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Morning Miscellany ……………….

Natural rights are those we are born with..

Life, Liberty, the Pursuit of Happiness..

To help us protect those Rights, we need things like the 2nd Amendment.

But there are those whom would limit those Rights..

Especially groups of ‘special people’, whom although have the same ‘Rights’ as everyone else, demand ‘additional’ Rights’, which are really not rights just special privileges…

Is why we need to fight to keep the 2nd Amendment..

Because without it…We will have no Life, Liberty, nor Pursuit of Happiness..



Hollywood is filled with it.

The only ’cause’ they worry about is one that puts them in the limelight, and lines their pockets.



The left slams those evil Conservative Koch Brothers for all their ‘Money’..

Yet willing accepts money from George Soros, a super rich leftist…

Whose own past is filled with more evil then the Koch Brothers could ever equal..

Hypocrisy….Is the Left..


Family planning..

Is a good idea..

Somehow, but how does one convince them?




When The Hell…

Are the Repuplikans in Washington going to wake up and realize the DemoncRATS and Buck Ofama are not going to compromise and work with them?

There is no compromise..The DemoncRATS and Buck Ofama are going to get what they want if we do not wake up..The current crop of RINOs, Led by Boehner, McCain, Graham, Cantor, McConell, etc…Either replaced or they grow a pair, which there is very little likelihood of. It seems the Repuplikans try to be to nice and compromise as to not ‘upset’ the Left. Hell the left these days is filled with ‘upset’ nutjobs, Pelosi, Boxer, Waxman, Grayson, Feinstein etc. These people want one thing. total and complete control. And one party rule with a pissant dictator as Leader..

So the Repuplikans waffle back and forth, compromising, occasionally trying to sound ‘Conservative’, which mostly sounds like a little dog yapping away through the window at you..Harmless and meaningless…

Oh we have a few that stand up to the DemoncRATS, but not nearly enough and with what was once ‘news’ is now the Propaganda Ministry for the Left…

So we move from one scandal and crisis to another, with a broken system and failed leadership and Government…The constant attacks on Americans, real Americans that believe in God, Country, Liberty and Freedom are tiresome, aggravating and maddening.

Our Freedoms are lost daily and with them go Liberty. The constant attacks on our Faith, in the name of tolerance or some dumbass made up LIEberal crap and the giving away of our Great Nation through illegals and selling ourselves to the Chinese are slowly sinking us into a quagmire so deep we may never get out.

We need to stand up and make ourselves heard…I wonder how many people I know, work with, are friends with, that profess to have the same values and beliefs as I do are just sitting there silently waiting? For what? Others to do something? How many have ‘given’ up and accepted their fate?

So far I have used the soap box, I once tried the ballot box, running for public office, sought the GOP nomination for State Rep, pushed the good old boys to the limit before they got their candidate in. They came back to me twice to see if I was interested in being the endorsed candidate after their pick stumbled and bumbled around doing little before losing the election. Sought a school board spot and did well, although not quite enough..and had been pretty active in the local BPOU and have made a name for myself, good or bad, as a ‘bulldog’ when going after Politicians. Hell our current Socialist State Rep David Bly has actually sent me emails telling me to stop sending to him and has blocked me from following his twitter feed @DBLY.

But I continue to let all my Local, State and National PolitiCRITTERS know where I stand with a constant barrage of emails, letters, following the social media sites and an occasional letter to the editor, for which I am often complimented on by those on the Right and vilely chastised and attacked by the LIEberals and loons we have locally…My poor MBWITW has actually taken crap from folks when the idiots figure out who she is and married to..At which point I point out to them  that if they ever do that again, I will bring hellfire down upon them…If they think not they need to speak to a few ‘Teachers’ that crossed me by pulling some asinine stunt with one of my sons. Ever have a teacher get up when you show up at conferences and walk away looking for an ‘Administrator’? Because they won’t talk to myself or MBWITW?

For one whom was once happy to live blissfully and happily, to one now angry. upset and fed up with Government and those whom are constantly telling, dictating and demanding I live a certain way, accept their version of my fate and future…

I say one thing… to those whom would try to do that…Leave me the hell alone, My Faith, Family, Freedom and Liberty…Or I will step on the next box.

The bullet box…

Morning Prayer…

Dear God, I will attempt today to NOT be disgusted, angry, fed up, pissed off and generally wish ill will on those whom want to stifle my Rights to Worship you, Praise you, stifle my Right to Free Speech, my Right to protect myself and family from these same people and my Rights to live Free and Prosper.
Liberty and Freedom of choice come from you.
Not some false pResident in a clown suit!
In Your Name, Amen.
Okay that’s an attempt!!
Now to reload some ammo, clean some guns, check my EDC and go to church…..Not necessarily in that order…

Kentucky? Change! Role Models? Mob Rule! Wishful Thinking!

WTH Kentucky?

Taken over by Politicians and Gun Grabbers?

Weapon RFID System Bill – Mandatory Tracking Of Kentucky’s Gun Owners


Why Washington must be changed!

Obama, Boehner and all the others career Politicritters, both Repuplikans and DhimmicRATS!!


Role Models?

These murderers?

Should tell you all you need to know about Al Qaeda!!!

Boston Marathon suspects role models?


Mob  rule the clamoring of many over the Rights of individuals…

We’ve seen how that works out with the lazy parasites demanding their needs , wants, desires be fulfilled…For free!!

