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No Blood…


This month, we hit 221,712 permits. And still, no blood in the streets.

Push for gun control leads to record increase in Minnesota carry permits

Largest increase since gun control frenzy following Sandy Hook murders

SAINT PAUL, MINN. – The number of valid Minnesota carry permits is now 221,712, an increase of more than 6,000 in the last month, according to figures released by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

That’s the second-largest increase ever. The largest increase occurred in March 2013, in the wake of calls for increased gun control following the murders at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.

The sharp increase following the San Bernadino, California mass murder — and subsequent calls for more restrictions on firearms — was entirely predictable, according to GOCRA President Andrew Rothman. “Nothing gets people more interested in exercising their rights than the threat of having them taken away,” he said, noting a similar increase after Sandy Hook.

GOCRA’s founder and chairman, Professor Joseph E. Olson, emphasized that although police arrived at the San Bernadino scene in under five minutes, the killers had already taken 14 lives and fled the scene.

“The only solution to a mass murder incident is instant counterfire,” he said. “It doesn’t matter who is shooting back: police, security, or an ordinary citizen.  All that matters is that someone is.  As history shows, after the first armed resistance, the murderer will almost always either give up, or run for cover — and often commit suicide.  Either way, the presence of instant counterfire ends the murdering.  Nothing else does.”

The number of active permits has grown by more than 20,000 in the last six months, a 9.3% increase.

Those numbers mean that more than one in 19 eligible Minnesota adults has a Minnesota Permit to Carry (approximately 3% of Minnesota permits are held by residents of other states).



Since the passage of the Minnesota Citizens Personal Protection Act in 2003, permits to carry a firearm have been available to any adult 21 and over who successfully completes training and passes multiple criminal, mental health, and substance abuse background checks. Prior to that law, permits were issued at the discretion of law enforcement, and numbered about 12,000 statewide in 2003.

While the “Minnesota Permit to Carry A Pistol,” commonly known as a “Carry Permit,” is sometimes mistakenly referred to as a “concealed carry” permit, the law allows either open or concealed carry by licensed individuals.

Data is summarized from monthly reports issued by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Copies of the last seven years of reports may be accessed here:


We have tabulated the monthly numbers here:


Population percentages are based on a U.S. Census Bureau 2015 estimate of Minnesota population at 5,489,594 and 2010 age demographics.


Minnesota: Progress on Passage of Pro-Gun Measures Continues in St. Paul

Minnesota: Progress on Passage of Pro-Gun Measures Continues in St. Paul.

  • Prohibit any government agency from confiscating or regulating the lawful possession, carrying, transfer, transportation and defensive use of firearms or ammunition during a state of emergency, like the actions that occurred in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana.
  • Align Minnesota with more than 40 states that have conformed their statutes to federal law so that their residents can purchase rifles and shotguns in non-contiguous states, provided that the purchase or transfer complies with state and federal law.
  • Modify the Capitol Carry Notification provision.  Current statute allows permit holders to carry on the capitol complex as long as permit holders “notify the sheriff or the commissioner of public safety, as appropriate.”  This legislation would update and clarify the statute to provide that application for a permit constitutes “notification,” as required.
  • Provide a language change to help resolve carry permit reciprocity issues.
  • Legalize ownership and possession of firearm sound suppressors.  Currently illegal to own under Minnesota law, suppressors are legal to own under federal law and in 39 states.
  • Create a “shall sign” provision, requiring that certification by a chief law enforcement officer (CLEO), when a sign-off is required for the transfer of a firearm or other item regulated by the National Firearms Act (“NFA”), be provided within 15 days as long as the applicant is not prohibited by law from receiving it. Under current law, a CLEO may refuse to sign off for any reason, including their own personal feelings toward NFA-related items, which has created issues for law-abiding citizens.

Pro-2A bills status, Boberg pistol giveaway!


