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Guns ‘n’ Freedom

Guns ‘n’ Freedom


Guns and freedom come together or they go together.

  1. Actor Vince Vaughn: Bearing Arms Is For Abusive Government – 2015-06-02 06:53:43-04
    Actor Vince Vaughn–Old School, Wedding Crashers, True Detective–told British GQ magazine that Americans ultimately have the right to bear arms in order to resist “the supreme power of a corrupt and abusive government.” In the same sitting he explained that the right to bear arms is an individual right and that banning guns from schools Continue reading here…
  2. 70 Year Old Homeowner Shoots Invader – 2015-06-02 07:05:07-04
    Around 2a.m. on Sunday morning the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a burglary where shots were fired at a home off Happy Hill Road in Kingsport. When deputies arrived, the 70-year old homeowner said he woke up to someone shining a light in his bedroom window. He then observed a man standing outside, who Continue reading here…
  3. New York Mets Dress Like Inmates To Promote Gun Control – 2015-06-03 06:52:32-04
    The Mets posed in orange for a photo tweeted out on Tuesday in support of “Gun Violence Awareness Day,” which is sponsored by Michael Bloomberg’s “Everytown for Gun Safety.” The New York Mets became the first pro sports franchise to join the campaign and will today release a photo of the entire team wearing orange Continue reading here…
  4. Democrats Introduce Legislation To Outlaw All Handgun Sales – 2015-06-03 07:03:35-04
    Using the astroturf “gun violence awareness day” as a platform to launch their latest attack on guns and gun owners, Democrats today introduced two new bills that would severely restrict and possibly eliminate the ability for Americans to purchase firearms. The two bills in question are the “Handgun Trigger Safety Act,” which would require that Continue reading here…
  5. Investigation Finds White Males Are Victims of Police Shootings More Than Black Males, Almost 2:1 – 2015-06-03 15:08:25-04
    In the wake of country-wide protests in the aftermath of police shootings, the Washington Post has begun an investigation into police accountability across America.   A specific component in the study is police shootings, the majority of which have been proven to be in self-defense.  But the numbers don’t exactly line up with the rhetoric we Continue reading here…
  6. Robbery Ring Exposed After Thief Was Fatally Shot By Homeowner – 2015-06-04 06:51:30-04
    This homeowner thought the man outside his home was trying to rob him, and he wasn’t wrong. Police in Berks County say a homeowner shot a man he correctly surmised was trying to rob him. On Monday, police responded to 12 Long Lane in Boyertown for reports of a man shot to death. At the Continue reading here…
  7. Gun Control Group Holding “Unbiased” Seminar On How To Cover Gun News – 2015-06-04 07:03:42-04
    Columbia University would never sponsor an event funded by the National Rifle Association. What’s more, the idea would seem especially outlandish if most of the speakers at the event were NRA supporters. Yet, gun control advocate and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his gun control group Everytown are now funding a two-day Continue reading here…
  8. Detroit Woman with CCW Permit Uses .357 to Fight Back 3 Carjackers – 2015-06-04 13:48:10-04
    “Residents of the city need to come together and take back this city from the thugs”, said the Detroit woman who had just fired shots at two would-be carjackers.  (Video below) The woman known as C.C. was not afraid to defend herself when 3 men masked with hoods tried to take her vehicle and demanded Continue reading here…
  9. NAACP Outright Refuses to Help Black Man in Fight Over Legally Owned Firearm – 2015-06-04 14:46:15-04
    “Basically, like, I’m not getting shot by a police officer so they’re not going to come out and defend me,” said Steffon Josey-Davis, a black man who had aspired to be a police officer himself before getting into a legal fight over his firearm. (VIDEO of story below article) The NAACP has refused to help Continue reading here…
  10. D.C. Police, “We’ve Stopped Denying Gun Carry Applications”2015-06-05 09:48:45-04
    The District of Columbia Police Department said on Monday it has not issued any gun-carry permit denials since a federal judge ruled the city’s requirement that applicants show a special need to carry a firearm unconstitutional. “Since the injunction was issued, we have not issued any denials of applications,” D.C. Police spokesman Lieutenant Sean Conboy Continue reading here…
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Pro-2A bills status, Boberg pistol giveaway!


