Minnesota’s Obamacare Failing Taxpayers…Again

Minnesota’s Obamacare Failing Taxpayers…Again

Today Delloitte Consulting released a report on the condition of Minnesota’s Obamacare, MNsure. The report indicates MNsure continues to be littered with problems slowing the program down, with numerous issues to fix before open enrollment begins, including a confusing and inefficient website. Just a month ago, it was slammed with yet another report indicating massive system failures.

Amidst problems Democrats Al Franken and Mark Dayton continue to praise Obamacare, even though it is failing Minnesota families and causing healthcare premiums to rise.


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Looming Bailout

Looming Bailout

Governor Dayton’s Minnesota implementation of Obamacare, MNsure, is failing on many fronts. Aside from the 140,000 canceled plans, higher premiums, higher deductibles, and reduced choice that Obamacare and MNSure have brought to our state, we now know that Obamacare in Minnesota (MNSure) has failed to attract enough sign-ups to be financially viable in the future. Who will pick up the tab?

KSTP News reports that MNsure has fallen woefully short of the commercial enrollments needed for financial sustainability. (Watch Video Here).
Governor Dayton’s Obamacare exchange is a total failure. In fact, Governor Dayton’s MNSure mess is now the subject of a congressional hearing. (Full Story)

When will Democrats admit that Obamacare (MNSure in Minnesota) is broken and is hurting Minnesota families? 

MNSure Update- Getting Worse

MNSure Update – Getting Worse

Though Democrats say publicly they are hopeful the problems with Minnesota’s rollout of Obamacare will improve, as the Dayton administration slowly dribbles out information, we are starting to see the true situation and it’s worse than anyone thought. .

Amazingly, the legislature’s MNSure Oversight Committee, led by Democrats Rep. Atkins and Sen. Lourey, had not met in over five months.

(Note: While Atkins and Lourey were the chief authors and cheerleaders for the MNSure legislation, and both have conference rooms named in their honor in the MNSure offices, they didn’t think it worthwhile to provide any oversight from the Oversight Committee they chair for the biggest initiative in state government, which is Governor Dayton’s signature legislation, and which we now know is essentially failing.)

MNSure officials were asked simple questions at the hearing, but answers were in short supply. Here’s what we do know.

  • MNSure relieved the primary contractor and took over their duties managing the overall implementation early in 2013.
  • MNSure has now brought in experts from the private sector to analyze the problems.
  • Not only was the technology a problem, the overall governance was also broken.
  • MNSure is now reverting to processing paper applications.
  • And after already spending over $160 million, Chairman Atkins said “we’re starting to get some concrete steps” and Dayton’s MNSure team expects “an initial read” on solutions this week.
  • The Legislative Auditor sternly announced a full investigation.

We also don’t know how many people have actually signed up and paid for coverage:

  • 26,011 Minnesotans are reported in the payment process for commercial plans (compared to the target of 300,000.)
  • In the already existing state health plans, 17,570 are reported enrolling in MinnesotaCare and 28,401 Minnesotans are enrolling in Medicaid through MNSure (compared to an eventual target of 700,000.)

These numbers include, according to MNSure documentation, duplicate applications for medical and dental coverage, as well as multiple submissions.

There is no definitive report on how many Minnesotans who were uninsured prior to the rollout of MNSure are now currently enrolled.

The federal Affordable Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, outlines a target of 33% of enrollees to be between the ages of 18 – 35 years. As the state implementation of Obamacare, MNSure’s numbers are struggling, to say it lightly. As of January 4, 2014, just 20.4% of MNSure commercial market enrollees met the age targets.

How will insurance companies compensate for the low enrollment of young, healthy people? The system is designed to redistribute premium payments from the young and healthy to pay for the older, sicker enrollees.

We often hear from Governor Mark Dayton and the Democrats that Minnesota has the lowest premiums in the country. What they fail to mention is that Minnesota is also home to the HIGHEST OUT-OF-POCKET costs due to the highest deductibles in the nation.

Also to note, research shows that health insurance costs are rising across the country. As Representative Tara Mack said in the recent Oversight Committee Meeting, “The average Minnesotan doesn’t care if our premiums are the lowest in the country if they are paying more this year than last [for health care coverage].”

