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Lard Ass Moore…

Challenged by a Mom..

Of a slain sniper…

You know damn well Moore will hide behind his computer or camera and ‘snipe’ back…

Just as he has always done!!!




This would be the ‘tolerance’ the left so like to extoll…

Don’t agree or disagree with us..

And burn..



About time the elitist bitch gets slapped down for something..


Okay this is a bit extreme and seems like something the ‘tolerant’ left would say..

About a conservative president..

Lets at least try the worthless assO first!


Probably not what the loons at MSNBC wanted to hear..


Prominent LIEberal?

Micheal Moore is a waste of time..

Fat pig is against guns..

And apparently against Freedom of Speech…Except when he is producing some bullshit documentary based on unicorn farts and such.

What will he need to accomplish arresting those that speak out against Buck Ofama?




Or Freedom..



Is fitting..

They both hate America and Freedom…

Yet they both profit from it..

Bitch and Witch…


Morning Miscellany…

The real cause of ‘gun crime’?

Well first off, guns do not ’cause’ crime…

Anymore the the proverbial, “cars cause drunk driving”, “spoons cause Micheal Moore, Rosie, or Mooch to be fat”!

I despise the term ‘gun crime’ as it infers guns run around causing crime..

But that is the anti hoplophobes and LIEberals way to to spread lies and misinformation to cause the unthinking masses to agree with them..


Government run schools, common core…

They both suck..


I would maybe even watch this…Maybe..

Coulter, versus Matthews..

He would try to set her up and probably end up screaming at her like the pussy he is..



How about not just NO!



In the Obama and his Mooslim friends department..

Called out by Russian Patriarch…

Mooslim tolerance…See cross, behead owner of said cross..Tolerance, peace and all that iSLAM bullshit!

About time they fought back…Christians that is..

When will this start in America? Against a wannbe King Buck Ofama and his tyrannical Regime?


Maybe instead of ‘Morning Miscellany’, I should retitle it to

“Shit the pisses me off”?

Just a thought..

Bikers/Mooslims! Moonbat!! Bloomberg! Syria. Lying King! Moore Smacked!

More Mooslims Vs. Bikers…

A couple of DOZEN Mooslims, am surprised the State Propaganda Ministry has not turned their numbers into thousands vs anywhere from 800,000 to a Million Bikers in DC on 9/11.

No real news about any of this at all…Because it did not turn out like Buck Ofama and his minions wanted..

‘2 Million Bikers’ roar into D.C. to honor 9/11, protest Muslim rally

Guess what Buck? Appears you Americans roaring back at you and your thuggish ways..


This lady is a compete moonbat..

With reports that levels of voter turnout were as large as a Presidential election year..

Moonbat, loon, effing DemocRAT!!

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s Excuse for Colorado: ‘Voter Suppression, Pure and Simple’


Mayor Bloomberg gets his ass handed to him…


It’s a rare thing to be completely politically repudiated across two time zones. The shame is typically reserved for presidents whose actual names appear on ballots for far-flung voters to reject. Mike Bloomberg, in his final three months as mayor of New York City, managed to be humiliated without any of the ego-boosters of a real campaign. In his city and in Colorado, voters have rejected the Acela rider/Thomas Friedman reader/Morning Joe watcher-friendly ethos of Bloombergism.


Arming our enemies…Via John Kerry and the CIA..

Just wonderful…

U.S. weapons reaching Syrian rebels


It is his nature. A Politician, from Chicago….all he does is say whatever he needs, to push his agenda on America. And if he has to lie? Appears he does willingly and without remorse.



Micheal Moore. Fat, elitist, Hollywood dipwad.

Whom has yet to make anything worth watching, or relevant.

Gets smacked!

Gun Stuff…and Other ‘Stuff” and It is Monday…

Buck Ofama..Not man enough to admit…His is all about fail..

Oh don’t you just love Hollywierd? Inspiring the inept parasites into ‘shooting white people?’ Jamie Foxx what an inspiration!! Has Buck Ofamam claimed him as one of his sons yet? Seems to me that something is racist about this…..

And the pig himself Micheal Moore endorses it..Hey Mike you seem to hate America…Move to Cuba…do us all a favor..

The results of a responsible person protecting her own and you know the damn media and gun grabbers will blame her for the whole ordeal..Eff them Is how America should work. You threaten me or mine and you get shot…Period…

Another example of responsible folks taking care of business and the proper art of …Gun Control and hitting their target..…Gun grabbers whine in horror…

Facts vs. Propaganda…Facts always make sense….

Yep. They have the gun controlz in Mexico and the good guys cannot have them…Apparently the Drug Cartels were not included in this…

10 most wanted, corrupt, Politicians in America!!!

Record crowds at Gun Show in Florida… I believe I will have to head to St Paul 26th and 27th, is a Gun Show there and would be interesting to just see what the turn out is like..Plus one never knows…

Americans voting.…Buying guns…

Doom I tell you…Doom…

Power to the People….Is where it belongs..Not with the Hollywood elitists, nor the Washington Dipsticks..

Control…Is about control and who should make your decisions…You or a mass of idiots…

Thomas Woods Jr.

When you take away the firearms...you will be giving up a  lot more…A helluvalot more..

Now what? Global cooling? Well burn more fossil fuels!!!

Oh no!! Low turnout for Buck Ofama’s Inauguration?? Awwww….Well at least this won’t be so bad!!

And now for something completely different…Mmmmmmm..