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That would work well…

Would you put a sign in your yard that says your home is a gun-free home, to support gun control?


Does 11.5 million hunters count???

Since the Second Amendment to the US Constitution was designed as a check on government and specifically mentions militias, why has there been a vast increase in gun ownership but not militias?


Government does not ‘grant’ the Right to self protection and preservation…That is a Human Right!!!

I understood that the 2nd amendment doesn’t literally say a USA citizen has the right to own a weapon. How did it become a constitutional right?


No! As in HELL NO!!

Do you own a gun? Would you be willing to give it up if the law stated you had to?



The Second Amendment was created over 200 years ago. Why is it in any way relevant today?


As much as I can…

How much ammunition does a licensed concealed carry firearm holder usually carry?


Democrats, not having enough to do apparently…

Minnesota Democrats Introduce Bill Mandating What Drinks Restaurants Can Serve with Children’s Meals



Say no to Bloomberg..

As President, Billionaire Mike Bloomberg Vows to Increase Refugee Admissions 694 Percent to 125,000 a Year

And say no to Democrats!!

‘The Most Radical Piece of Immigration Legislation’: Experts, GOP React to Democratic ‘New Way Forward’ Bill


What. The. Hell?

Public education…Fail..

School decides to expel children for what they do and say AT HOME!


Inquiring minds would like to know…

Why Wasn’t Andrew McCabe Charged?