Governor Mark Dayton:
“The people of Minnesota have been terribly inconvenienced… Obviously, we have fallen far short of the mark.” – Star Tribune, January 2014

The problems Minnesotans face due to Obamacare and MNSure reach well beyond technical glitches and a failed website. Legislative Auditor Jim Nobles has begun what he calls a “top to bottom audit” of the entire MNSure system.

“MNsure has many red flags causing great concern and I would like my auditors to conduct a comprehensive audit of the program.” Nobles told KSTP News, “because it does not appear to be delivering what it promised to taxpayers.”

What’s next?

The Oversight Committee Meeting held last week offered a glimpse of what may be coming next.  It’s abundantly clear from the MNSure budget that it will lose money every year, and that the 1.5% tax on commercial insurance plans will not be enough to break even.

The federal government is facing a $1 trillion dollar bailout of insurance companies to cover the losses they anticipate from Obamacare.  It is unclear whether that would cover Minnesota’s insurance companies’ losses under MNSure, or whether Minnesota taxpayers would have to cough up our own bailout here.  
Senator Michelle Benson asked MNSure Board Chair Brian Beutner what the budget plan is to make certain MNSure will be financially viable going forward. His response? “It’s on our list to figure out.”
This understandably led to a discussion of whether or not the MNSure board would approach the legislature for additional funding, despite having spent more than $160 Million already. We will have to pay close attention to the upcoming session to know if MNSure will seek more taxpayer money.
Finally, you will likely hear a lot of discussion about IT vendors in the coming weeks.Governor Dayton is yet again saying he was not aware of a major initiative put forth by MNSure leadership. And he continues to play the blame game for his failed policies.
The bottom line is, the problems with MNSure, and the Affordable Care Act respectively, have only just begun. But Minnesota Republicans have solutions that will work for you and your family.
Republicans want to lower costs by bringing fairness to the tax code, allowing small businesses and organizations to pool resources, incentives to save, and implementing health savings plans.  Republicans want health care to be more accessible and insurance that isn’t lost due to job change.  
These, and a whole host of other ideas like tort reform and the ability to shop for and purchase health insurance from wherever you choose, are far too often ignored by Democrats and the mainstream media.

We will do our part to keep you informed on the latest news from MNSure and Obamacare. Won’t you help us keep up the fight with a contribution to the Republican Party of Minnesota today? We need your help to continue to support Minnesota Republicans and elect strong leaders in 2014.

For now here’s a fact sheet you can count on

MNsure! Voice!!


KSTP reporters learned that the MNSure website is one of 58% of state-run “Obamacare” exchanges that are vulnerable to a Wi-Fi cyber attack.

Rep. Kathy Lohmer (39B) – Legislative Update 
Dear Neighbor,
On Wednesday, MNsure – the Minnesota arm of Obamacare – held a board meeting to review the status of its enrollment process. We discovered that after one month into MNsure’s failed launch, zero Minnesotans have completed enrollment in a health plan. Because MNsure officials are unable to transfer application information into health plans – the critical last step of the enrollment process – a person cannot be completely enrolled in a health plan. After spending $150 million taxpayer dollars on this government-organized bureaucracy, Minnesotans should truly expect better of their government.
Additionally, you can expect to pay a brand new tax on your health insurance plans. The unelected board of directors for MNsure voted to impose a 1.5% tax on your health insurance. Revenue from this tax will be held in a special account to be used by MNsure to cover operation costs, with few limitations, in later years. Minnesota taxpayers can’t afford to pay even more for the implementation of Obamacare by Governor Dayton and Democrats. Even worse, it’s not only MNsure enrollees who are seeing their costs go up. It has beenreported that as many as 1 in 20 Minnesotans (280,000) will be forced to give up policies they like, with doctors of their choosing, for policies that will be more expensive and involve services they do not want.
Meanwhile, the legislative auditor issued his review of the MNsure privacy breach that occurred back in September when an employee released the social security numbers of over 1500 Minnesotans. The legislative auditor concluded that this was not an isolated incident, but a top-to-bottom problem for MNsure as it relates to properly training employees and instituting safeguards of the personal information of Minnesotans. It’s time for this trend of data breaches to end. 