Here’s an update about what’s going on at the Capitol, at GOCRA, and around the state:

Support Your Rights – Support GOCRA:

For more than 25 years, GOCRA has fought for, protected, and won back our Second Amendment rights. We can’t do that without you, and the opposition, led by New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg, is getting more and more sophisiticated and agressive every year. Can you help us continue to fight for your rights with a new or renewing membership?


Our Pro-2A Bills:

In the House:

There are five good pro-rights bills that are awaiting a vote in the full Minnesota House. We are waiting for House GOP leadership to schedule a date for these votes. All of these bills have strong bipartisan support, and we can’t think of any reason that House Speaker Kurt Daudt would fail to schedule these five bills for next week. After all, as he told us on the front steps of the Capitol at the Gun Owners Lobby Day, less than two months ago, “We want you to know that we’re going to have your back.”

In the Senate:

The Minnesota Senate has been a real disappointment this year. While the Minnesota Senate has a pro-Second Amendment majority, the chamber, under the leadership of Majority Leader Tom Bakk, appears content to let the metro anti-rights majority, led by Sen. Ron Latz, block any pro-rights legislation from moving forward.

Senators in the DFL majority who would like to be seen as pro-2A seem to be completely unable to move their leadership on gun rights. It may be that as the 2016 election approaches, these DFLers will remember that gun control has ALWAYS been a losing issue for DFLers outside the inner cities.

Please see the end of this email for a summary of the bills.

For details about specific bills, please visit our 2015 GOCRA Bill Tracker.

Boberg Give-Away:

Boberg Pistol GiveawayOur friends at Minnesota’s own Boberg Arms have donated an XR-9S pistol, which we’ll be giving to one lucky Minnesota GOCRA supporter on June 1.

Here’s the best part: if your info is up to date (do you still live at the same place in Northfield?), you’re already entered in the drawing! If you do need to update your info, you can do it by clicking here:

As the lawyers make us say, “Some restrictions apply. No purchase necessary. See full rules for details.”

We want to thank Arne Boberg, the inventor of this fantastic pistol, for stepping up to support gun rights in Minnesota.

Bills We’re Following:

HF1434/SF1435 – Legalizing suppressors –  details
House: Passed three House committees with almost no objection; waiting for floor vote
Senate: Waiting for a Judiciary Committee hearing

HF372/SF953 Capitol Carry Notification – details
House: Passed Public Safety Committee unanimously; waiting for floor vote
Senate: Waiting for a Judiciary Committee hearing

HF722/SF___ Emergency Powers – details
House: Passed Government Operations, Civil Law, and Public Safety Committees; waiting for floor vote
Senate: Pending bill introduction

HF830/SF900 Interstate Purchase of Long Guns – details
House: Passed Public Safety Committee unanimously; waiting for floor vote
Senate: Waiting for a Judiciary Committee hearing

HF305/SF328 North Dakota Permit Recognition- details
House: Passed Public Safety Committee; waiting for floor vote
Senate: Waiting for a Judiciary Committee hearing

No action yet:

HF1993 – Stand Your Ground – Drazkowski
HF1289 – Right to Keep and Bear Arms amendment – Hackbarth


HF0302 – Muzzleloader scopes allowed – Fabian
Please ask gun owners and civil rights supporters to sign up for these alerts at http://www.gocra.org/join.html

Did you know you are 14 1/2 times more likely to be assaulted by a random person on the street than a legally armed Minnesotan?

Minnesota Gun Owners Political Action Committee

Minnesota’s law-abiding permit to carry holders set a clear example of what law abiding behavior looks like.

Take a look at our latest infographic:


Here are the facts:

  • Only 0.2% of all violent crimes with a weapon in Minnesota were committed by a legally armed Minnesotan.
  • Only 8/100th of 1% of Minnesota Permit to Carry holders committed any sort of a violent crime in 2013.
  • Only 1/100th of 1% of Minnesota Permit to Carry holders used a firearm in a violent crime in 2013.
  • You’re 25 times more likely to be hit by lightning than assaulted by a legally armed Minnesotan.
  • In fact, you’re 14 1/2 times more likely to be assaulted by a random stranger on the street – than you are by a legally armed Minnesotan.

