lopez Responds To Iran Bounty On Trump With A Threat Of His Own

Terrorist supporting Muslim bitches…

The Squad, Ocasio-Cortez, Omar, Tlaib Accuse President Trump of Committing ‘War Crimes’


Assholes seem to have forgotten this…

FLASHBACK: Obama launches 2,800 strikes on Iraq, Syria without congressional approval

Yeah…effing hypocrites…

Now this is a good thing!!!

Donald Trump to sign executive order to dramatically reduce funding of United Nations

Boot the UN!!











If You Ask A Leftist…

If you ask a leftist about the facts of when life begins, he or she will call you a sexist and claim you hate healthy women.

If you ask a leftist about a reasonable, sustainable border reform policy, he or she will call you racist and xenophobic.

If you ask a leftist about the fact of a zero success rate for socialism, he or she will call you a greedy, compassionless crony.

If a leftist asks the wrong question about guns…