IRS the new weapon against your free speech

Now they’re coming after your political voice!

At National Right to Life, we are ever on the guard against regulations that would take away the free speech rights of groups like NRLC who speak up for the unborn.

We have to be.  Attacking our free speech rights has long been a favorite tactic of pro-abortion policymakers as a way to undermine public support for the unborn.

Now, proposed new regulations by Barack Obama’s Internal Revenue Service would dramatically limit the rights of advocacy organizations like NRLC to inform the public about the positions of candidates, how members of Congress voted, what statements they made about issues, etc.  Limits would even be imposed on our right to discuss the positions of nominees for federal judgeships, including those nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court!

If you are a member of the National Right to Life Committee – if you believe in and support our right to inform voters of these facts before an election – these new regulations would mean that not just our rights, but your rights to free speech and association would be severely violated.

The Obama team sees organizations like National Right to Life as a threat.  They see you and your views as a threat.  They want to muzzle those views.  It’s that simple.

Free speech is a birthright of the American people and has been for more than 200 years.  It is not a commodity any American president or administration, who hold office for just a few short years, can take away for crass political reasons.

Please help us fight this threat to our free speech and to the unborn.  We need to raise a storm of public protest against these regulations, to make it as hard as possible for the IRS to give final approval.  We need to educate the American people that it seems every group that opposes Obama’s policies is now under threat of having their most fundamental rights taken away.

Can you help us fight this scourge, and help protect the voice of the unborn with a generous donation of $500 or $250 today?  The IRS has already been implicated in over-zealously investigating pro-life organizations – the use of the IRS as a political weapon has to stop!

If the amounts above are too much, I completely understand, and hope you can support us with a needed gift of $100, $50 or $35.  Together we’ll stand to defend our free speech rights . . . and the rights of the unborn who have no other voice but us!

For an excellent short summary of this new threat from the IRS, see The Latest IRS Power Grab, by former Federal Elections Commission Chair Bradley Smith, which you can read here.


Can you believe this?



Can you believe this? Just six months ago, Governor Dayton signed into law the creation of MNSure, Minnesota’s implementation of Obamacare. He was among the first of several Democrat governors to fall in lockstep with President Obama.

Apparently, our Governor didn’t read the bill.

Now Dayton says the program isn’t working and the number of Minnesotans adversely affected by the federal law is “staggering.” See More.

  • After spending more than $150 million of YOUR money, not a single Minnesotan has been able to complete the enrollment process and pay for new coverage.
  • At least 140,000 Minnesotans have received letters from their current insurers informing them their plans will be discontinued.
  • As many as 1 in 20 Minnesotans will be forced to give up policies they like, with doctors of their choosing, and forced into more expensive policies that cover services they don’t need.

When asked about a 56 year old man being required to purchase maternity care, Dayton replied, “it defies common sense.”

Attempting to distance himself from a president whose approval numbers are tanking, Dayton told reporters that he has little influence as governor, but, he said, “the president promised that if people like their current policy, they could keep it.”

Little influence? Perhaps Governor Dayton should take another look at his job description. He didn’t have to sign MNSure into law forcing millions of Minnesotans to change their health care coverage.
Not one Republican voted for Obamacare. Not one. Governor Dayton brought Obamacare to Minnesota and he needs to take responsibility for the results of implementing the federal program through MNSure..

Top 10 Un-Affordable Care Facts

Top 10 Un-Affordable Care Facts 


The only thing you really need to know about Obamacare and Minnesota’s version of Obamacare, MNSure, is that:


Congress and the Minnesota Legislature will not have to use it.


Of course there is much more that is wrong with Obamacare and its Minnesota version, MNSure, but the sheer volume and magnitude of the problems make it hard to sort out.  So in the end, this is all you really need to know!


But for those of you trying to keep track and understand the massive implications of this government takeover of our healthcare industry, here’s a top ten.

1.      Politicians are shielding themselves from the effects of Obamacare.

Like so many other government regulations that the masses just can’t live without, in a quiet move President Obama granted special exceptions to Congress.  READ the full story here.

