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Did you know you are 14 1/2 times more likely to be assaulted by a random person on the street than a legally armed Minnesotan?

Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee

Minnesota’s law-abiding permit to carry holders set a clear example of what law abiding behavior looks like.

Take a look at our latest infographic:


Here are the facts:

  • Only 0.2% of all violent crimes with a weapon in Minnesota were committed by a legally armed Minnesotan.
  • Only 8/100th of 1% of Minnesota Permit to Carry holders committed any sort of a violent crime in 2013.
  • Only 1/100th of 1% of Minnesota Permit to Carry holders used a firearm in a violent crime in 2013.
  • You’re 25 times more likely to be hit by lightning than assaulted by a legally armed Minnesotan.
  • In fact, you’re 14 1/2 times more likely to be assaulted by a random stranger on the street – than you are by a legally armed Minnesotan.

Law abiding gun owners aren’t the problem

Second Amendment rights we’re fighting for – are you in?



Right to Keep and Bear Arms Amendment to the Minnesota Constitution

This fundamental right is guaranteed in 46 other states’ constitutions…but not in Minnesota. It’s long past time to enshrine this right in our own state’s highest law.

Ban “Emergency” Orders for Gun Confiscation*

Remember when police went door to door after Hurricane Katrina, confiscating people’s self defense firearms just when they were needed most? Governor Dayton could make such an order tomorrow. That option should be off the table.

Gun Confiscation

Legalize Firearm Suppressors

These important safety devices not only make shooting quieter and more enjoyable, but they can keep you from permanently damaging your hearing if you have to fire a gun in your home. They’re legal in 39 other states. Why not Minnesota?

Legalize Suppressors

Constitutional Carry

We don’t pay a fee to speak. We don’t have to pass a background check to go to church. We don’t have to take a class before we can gather in a group. So why do we have to do all that to exercise our Second Amendment rights? Like all gun control, all of these hurdles serve to delay and deny a fundamental right to those who need it most, and can afford it least.

Stop Police Departments from Delaying Purchase Permits

The Legislature gave police chiefs and sheriffs seven days to process permits to purchase a pistol or “scary black rifle.” Most do just fine, but some departments take three, four, or even five weeks to process these permits. We need to make sure that all public servants follow the law: A right delayed is a right denied!

Remove Redundant Capitol Complex Carry Notification

Did you remember to redundantly notify the Commissioner of Public Safety that your permit info is already in her permit database? It’s time to fix this law, which stopped making sense in 2003 when the Legislature gave the D.P.S. $1.2 million to create that statewide database.

Self Defense Law Reform*

Under current state law, your right to self defense decreases the moment you step outside your door. Court cases have completely rewritten the plain language of Minnesota statutes, to the point where you practically need a law degree to understand what your rights are – and what will get you locked up for life. Should law abiding citizens be coerced into surrendering their property, their right to move freely, and even their lives, to violent criminals?

* This legislation passed the House and Senate in 2012, before being vetoed by Governor Dayton.

Please ask gun owners and civil rights supporters to sign up for these alerts at http://www.gocra.org/join.html

Minnesota State Constitution Void…

Although Minnesota has a history of guns and hunting…

It’s Constitution does not guarantee the Right to keep and bear arms…

Minnesota:  Minnesota gun law could be far worse.  Its gun laws are above the bottom 20%.  The state has a well organized state level of second amendment supporters.   Minnesota is ranked 39 by G&A and C on the Brady score card.

Will this change?

Probably not as long as we have the LIEberal Twin Cities and *DFL controlling the State Houses and Governor’s office.

The metro has a history of ‘dictating’ what happens in Minnesota..

And it is really frustrating dealing with them. Because so many are clueless about what happens outside their little ‘utopia’ ‘shithole’ world of concrete, clay and glass.

Time to change that, or at least start…

This coming Tuesday, November 4th.

Vote….Vote for those whom will protect our Right..

And then hold their damn feet to the flame..

Don’t vote for progressive’s and big government loving politicians like David Bly or Patti Fritz.

Unfortunately we do not have a choice in 20B, Bly’s district as the GOP nominee dropped out..Still on the ballot though..

So the rest you? Vote to fill the House and Senate with those whom will make Bly irrelevant.

How socialist is Bly?