Here’s an update about what’s going on at the Capitol, at GOCRA, and around the state:

Support Your Rights – Support GOCRA:

For more than 25 years, GOCRA has fought for, protected, and won back our Second Amendment rights. We can’t do that without you, and the opposition, led by New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg, is getting more and more sophisiticated and agressive every year. Can you help us continue to fight for your rights with a new or renewing membership?


Our Pro-2A Bills:

In the House:

There are five good pro-rights bills that are awaiting a vote in the full Minnesota House. We are waiting for House GOP leadership to schedule a date for these votes. All of these bills have strong bipartisan support, and we can’t think of any reason that House Speaker Kurt Daudt would fail to schedule these five bills for next week. After all, as he told us on the front steps of the Capitol at the Gun Owners Lobby Day, less than two months ago, “We want you to know that we’re going to have your back.”

In the Senate:

The Minnesota Senate has been a real disappointment this year. While the Minnesota Senate has a pro-Second Amendment majority, the chamber, under the leadership of Majority Leader Tom Bakk, appears content to let the metro anti-rights majority, led by Sen. Ron Latz, block any pro-rights legislation from moving forward.

Senators in the DFL majority who would like to be seen as pro-2A seem to be completely unable to move their leadership on gun rights. It may be that as the 2016 election approaches, these DFLers will remember that gun control has ALWAYS been a losing issue for DFLers outside the inner cities.

Please see the end of this email for a summary of the bills.

For details about specific bills, please visit our 2015 GOCRA Bill Tracker.

Boberg Give-Away:

Boberg Pistol GiveawayOur friends at Minnesota’s own Boberg Arms have donated an XR-9S pistol, which we’ll be giving to one lucky Minnesota GOCRA supporter on June 1.

Here’s the best part: if your info is up to date (do you still live at the same place in Northfield?), you’re already entered in the drawing! If you do need to update your info, you can do it by clicking here:

As the lawyers make us say, “Some restrictions apply. No purchase necessary. See full rules for details.”

We want to thank Arne Boberg, the inventor of this fantastic pistol, for stepping up to support gun rights in Minnesota.

Bills We’re Following:

HF1434/SF1435 – Legalizing suppressors –  details
House: Passed three House committees with almost no objection; waiting for floor vote
Senate: Waiting for a Judiciary Committee hearing

HF372/SF953 Capitol Carry Notification – details
House: Passed Public Safety Committee unanimously; waiting for floor vote
Senate: Waiting for a Judiciary Committee hearing

HF722/SF___ Emergency Powers – details
House: Passed Government Operations, Civil Law, and Public Safety Committees; waiting for floor vote
Senate: Pending bill introduction

HF830/SF900 Interstate Purchase of Long Guns – details
House: Passed Public Safety Committee unanimously; waiting for floor vote
Senate: Waiting for a Judiciary Committee hearing

HF305/SF328 North Dakota Permit Recognition- details
House: Passed Public Safety Committee; waiting for floor vote
Senate: Waiting for a Judiciary Committee hearing

No action yet:

HF1993 – Stand Your Ground – Drazkowski
HF1289 – Right to Keep and Bear Arms amendment – Hackbarth


HF0302 – Muzzleloader scopes allowed – Fabian
Please ask gun owners and civil rights supporters to sign up for these alerts at http://www.gocra.org/join.html

Media BiASS: The Stupid Is Strong Here….

ABC, CBS, NBC Skip Marie Harf’s Lefty ‘Jobs for ISIS’ Idea


State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf’s statement that “we cannot win this war” against ISIS by “killing them” and suggestion that “we need…to go after the root causes” like “lack of opportunity for jobs” was even too ridiculous for a liberal like Chris Matthews to swallow. Yet this latest embarrassing moment for Barack Obama’s administration has yet to be reported on any of the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) network evening or morning shows.


