When It’s Time..

To protect what’s yours..

Armed Civilians Guard Minnesota Stores as Rioting and Looting Erupts for a Second Night

But always remember, there are those whom want to disarm us..


A Wrong That Needs Correcting …

Minnesota lawmaker seeks changes to let medical cannabis patients get gun permits

State Rep. Rod Hamilton, R-Mountain Lake, has multiple sclerosis and is registered in the state’s medical cannabis program. Hamilton told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS he cannot renew his permit to carry a gun or legally use a firearm to hunt in Minnesota because the state and the federal government still list medical cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug.


More Quick Bits …

Thank you Demo Rat Tyrants!!

48% Of U.S. Small Businesses Fear That They May Be Forced To “Shut Down Permanently” Soon

What did we expect???

Millions in federal relief goes to Minnesota companies with ties to lawmakers

You pad my pockets and I’ll take care of you!!

ATF probably all excited of the prospect of a Biden/Harris regime…

ATF Agents Raid Gun Maker For Selling Build-It-Yourself Firearms

In a real world these shitheads would been done and gone…

Portland BLM Protesters Hoarding Serious Firepower, Asking For These Insane Demands

When they come out and admit it….We’re screwed..

Iowa Democrat Confirms: Our Attempted Election Steal Is On

Looks like the cartridge box is all we have left..

Swamp creature…

TRAITOR: Barr Kept Biden Crime Family Investigation Secret Until Biden Stole Election

Kapering Dick and ice cream…

Ben & Jerry’s teams up with Colin Kaepernick to create new vegan flavor to support defunding the police



You Pay for Governor Walz’ Shutdown…

Legislators are meeting behind closed doors right now, crafting a bill to bail out Tim Walz’ Shutdown. And YOU are going to be responsible for the check. 

As you well know, Governor Walz’ illegal and unconstitutional order is devastating our economy and harming the health and physical wellbeing of Minnesotans. His executive order carries stiff penalties for violators including jail time.

The Governor’s illegal and unconstitutional orders are devastating to our economy. Everyday, small businesses are being shutdown while big box retailers are wide open. Places like Wisconsin and North Dakota are getting tons of business from Minnesotans who want to feel normal again and go out to eat. And I fear for the mental and physical wellbeing of our youth when fitness clubs and sports are shutdown. It’s time for you to do what’s right for Minnesota and stop Walz’ unilateral rules. I’ve heard about the “relief bill” being crafted behind closed doors. Don’t make us pay for the Governor’s shutdown. Open Minnesota back up. Vote YES on the End Walz’ Emergency Powers Resolution on Monday.


They are rewarding Governor Walz by making YOU pay for the bailout. This is Socialism 101: government takes control of private industry, then redistributes the wealth. We SHOULD be opening businesses back up instead.

Science, Not So Much In Minnesota….

No. The stupid that is Gov Timmy Walz and the DFL party..

Science, Minnesota Style


Trump, Biden, Minnesota …

Biden in Duluth…


Trump in Bemidji…