News/Gun Bits …

Bloomberg….Trying to buy it…Cause he won’t win it!!

Billionaire 2nd Amendment Hater Bloomberg, Spends Whatever It Takes To Win Presidency


Well when you open your mouth and crap falls out..

Biden Getting Slammed for Gun Violence Claim: 150 Million Americans Killed Since 2007

Biden’s Desperation Means Increased Threats to Gun Rights

Idiot. Or just senile….



‘Enforce or Resign’ Says New Mexico Governor to Sheriffs Regarding New Red Flag Law


‘I said it’: Democratic Virginia Senator Admits to Retaliating Against Sheriffs Who Supported Sanctuary Movement

Bitch…What religion is that? A Pagan one with human sacrifice??

WTF? Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Says ‘Born Alive’ Bill Takes Away Women’s ‘Religious Freedom’


When tyrants are stealing your Freedom and Welfare..

What are your options?

Secession Fever in Today’s America: What Would Lincoln Think? by Thomas DiLorenzo


This is quite obvious…

Colion Noir on Dems: They Want to Restrict 2A into Oblivion

Tyranny must have the populace disarmed…


Dangerous to who? Tyrants? Politicians?

Gun-Control Leader Says Increasing Gun Ownership Among Women, Minorities Is ‘Dangerous’


Do some of these idiots have a clue???

If Europe manages to live peacefully without guns, why is the US so pro-gun?

What world are they living in???



Why are pro-gun people opposed to red flag laws? The laws only temporarily take guns away from people who are mentally unstable until they get psychiatric help. It will never affect most gun owners.