CBS Excuses Grabby Joe Biden as ‘Comforting,’ ‘Friendly’


All three morning shows on Wednesday covered the latest example of Joe Biden’s awkward, close talking with women in public. However, the hosts of CBS This Morning went out of their way to excuse the Vice President’s caressing touch and whispering into the ears of the new Secretary of Defense’s wife.


NBC Continues to Promote Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration


On Wednesday’s Today, NBC offered up yet another sympathetic report for the Obama administration following Federal Judge Andrew Hanen’s decision to block implementation of President Obama’s controversial executive action on immigration.


Nets Ignore Michael Bloomberg Urging Police Take Guns from Minorities


On February 5, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg told nearly 400 people at an event in Aspen, Colorado that in order to save lives, police should actively take guns away from all male minorities between the ages of 15 and 25. The full audio was released on February 17, but the “big three” (ABC, CBS, and NBC) networks, who repeatedly promote Bloomberg’s anti-gun activism, have yet to report on his controversial anti-gun comments.


NBC Hypes ‘Growing Backlash’ Against College Refusing to Teach Nuclear Physics to Iranians


Introducing a segment on Wednesday’s NBC Today that portrayed Iranian citizens studying at a U.S. college as victims of prejudice, co-host Savannah Guthrie proclaimed: “And now we move to the growing backlash over a new policy at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. Iranian nationals are being banned from studying certain science and engineering courses there.”


CNN’s Mike Rowe Takes Howard Dean to Task for Calling Scott Walker ‘Unknowledgeable’


Responding to a question on Facebook Tuesday about left-wing pundit Howard Dean attacking Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as “unknowledgeable” for not graduating college, Mike Rowe, host of CNN’s Somebody’s Gotta Do It, dismantled Dean’s assertion and wondered if America had “confused qualifications with competency.”


Allison Williams Changes Course and Addresses Her Father’s Scandal; ‘I Know You Can Trust Him’


Hours after it was reported by The New York Observer that HBO star Allison Williams would not be addressing the situation surrounding her father and suspended NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams at a Michael Kors event on Wednesday night, Williams reversed course hours later and responded to questions during a Q&A at New York’s 92Y. According to the New York Post, Williams told event moderator and Late Night host Seth Myers that her father is “an honest man, a truthful man,” and “I know you can trust him.”

Make Sure You Vote Tomorrow!

Make Sure You Vote Tomorrow!

ACTION:  Please get to the polls by the end of tomorrow night.  There are a multitude of pro-gun candidates on the ballot this Election Day.  So please make sure you check out GOA’s 2014 Election Guide and share it with all your pro-gun friends and family.

Prospects Look Good on this Election Eve

It’s no understatement that tomorrow is a big election.

Anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg has committed to spend $50 million to help advance gun control nationwide.  And he’s already made good on his threat, spending millions of dollars on anti-gun candidates and ballot initiatives around the country.

Not surprisingly, there are reports of voter fraud surfacing in certain localities — given that many state laws make it difficult to prevent illegal aliens from voting, and the current White House has sued states which have tried to put up barriers to such illegalities.

But all of that will not matter if America’s pro-gun majority gets out and votes tomorrow.

Opinion polls indicate that Americans are disgusted with the direction our country is going, and so by Tuesday’s end, we expect that there will be a huge change in the Senate.

Even the liberal Washington Post estimates there is a 96% chance that Harry Reid will be dethroned from his position of power.  But again, this won’t happen unless pro-gun voters around the country get to the polls and change the make-up of the U.S. Senate.

The opinion polls are encouraging to be sure, but NO CHANGE will occur if good people don’t actually get out and vote.

So please utilize and circulate GOA’s 2014 Election Guide — and encourage your pro-gun family and friends to get to the polls.