2.     Obamacare requires the IRS to own your personal health care and financial data.

Last week, the private personal data (including social security numbers) of 1600 Minnesota citizens was illegally sent out. Governor Dayton casually brushed it off saying: “There are going to be mistakes, there are going to be glitches…”  If the governor’s cavalier attitude doesn’t give you pause, maybe the fact that all of this personal data will eventually end up with the Internal Revenue Service does.  Not to worry, Al Franken will help direct the IRS’s use of it.






3.     Millions are being forced off the insurance they like and onto Obamacare.

Remember the promise “and if you like your insurance you can keep it”?  False advertising.  Large national companies like Home Depot and Trader Joe’s are pushing their employees to Obamacare.  UPS is dropping coverage for spouses. The first million enrollees to Minnesota’s Obamacare exchange will be forced there from the state’s existing Medical Assistance plan, the high risk insurance plan and MinnesotaCare, our plan for the working poor. Some believe this was the intent of Obamacare’s incentives from the beginning.  Single payer here we come?   READ the full story here.
4.     Costs are going up under Obamacare and MNSure, and unequally on outstate Minnesotans.

When the Dayton administration rolled out the costs for coverage under MNSure (Minnesota’s Obamacare) they highlighted the exchange’s low premium rates – when compared to other states building Obamacare exchanges. An ironic comparison since Minnesotans aren’t allowed to purchase health insurance from other states. When compared to the private marketplace within our borders, so far the new rates are not holding up very well. And the costs disparities from one county to another are also raising concerns READ the full story here.

5.     The medical device tax is killing Minnesota jobs.

Medical devices really have nothing to do with health insurance reform except that President Obama needed to tax them in order to pay for the ongoing costs of Obamacare. Lucky for him, Sen. Al Franken arrived in Washington just in time to cast the deciding vote for Obamacare, including creating a new medical device tax in Minnesota, the hotbed of the medical device industry. Rep. Erik Paulsen has been shining a spotlight on the damage done to Minnesota businesses because of the new medical device tax and is working for its repeal. READ the full story here.

6.     The Obamacare implementation appears to be a disaster waiting to happen.

Obamacare is a great example of a government program forced through Congress on a timetable dictated by politics that never had a chance to succeed. Each time the law faced an insurmountable challenge, President Obama unilaterally waived a requirement or extended a deadline in order to keep it moving forward. Here in Minnesota, many red flags have been raised about whether the Obamacare exchange known as MNSure will be able to successfully meet the October 1 deadline for going live. READ the full story here.

7.     Employers are forcing people to part-time status to avoid Obamacare.

The 40 hour work week for many people is now being reduced to 30 hours. Investor’s Business Daily is keeping track of companies across the country making changes to their definition of part time employees in order to avoid the health insurance mandate of Obamacare. The list topped 300 companies last week and is still growing. Several Minnesota organizations are included on the list including the city of Mankato which reduced part time employee hours to below 30 to avoid the Obamacare mandate. READ the full story here.

8.     Even the unions want out of Obamacare.

Unions fought hard for their benefits, and they’re not going to give them up just because a president they supported passed a healthcare reform bill. Unions across the country have dealt with Obamacare in two ways: some have asked for and received exemptions from the law and others are speaking out publically against it. Most are concerned they will lose their “Cadillac” insurance plans when the law prohibits them in 2018. Some unions are even passing resolutions against Obamacare. READ the full story here.

9.     Obamacare’s economic distress is already being felt as employers are adjusting in advance.

Businesses as well as state and local governments are preparing for the full implementation of Obamacare in ways that are not good for a healthy, growing economy. Obamacare raises taxes, forces people into part-time work and raises the overall cost of healthcare. READ the full story here.

10.  We are adopting a Democratic-Socialist model right before our eyes.

Even before full implementation, we are seeing increases in food stamp recipients, high unemployment among young people, lower workforce participation rates and more people living in poverty. A recent report showed over $30,000 of possible annual government benefits are available in many states including Minnesota.  Coupled with the move to part time work, it’s no wonder median incomes have dropped.  The European model of reducing work and relying more on government benefits is on its way.  READ the full story here.


For all these reasons, and more, voice your support to your Congressman to defund and replace Obamacare!

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MNsure employee accidentally releases private data