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Facebook Thursday…

All right I am getting tired of feeling ornery and leaderless.

Since Minnesota is completely blue and we can expect all kinds of entitlement crap and education funding and taxing of anything or anyone that shows or makes a dollar..

No job creation, nope, cannot let them capitalists have any leeway or freedom cause only Government can do that..and we have seen how well that works..


This just sucks and is depressing..

Facebook Thursday, enjoy…well try to..




When my kids were going through K-12, I found “gifted” meant mostly “will do what the teacher wants.” Real gifted kids, with the scores to prove it, were more often than not treated as “behavior problems” even if perfectly respectful and controlled.


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Lengthy QoTD..

So the Romney’s are selfish for keeping a horse? And employing a groom with a family to support. And paying for feed that’s sold by someone with a family to support and transported in trucks by someone with a family to support and manufactured in a factory by people with families to support from stuff that’s grown by farmers with families to support. And having a barn built by construction workers with families to support with materials trucked by drivers with families to support from factories with workers with families to support. Sounds to me like that one horse has done more to put Americans to work than that horse’s ass in the White House.