Government spends money so that the economy can be stimulated and money can
be made. You have to spend money at the macro level to make it work. This
is different at the household level. The private sector creates money by
pulling it out of thin air.~David Bly

Enough said….


Why don’t more states honor the Minnesota Permit to Carry? How can we fix this issue in the upcoming election?

Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee

If you hold a Minnesota Permit to Carry, you learned during your training that your permit is valid in several other states.  For example, when driving across the state line to Wisconsin, your permit is valid in that state.  But, go a different direction and enter North Dakota, and your permit isn’t valid there.

Many states will not honor your Minnesota Permit to Carry because the Minnesota Department of Public Safety refuses to honor that state’s specific permit.

This concept, known as reciprocity, is at the heart of this week’s edition of the Minnesota Gun Owners PAC Podcast.

MNGOPAC Chairman Mark Okern walks through the reciprocity requirements within the Minnesota statutes and talks about how the MN Department of Public Safety has refused to do their job during the Governorships of Tim Pawlenty and Mark Dayton.

Click here to listen to the podcast anytime right here – it’s about 13 minutes long.

How do we fix the reciprocity issue in Minnesota?

There are two ways to fix this issue.

The short-term fix is to elect a Governor that will make this an issue and direct his Commissioner of Public Safety to address the issue immediately.  Our endorsed candidate for Governor, Jeff Johnson, has pledged to do this upon taking office.

The long-term fix is to change the law and remove the discretionary reciprocity clauses that give this regulatory power to the Commissioner of Public Safety and replace it with a revised statute with teeth.

These were questions that we asked all candidates running for the Minnesota House and Constitutional Offices and factored into our endorsement decisions.

Our choice for Governor of Minnesota in 2014 is…

Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee

We’re excited to share our endorsement decision in the 2014 race to become Minnesota’s next governor.

At 8:00am today, we’ll announce to the public and the media that we’re endorsing Jeff Johnson for Governor of Minnesota in 2014.


We chose to endorse Jeff because of his years of solid support for the constitutional rights of Minnesota’s more than two and a half million law-abiding gun owners.  We know, based on public statements and his track record of votes, that Jeff will stand up for the rights of Minnesota’s gun owners.

But rather than listen to Mark or I, here’s what Jeff said upon learning of our endorsement:

“I’m excited to receive the endorsement of the Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee. I believe that the Second Amendment is unequivocal and clear. Self-defense is a fundamental individual right. As Governor, I will continue to protect the Second Amendment rights of Minnesotans.”

Where does Jeff stand on specific gun rights issues?

You’ve told us throughout the past year about the key Second Amendment issues that you want to see addressed in Minnesota.  Throughout the endorsement process, we asked each candidate to explain their point of view on each of these issues.

On every question, without exception, Jeff supports our point of view on the issue.

  • He supports a right to keep and bear arms amendment to the Minnesota Constitution
  • He will sign a Stand Your Ground bill, if passed by the legislature
  • He will sign legislation repealing a ban on suppressors in Minnesota, if passed by the legislature
  • He supports age-appropriate firearm safety training in K-12 schools
  • He will sign legislation implementing Constitutional Carry, if passed by the legislature
  • He will direct his Commissioner of Public Safety to immediately resolve the reciprocity issue with other states that Governor Dayton has refused to address

For these reasons, we believe that Jeff Johnson is the right choice to lead Minnesota as our next Governor.

To learn more about Jeff and his campaign, visit his campaign website.  To support his efforts, visit his volunteer page, or click here to donate to Jeff’s campaign.

The Great Minnesota Get Together…

Lottsa people..Took this as we were heading out…Tired and footsore we were..



Raining when we first arrived….


Wandered about, enjoyed ourselves, commented how different it was to not have two boys with us, kinda nice, no one begging to do this or that, but….

Saw the daily parade..

Which included..


MoreBeefMore cow…



Even more cow…

HeiferOh good grief, another cow!?



We do like our cows big here…

Now for something completely different..


A snowplow! Well it is Minnesota and we do see these quite often, in the winter, which is not all that far away…But on a warm, wet, muggy day in August?

Some headless dude..


And finally…Something really different..



I think this was an escapee from a hamster cage…

Did not appreciate the Ban Guns Here sign at the gate..But you know….What they don’t know..

All in all a good day, but footsore and a  little weary…Forgot how damn big the State Fair was and we skimmed a lot and am sure missed a lot..

Now for an adult beverage…