Have a Happy Election Day

Tell Target Tuesday: Make the call, send the email, tweet the tweet TODAY!

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg in disguise — a.k.a. “Moms Demand Action” — is still pressuring Target stores to ban all carry .
These “checkbook activists” are buying press attention, social media exposure and petition drives to push their extreme anti-rights agenda.
Target needs to hear from us — the law-abiding, rights-respecting majority.
Please contact Target and tell them to respect your rights and the law.
(use your own words!)
  • Michael Bloomberg’s billions — wearing a dress called “Moms Demand” — is trying to rope Target into their extreme agenda
  • Don’t be bullied by a billionaire! You’re #TooSmartForBloomberg
  • Permit holders are overwhelmingly more law abiding than the general population
  • I am a law-abiding gun owner/carry permit holder
  • I am a frequent Target shopper
  • I spend my money where my rights are respected
Remember — CALM and POLITE!

Big Win for Gun Owners in Colorado

Big Win for Gun Owners in Colorado
— Bloomberg Money Helps Cochran Squeak By

Dear Friend of the Second Amendment,

Gun owners achieved a big win in Colorado during Tuesday’s elections, but also suffered a narrow loss in Mississippi.

In Colorado’s 4th Congressional District, GOA-endorsed candidate Ken Buck won his primary by an astounding 20 points.

This is great news for gun owners across the country.

Gun Owners of America doesn’t look for candidates who will merely vote right, but do nothing else. We look for strong leadership qualities and the willingness to stand up to the powerful elite in Washington D.C., and Ken Buck is that type of person.

In Mississippi, we suffered a narrow defeat in the race for U.S. Senate, with incumbent Thad Cochran garnering 50.8% of the vote to GOA-supported Chris McDaniel’s 49.2%.

Anti-gun billionaire activist Michael Bloomberg dumped $250,000 into the state to defeat McDaniel. Bloomberg has pledged to spend $50 million to push his radical gun control agenda, and GOA will continue to fight him at every turn.

Across the country, GOA supports candidates who stand 100% for your Second Amendment rights, and we thank the members and supporters who helped make Tuesday’s win possible.

Click here to chip in $10 or $20 to help us achieve even more victories.

Again, thank you for your support of the Second Amendment.


Tim Macy
Vice Chairman
Gun Owners of America

P.S. In Colorado’s 4th Congressional District, gun owners across the country gained a strong ally in Ken Buck. Ken joins other GOA-supported candidates who won their primaries, including Dave Brat (VA-7), Jody Hice (GA-10), Alex Mooney (WV-2) and Ben Sasse for Senate in Nebraska.

Correction to Saturday Alert and List of the Pro-Gun Members Who Voted to Protect the Second Amendment

Correction to Saturday Alert and List of the Pro-Gun Members Who Voted to Protect the Second Amendment

Last week, disciples of anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg staged an ambush in the House of Representatives.

Due to an error in our automated messaging system, we sent out incorrect information concerning who voted in the pro-gun or anti-gun positions.

We apologize for the error and we have contacted all Congressional offices to let them know about this issue.

If you’ve already sent a message, thank you, no further action is necessary as the problem has been fixed.  If you have yet to take action, please CLICK HERE to contact your Representative.

The vote was on a Mike Thompson (D-CA) and Peter King (R-NY) amendment to H.R. 4660, the Commerce-Justice-Science funding bill.  Both Representatives hold an “F” rating with Gun Owners of America.

Their amendment would add an additional $19.5 million to pay states to turn in more names to the federal gun-ban (NICS) list.

Already, more than 175,000 law-abiding veterans have lost their Second Amendment rights this way.  And, in states like New York, this money will pay to strip Americans of their constitutional rights, merely because they consult a psychiatrist and are prescribed a therapeutic drug.

Below are the U.S. House Members who voted NO on the Thompson-King amendment. A NO vote is the pro-gun position.

