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Facebook Black Friday…

And you will not find me shopping in any way shape or form with the Hordes of Crazed shoppers out there!!

Nothing I need that bad…

But I do have to take the MBWITW for here yearly Mammogram and today she has to have her Thyroid Biopsied.

But all will be well because she beat the Big “C” and it ain’t returning to her!!

Possibly stop and pick groceries up, but that is all..




Reason #40 to Defeat Barack Obama:

The Debates, Part III

Barack Obama came out fighting – or more accurately, complaining – in his debate with pro-life opponent Mitt Romney Tuesday night.

Obama was more aggressive than in his “sit down and snooze” performance of the first debate, but he was no more presidential. Complaining and whining are not ways to lead or get the job done . . . and Americans are making it clear in polls that they want a president who will act and provide some solutions to the problems of the day. He offered precious few in this debate.

Given the scandals that have rocked Planned Parenthood recently, it’s odd the president would choose that topic as one of his main lines of attack, or rather, complaint. He groused that Romney would de-fund Planned Parenthood, falsely suggested Planned Parenthood does mammograms, and that Romney was somehow extreme for wanting to stop giving Planned Parenthood the hard-earned money of U.S. taxpayers.

Obama never mentioned that the reason Romney and millions of other American taxpayers want to end federal funding is that Planned Parenthood kills 330,000 unborn babies every year in its ever-expanding abortion business. No American who believes abortion is the direct taking of a human life should have to pay to support the organization that commits those acts. Romney is actually a hero for standing up to their abuse.

Obama tried to paint a rosy picture of Planned Parenthood, saying women “rely on it for mammograms.” That was the subject of another recent controversy, after which Planned Parenthood affiliates acknowledged that they do not do mammograms, but rather refer women to other health care entities to have the tests done. Since any other federal grantee could do the same, or in some cases even perform the mammograms themselves, it’s disingenuous of the president to imply that the mammograms Planned Parenthood refers out would not be done if their taxpayer-provided money was taken away.

One of the reasons Obama might be defending Planned Parenthood so strenuously, even as the organization grows more unpopular, is that its political action committee has committed significant resources to the effort to re-elect Barack Obama. They’ve spent millions in broadcast ads in swing states to demonize Romney, even though Romney’s position on issues like abortion is in line with the majority of Americans and Obama’s support for abortion on demand is clearly not.

Obama also complained about Mitt Romney’s opposition to the Obamacare mandate, the rule that requires religious institutions like schools and hospitals to pay for health insurance plans that provide drugs and procedures that violate the groups’ religious convictions.

Obama grumbled that Romney would let employers decide if these items would be in the health insurance they provide. But Romney is right to insist that employers not be required to provide coverage for items they find morally objectionable. According to CNN Fact Check, Romney “supported a Senate amendment that would have allowed employers to opt out of providing health care coverage they disagreed with on moral grounds.”

Is there any position more reasonable – more American – than this protection of conscience rights? Unfortunately, the amendment Romney supported was killed in the Senate in March.

For all these reasons and many more, the National Right to Life Victory Fund is working feverishly to defeat Barack Obama, elect pro-life Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, and elect a pro-life U.S. Senate and House on November 6th.

Of the many tools we have to reach and persuade voters to get to the polls and vote pro-life, two in particular still need your help! We can buy more radio ads if you contribute up until the week before the election, and we can buy more get-out-the-vote phone calls with contributions right up until the day before the election!

Don’t let pro-abortion Barack Obama squeak through with his misrepresentations of Mitt Romney’s positions and his twisting of the views of pro-life Americans. There are millions of us – concerned, compassionate citizens who just want to see the killing stopped. Please help us end the killing with your generous support of the National Right to Life Victory Fund today!

Thank you!

Carol Tobias,

National Right to Life

Komen for the Cure

Komen for the Cure caught in mammography propaganda fraud;

We have stopped supporting mainly becasue of the Planned Murder they supported with funding. The MBWITW, an 8 year survivor now, would have nothing to do with them after that fiasco.

This just reinforces our decision..