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I see a post like this and …


It is posted by a nurse or physician..

and I want to post ..

I see many posting this. Many folks. What I don’t see is how many of them have never worked outside of an antiseptic ER or Hospital and had to kneel on a barn floor, walk across a shit covered bathroom floor and pick a patient up. A blood smeared kitchen floor, a muddy ditch. Ride a 4 wheeler back into a mosquito infested swamp to take care of and bring someone out. A floor so dirty your not sure what your kneeling in, a bar room floor. What always amazes me is then upon arrival at their antiseptic ER they would ask why we did not ‘clean’ the patient up! The response I always wanted to use…”Because we did not have the trailer with the bath/shower hooked up to the ambulance when the call went out you stupid, effing, bitch/assO…”

But I never did.