Law abiding gun owners aren’t the problem

Second Amendment rights we’re fighting for – are you in?



Right to Keep and Bear Arms Amendment to the Minnesota Constitution

This fundamental right is guaranteed in 46 other states’ constitutions…but not in Minnesota. It’s long past time to enshrine this right in our own state’s highest law.

Ban “Emergency” Orders for Gun Confiscation*

Remember when police went door to door after Hurricane Katrina, confiscating people’s self defense firearms just when they were needed most? Governor Dayton could make such an order tomorrow. That option should be off the table.

Gun Confiscation

Legalize Firearm Suppressors

These important safety devices not only make shooting quieter and more enjoyable, but they can keep you from permanently damaging your hearing if you have to fire a gun in your home. They’re legal in 39 other states. Why not Minnesota?

Legalize Suppressors

Constitutional Carry

We don’t pay a fee to speak. We don’t have to pass a background check to go to church. We don’t have to take a class before we can gather in a group. So why do we have to do all that to exercise our Second Amendment rights? Like all gun control, all of these hurdles serve to delay and deny a fundamental right to those who need it most, and can afford it least.

Stop Police Departments from Delaying Purchase Permits

The Legislature gave police chiefs and sheriffs seven days to process permits to purchase a pistol or “scary black rifle.” Most do just fine, but some departments take three, four, or even five weeks to process these permits. We need to make sure that all public servants follow the law: A right delayed is a right denied!

Remove Redundant Capitol Complex Carry Notification

Did you remember to redundantly notify the Commissioner of Public Safety that your permit info is already in her permit database? It’s time to fix this law, which stopped making sense in 2003 when the Legislature gave the D.P.S. $1.2 million to create that statewide database.

Self Defense Law Reform*

Under current state law, your right to self defense decreases the moment you step outside your door. Court cases have completely rewritten the plain language of Minnesota statutes, to the point where you practically need a law degree to understand what your rights are – and what will get you locked up for life. Should law abiding citizens be coerced into surrendering their property, their right to move freely, and even their lives, to violent criminals?

* This legislation passed the House and Senate in 2012, before being vetoed by Governor Dayton.

Please ask gun owners and civil rights supporters to sign up for these alerts at http://www.gocra.org/join.html

Minnesota State Constitution Void…

Although Minnesota has a history of guns and hunting…

It’s Constitution does not guarantee the Right to keep and bear arms…

Minnesota:  Minnesota gun law could be far worse.  Its gun laws are above the bottom 20%.  The state has a well organized state level of second amendment supporters.   Minnesota is ranked 39 by G&A and C on the Brady score card.

Will this change?

Probably not as long as we have the LIEberal Twin Cities and *DFL controlling the State Houses and Governor’s office.

The metro has a history of ‘dictating’ what happens in Minnesota..

And it is really frustrating dealing with them. Because so many are clueless about what happens outside their little ‘utopia’ ‘shithole’ world of concrete, clay and glass.

Time to change that, or at least start…

This coming Tuesday, November 4th.

Vote….Vote for those whom will protect our Right..

And then hold their damn feet to the flame..

Don’t vote for progressive’s and big government loving politicians like David Bly or Patti Fritz.

Unfortunately we do not have a choice in 20B, Bly’s district as the GOP nominee dropped out..Still on the ballot though..

So the rest you? Vote to fill the House and Senate with those whom will make Bly irrelevant.

How socialist is Bly?

Government spends money so that the economy can be stimulated and money can
be made. You have to spend money at the macro level to make it work. This
is different at the household level. The private sector creates money by
pulling it out of thin air.~David Bly

Enough said….