Free Speech is Threatened by Mob Rule (via www.libertyneversleeps.com)

Free speech is under attack again. The concept of mob rule is sweeping over America in terrible fashion and it is going to brush away many of our constitutional rights. The latest victim in this foaming frenzy of political correctness is rodeo clown…


Liberty, Freedom, Rights, our Constitution protects them and our elected officials swear to protect them…

And the President is expected to do so also…

Wouldn’t It Be Something If We Had A President Who Believed In Liberty? (via Techdirt)

Dan Gillmor has an absolutely fantastic “wishful thinking” speech he’d love to see from a future Presidential candidate, one in which liberty takes a front seat, rather than is seen as something that needs to be chipped away. Go read the whole thing…

Liberty! Bush! Foreign? Above the Law? Open What? Vegans! Blame Pills! The Nuge!

God who gave us life gave us Liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be secure when we have removed a conviction that these liberties are the gift of God? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever.” —Thomas Jefferson (1774)


Our Father, Who art in heaven
Hallowed be Thy Name;
Thy kingdom come,
Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive those who trespass against us;
and lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. Amen.


Liberty was not given to us by some damn Politician, Government official, Despot, Dictator, Pointless President..

Was given to us by our Maker..Now if you do not believe that.

Try to take mine away…


Liberty — Endowed by Whom?


G.W.Bush at least knew how to treat our Armed forces members and with RESPECT.

Something Buck Ofama knows nothing about!!


How To Thank A Soldier, By George W. Bush


But, but, but….He is pResident? How can he be pResident if not born in the US of A??

Whistleblower says Obama received financial aid as foreign student



Oh really?

Try breaking into my house?

Harming my family!

Assaulting or attacking me!

Harming anyone I know!
I’ll show you law of the land…

Dallas CAIR Director: “Muslims Are Above the Law of the Land.”


Open society? Whom made this determination?

Government, out of control, oppressive, regressive..time to change..

This is beyond Government’s ‘Rights’ they have no ‘Rights’ they rule by the will of the People. Whom have Rights!!



Eating meat made humans smarter, which concisely explains vegans.  These vitamin B12 deficient vapid dolts will slowly descend into madess from the lack of B12 stores in their livers.


Lemme guess…They’ll blame the damn pills!!!

Gun Accidents Falling: Addiction Deaths Linked to Rx Overprescription Rising


I’d vote for The Nuge!! Hell people voted for nutjob Jesse Ventura!!

Ted Nugent weighing White House bid

Lost! Attack! Pro Gun Gov! Gorebul! Facism!

Courts taking our rights away..

Court narrows right to remain silent

Judge Orders Fourteen-Year-Old Child Ground Into Hamburger


Freedom? Not in North Chicago Milwaukee..Apparently someone(s) are trying to limit the ‘Rights’ of the elected Sheriff…I think he should arrest the county board for violating his Rights to Free Speech!!

Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke Encourages Gun Ownership, Now Under Attack by County Board


Damn…Markie Dayton would never do anything like this…Of course with the libtarded controlled House and Senate here and politicians like M. Paymar and D. Bly…Both big government loving dipwads you will never see legislation supporting gun rights, Freedom, Liberty and such! But ‘Green Energy‘ crap, Same Sex marriage, Pro Choice and such, plus tax the hell out of us to support their version of Progress (supporting their union overlords) damn straight..

Texas Governor Rick Perry Signs All Gun Bills


Al ‘Clueless’ Gore, Snakeoil Salesman..Sold the sheeple a hoax and made millions off of it..

The Continuing Collapse of the Global Warming Hoax

Insert Buck Ofama instead of Peron…

In the 1940s, Argentina’s Juan Domingo Perón used government agencies for political gain and created a popular form of fascism called Perónism. In the United States, the recent revelation of the Internal Revenue Service targeting political enemies is a bad omen. Are we on an Argentinean course?

Don’t Cry for Me, America: Comparing Argentina and the United States


Why. Bolsheviks. Respectable? Islam.Joe.

A must see video on why Gals need guns…Why we all need guns..


Is they can see this….Why can’t America?

Via an email link from a lurker follower..

The rise of Bolshevik America?

Americans seem to have forgotten we are the Land of the Free with Liberty and Justice for ALL!

Not just for whom the leftists, Bolsheviks trying to take over, seem to think should have it…

Resist Buck Ofama and his corrupting of America!!


Highly respectable?

The New York Times??

What the heck are they smoking and reading?


Why Russia is stooping adoptions by Americans?

Their view of how Americans treat and raise adopted Russian children..

Jessica Bigley became famous overnight not only in her state of Alaska, but also far beyond its borders. All thanks to a home video, which she sent to a popular TV show. The footage shows the woman making her adoptive boy from Russia rinse his mouth with hot pepper sauce, forbidding him to spit it out. Afterwards, she made the child stand under a cold shower. The boy can be heard screaming and begging the woman to stop the tortures. Click here to see the video.

Would you allow this. Why is it not punished harshly and with malice?

It should be..


Islam’s Most Influential Cleric Qaradawi: “If they had gotten rid of the apostasy punishment Islam wouldn’t exist today”

If the punishment for leaving Islam weren’t death, there would be no Islam.

So in other words if you were not murderous SOBs every time someone disagreed with you, you would not exist? Says a hell of a lot about your cult!!


Anonymous..War has begun…


VP Joe Biden, like his Overlord Buck Ofama..Opens mouth and says shit completely out of touch…The Government is We the People…No we are the Government because you elected us..