Aderholt (AL-4)

Amash (MI-3)

Bachmann (MN-6)

Barr (KY-6)

Barrow (GA-12)

Barton (TX-6)

Bentivolio (MI-11)

Bilirakis (FL-12)

Bishop (UT-1)

Black (TN-6)

Blackburn (TN-7)

Boustany (LA-3)

Brady (TX-8)

Bridenstine (OK-1)

Brooks (AL-5)

Broun (GA-10)

Burgess (TX-26)

Byrne (AL-1)

Calvert (CA-42)

Carter (TX-31)

Cassidy (LA-6)

Chabot (OH-1)

Coble (NC-6)

Cole (OK-4)

Collins (GA-9)

Collins (NY-27)

Conaway (TX-11)

Cook (CA-8)

Cotton (AR-4)

Crawford (AR-1)

Culberson (TX-7)

Daines (MT-al)

DeSantis (FL-6)

DesJarlais (TN-4)

Duncan (SC-3)

Duncan (TN-2)

Ellmers (NC-2)

Farenthold (TX-27)

Fincher (TN-8)

Fleischmann (TN-3)

Fleming (LA-4)

Flores (TX-17)

Forbes (VA-4)

Foxx (NC-5)

Franks (AZ-8)

Gardner (CO-4)

Garrett (NJ-5)

Gingrey (GA-11)

Gohmert (TX-1)

Gosar (AZ-4)

Granger (TX-12)

Graves (GA-14)

Graves (MO-6)

Griffin (AR-2)

Griffith (VA-9)

Guthrie (KY-2)

Hall (TX-4)

Harper (MS-3)

Harris (MD-1)

Hensarling (TX-5)

Holding (NC-13)

Hudson (NC-8)

Huelskamp (KS-1)

Huizenga (MI-2)

Hultgren (IL-14)

Hunter (CA-50)

Jenkins (KS-2)

Johnson (OH-6)

Johnson, Sam (TX-3)

Jordan (OH-4)

King (IA-4)

Kingston (GA-1)

Kline (MN-2)

Labrador (ID-1)

LaMalfa (CA-1)

Lamborn (CO-5)

Latta (OH-5)

Long (MO-7)

Lucas (OK-3)

Lummis (WY-al)

Marchant (TX-24)

Massie (KY-4)

McAllister (LA-5)

McCarthy (CA-23)

McCaul (TX-10)

McClintock (CA-4)

McHenry (NC-10)

Meadows (NC-11)

Messer (IN-6)

Mica (FL-7)

Miller (FL-1))

Miller (MI-10)

Mullin (OK-2)

Neugebauer (TX-19)

Nugent (FL-11)

Nunes (CA-22)

Nunnelee (MS-1)

Olson (TX-22)

Pearce (NM-2)

Perry (PA-4)

Peterson (MN-7)

Petri (WI-6)

Pittenger (NC-9)

Poe (TX-2)

Pompeo (KS-4)

Posey (FL-8)

Price (GA-6)

Rahall (WV-3)

Roby (AL-2)

Roe (TN-1)

Rogers (AL-3)

Rohrabacher (CA-48)

Rokita (IN-4)

Rooney (FL-17)

Salmon (AZ-5)

Sanford (SC-1)

Scalise (LA-1)

Schweikert (AZ-6)

Scott, Austin (GA-8)

Sessions (TX-32)

Shimkus (IL-15)

Simpson (ID-2)

Smith (MO-8)

Smith (NE-3)

Smith (TX-21)

Southerland (FL-2)

Stewart (UT-2)

Stockman (TX-36)

Stutzman (IN-3)

Terry (NE-2)

Thornberry (TX-13)

Tipton (CO-3)

Walberg (MI-7)

Walorski (IN-2)

Weber (TX-14)

Webster (FL-10)

Wenstrup (OH-2)

Westmoreland (GA-3)

Williams (TX-25)

Wilson (SC-2)

Wittman (VA-1)

Womack (AR-3)

Yoder (KS-3)

Yoho (FL-3)

Young (AK-al)